Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013: The Year America Goes Austere

They are already warning us about the skyrocketing price of food which will take place next year due to elimination of government farm subsidies.

They are already warning us about the drastic cut-backs in government programs from welfare to unemployment to food stamps to medicare (and if you don’t think Obamacare is a further cut back, wait and see) which will be happening next year.

They are already warning us about the skyrocketing tax increases which will be hitting us next year.

They are giving us a variety of reasons on why all this is going to happen (this year’s drought, the fiscal cliff, the stock market, consumer debt, government subsidies, etc).

What they aren’t telling us is the truth.

Ladies and gentlemen, can you spell  
A-U-S-T-E-R-I-T-Y   M-E-A-S-U-R-E-S ?

That's right.

We are going the same way of Greece and Spain (and all other Third World Countries which have defaulted on their debt).

I could have predicted that the day our interest rate (the deficit) reached $1 trillion (10% of our GNP and 50% of all taxes collected).

But everybody just kept believing it couldn’t happen here, cause by gum, this is America!

Well, America, it turns out, is just one more pawn on the Illuminati chessboard.

And an austerity measure is something applied to a country having trouble paying interest on its debt.

Austerity involves focusing the country’s tax revenue into paying the interest at the expense of everything else.

This translates into higher taxes, less government services…and economic stagnation (government is just paying the bankers not reviving the economy).

A default occurs and a borrower is unable to pay the interest on his debt, you and I know and understand that. It’s called bankruptcy.

In the international arena it’s called a 'default.'

According to Illuminati custom, the prostrate nation then becomes the lapdog of a newly appointed ‘financial leader’ nation of the world (Britain became one in 1820 following the bankruptcy of the French Empire and America became one in 1950 following the bankruptcy of the British Empire) which directs it at the behest of the Illuminati.

Well now it’s America’s turn to go bankrupt!

And who better to assume the role of world financial leader than the People’s Republic of China?

Get ready to see some American kow-towing.

The Chinese already own more than $2 trillion of our debt, have their banks stuffed with Dollars, Euros and Swiss Francs and (it turns out) have accumulated the largest known gold reserve in the world.

China will be the world’s next financial leader, lending to the rest of the world’s bankrupt nations, much like America did from 1950-2000.

As for us, we will be put under austerity measures next year.

Of course, they will not call it austerity measures, and they will never admit we are bankrupt, but that is exactly what will be happening.

We could tell the bankers to simply get lost and write off our made-up, Federal-Reserve-printed $16 trillion debt, but the bankers have hedged their bets by installing the most Wall Street-centered administration in history as our rulers.

The Wall-Street-based  ‘Obama Administration’ won’t do that.

So America, get ready for an ‘austere’ future…starting next year.

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