Saturday, December 1, 2012

Constitutional Convention = End of US

I have been waiting for someone to broach the subject.

The surprise was that it came from inside the ‘Tea Party.’ But that’s the way the Illuminati work, isn’t it?

They control both sides of the coin and use both sides to accomplish their goals much like we make use of opposable thumbs to grab objects.

I have warned about the upcoming Constitutional Convention Crisis here:

The same technique that is now being suggested by Ron Paul’s treacherous Jewish advisor, Bruce Fein, is what has been turning the nations of Latin America and Africa into Marxist dictatorships.

Remember, this is the same ‘advisor’who ‘advised’ Ron Paul to keep quiet while his supporters (bonafide Republican electors) were shut out of primary elections.

This is the same ‘advisor’ who recommended Ron Paul support Mitt Romney (Ron refused to follow this bit of advice).

This is the same ‘advisor’ who crafted a go-nowhere power play which  would place Rand Paul within the circles of power of the Republican Party provided Ron Paul kept quiet (so far nothing has materialized).

Now this same treacherous Jew comes out and says a constitutional convention is the best way to solve our Federal-Government-Out-Of-Control problem.

Expect more mentions of a Red White and Blue Constitutional Convention as the cure of our nations ill, not just by Bruce Fein, but by others on both ideological sides.

Regardless of all the propaganda beginning to sprout forth from Illuminati infiltrators, a Constitutional Convention means one thing: the death of the United States of America as it stands.

And if you’ll allow me to mention something, I would like to say just how incredibly unimaginative and robotic the Illuminati are.

The same technique that has been repeated in the countries of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil to install their Illuminati dictators and continues to be used across the Third World to install a network of Marxist dictatorships is now being suggested by a ‘reasonable’ member of the American ‘right.’

Obviously, the Illuminati mind is so unimaginative that they intend to use the very same method right here in America.

The Tea Party is an Illuminati front, just like the ‘secessionists’ and Ron Paul leadership probably are.

This is why they will soon be warming up to the idea of a Constitutional Convention as the panacea to all our political ills very soon.

This is why Bruce Fein floated the idea in a recent Alex Jones interview.

Obama will acquiesce, of course, under intense and unbearable pressure from ‘patriotic’ Americans.

What we will get in the end will be the destruction of our original (and perfectly usable constitution) and its replacement by a new centralized document which will back a new dictator (perhaps even Obama himself).

Don’t be fooled.

Anyone who gets suckered into this familiar Constitutional Convention scheme is an idiot. We have been warned by such a move by the Illuminati for over a decade.

Are we going to go along with it now simply because it is coming out of the mouths of supposed and so-called ‘conservatives’ and ‘patriots?’

Holding a Constitutional Convention (a ‘Con Con’) of any way shape or form will do away with our Constitution…and it will do away with every member of our seated representative government.

A Constitutional Convention has no role in any way shape or form of opposing the present criminal travesties of our Federal Executive Branch.

It is simply an effort to CON us into destroying our own Constitution.

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  1. This author can be totally defeated in his ridiculous position by simply pointing out two facts. First, the Constitution does not allow, permit or otherwise cause a "constitutional convention" as he suggests. It does allow for a convention for proposing amendments or an Article V Convention to use a popular term.

    Secondly, it is matter of public record the states have long since satisfied the single requirement of Article V needed to cause a convention call--application by 34 states. The public record shows 49 states have submitted 748 applications. Even the author of this article must realize those numbers are slightly more than is required. You can read the applications at

    In short the states want a convention and have, as the public record proves, since at least 1911. There is not one issue in the over 34 subjects that would remove any power from the people. Indeed most proposals would give the people even more tools to regulate the federal government.

    Now frankly I can't see how this author sleeps at night given his twisted thinking. On the one hand he frets about the Constitution not being obeyed--then urges the Constitution not be obeyed by calling a convention as required by the Constitution. It would seem to me the only person bent on destroying the Constitution is him as it is obvious he does not believe in obeying the Constitution and wants the government to have the same authority that he favors, i.e., the right to disobey the Constitution meaning it is he who favors a new form of government one without the participation of the states or the consent of the people.

    The Founders put the convention method of amendment proposal in the Constitution for a reason, so that if the national government got out of hand, an amendment system existed it could not control that could right things. This guy wants to throw out this system thus leaving in the gentle hands of a government he himself admits is criminal. In other words, we have a solution, and in his mind, it's best if we don't use it but instead put our trust in the national government and this guy.

    Frankly I think given the track record of what amendments have done for this country in the past, I'd rather put my money on the Founders rather some guy who is obviously so prejudice he has to resort to racial slurs to attempt to make his feeble points.