Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown Massacre: Dead Kids and Gun Confiscation

On Sunday, November 11, in my blog entry “Gun Confiscation: How they Will Do It”
I wrote:

“First of all, expect a gun ‘incident’ – a massacre in which many Americans (most likely children) are massacred by a gun owner.
On the heels of this bloody ‘incident,’ expect ready-made anti-gun legislation to be introduced immediately into Congress.”

On Friday, December 14 (less than a month after my prediction) it all came true.

The town of Newtown, Connecticut was chosen as the start point for gun confiscation through a staged massacre.

I could go through all the ditto, repetitious characteristics of an illuminati-run false flag operation (the FBI sealing of the scene, the masked gunmen, the multiple gunmen, the closeness of the crime scene to an Illuminati power center, the relation of the victims parents to government and intelligence) but I won’t.

Other websites are doing as good or better a job of covering up all the false flag evidence.

The Illuminati have given us our Christmas present and are likely to follow it up with legislation introduced immediately and under the table.

Mark my words (again).

Watch for legislation to be introduced at or about Christmas Eve (just like they did with the Federal Reserve Act and other criminal ‘acts’.

Am I a prophet and a seer?

Not by a long shot.

Illuminati behavior is so robotic and repetitive that it becomes predictable.

The Dunblane School massacre of 1996 served as an opening for gun control in the UK.

The Port Arthur Massacre of 1996 served as an opening for gun control in Australia.

The Newtown, Connecticut shooting comes right on the heels of the Portland Oregon mall shooting (they happened this same week).

So the gun confiscation legislation must be fresh out of the oven and ready to be introduced (or smuggled in as some ear tag legislation on some law or other).

Keep your eyes on Congress (and the President) this Holiday season.

As for me, the more children the Illuminati kill, the more guns and ammunition I will buy and keep.

In fact, a ready weapon underneath the principal’s desk could have stopped the Newton Massacre in its tracks.


  1. thank you for sharing this. I don't have cable and my Mother had told me the news. Right away, Illuminati came to mind.

  2. What you are is a nutcase with a computer who spouts off about shit you know nothing about.

    1. U dnt have to disrespect the man or woman u r the nutcase if ur curseing sumbody u dnt no asshole

  3. not even a word for the children


  4. This has nothing to do with illumanati the devil had nothing to do that day and choose innocent children to kill dont ask me why all we can do is pray u dnt have any clue what ur tlkin about dnt waste ur breath

  5. Maybe attaching gun legislation to fiscal cliff bill?

  6. I don’t know if it is true or false, it is sad and awful. I think it is strange that there is no note or reason left behind from the shooter, and very few speculations or answers. I want to know why? How can someone be so cruel? The Stories from survivors hidding under the desk or in the closet, made it sound as if this shooter was detached and in a trance like state. That’s why I wonder sometimes as I lay awake at night unable to sleep because I fear for my families’ safety as they go out into the world everyday, if this was a set up. If conspiracy theories are true, such as 911, Kennedy shooting and perfectly timed massacre of innocent children AFTER the election, then what a sad world we live in. We really are not in control of our own life’s, instead a small group is controlling us like puppets. Pushing us into what they want, by whatever means necessary. The poor victims, the poor survivors and folks that have to pick up the pieces; where did we go wrong?

  7. I predict a conspiracy theroy will arise for every incident of significance that makes the news.

    I predict that the conspiracy theory will support the ideology of the person proposing it. They will see the incident as prrof of their belief system.

    I predict that in many cases someoone has proposed something they are afraid of and when reality catches up with their fears they will assume conspiracy to cover the fact that the bad thing that upsets their world view has happend - therefore the world view will be safe and reality will be made to suffer.

    I am making this post anonymously to support the conspiracy theorists.

    1. If the "belief system" is a world of terror controlled by a secret cabal i guess anyone would love to live in a world like that right? oh wait we do live in a world like that. Haha anyone who doesnt see that must be mentally challenged.

  8. I knew I was going to say that.