Monday, June 23, 2014

WW-III Might Be Weirder Than We Think!

The upcoming World War is starting to look like a nightmarish concoction from some diseased mind.

The script is more complex, more messed up and more chaotic than I ever could have imagined.

As an avid and long time student of a possible WW-III scenario (been studying it since John Hackett’s ‘The Third Word War’ in 1979), it just comes to show you how rapidly things can change into something totally unexpected.

Who would have believed a description of the upcoming World Wars I and II in 1890...or even 1900?

Things change fast.

Who could believe Europe’s top imperial powers would submerge themselves in a mutually destructive total a time when they and the world’s population were enjoying the grandest economy and the highest standard of living in world history?

WW-II was even more unexpected.

Germany had been almost completely disarmed after WW-I and had rearmed for only five years prior to launching WW-II.

After provoking a bunch of needless wars, Germany then invaded Russia in a barbaric campaign...and brought in the US by declaring war on it too.

Similar to Al Qaeda, the Nazis (and the Communists) had been financed by the international banks of London and New York, and included names like Rockefeller, Bush, Morgan and Morgenthau.

We had an entire list of Americans who were chummy with the Nazis (Kennedy, Bush, Morgan) and another list of their colleagues who were friendly with the Communists (Hammer, Hopkins, and most of the Roosevelt cabinet).

New York and London international bankers financed both sides.

Today we are seeing the same phenomenon.

The international banks (and their stooges) have financed (yes, financed) the rise of Communist China (through their puppet corporations) and the Muslim Fundamentalists (through their Saudi agents)....

...and it now looks like we are going to be fighting these people...

...just like we were made to fight the Nazis THEY had created in the first place.

You can tell where things are going by the direction world events are taking.

During the Cold War, it was a semi-accepted fact that should the Soviets attack, NATO would be rolled up from Hamburg to the English Channel in a matter of weeks.

NATO already had an aura of being a loser even then.

But why should it not, the US had encouraged the European nations to DISARM in the face of the Soviet threat and had promised to take up the slack.

Unsurprisingly, NATO’s inferiority has only grown exponentially with the abolishment of European conscription and its deployment to the four winds.

So if Russia attacks, it WILL roll up NATO from Poland to the English Channel because Russia has basically not disarmed and has kept its conscription.

Russia’s distancing from Marxism is a sham. Putin protects and upkeeps Communist monuments, openly admires historical Communists (like Stalin), displays the Soviet Red Star on his aircraft, celebrates May Day and plays Communist music.

China remains an openly Communist dictatorship.

Meanwhile Marxism has become very popular in Latin America and Africa, leading to the election (most probably fraudulent) and power grab by America-hating pro-Marxist governments.

So a definite trend is the rise of Marxism.

But that is not the only trend.

Simultaneously with the rise of Marxism comes the rise of Islam.

Marxism AND Islamic Fundamentalism are increasing in strength across the board.

Yet they are rising simultaneously...but not amicably.

In fact, the West is financing the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism and using it as a counter to Russia and China...already attacking those countries through Islamic proxies in Russia’s Chechnya and China’s Sinkiang provinces.

Russia and China UNDERSTAND that any war against the US will provoke fiery attacks on their borders by well equipped armies of Islamic Fundamentalist guerrillas.

In fact, it seems to be America’s policy to support the fall of all Middle Eastern governments to Islamic Fundamentalist regimes like the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

So...get this...the Muslim Fundamentalists are going to be our ALLIES in WW-III.

I am convinced that this beast the West is foolishly creating will not only outlast West, but replace it as a world power much after its demise.

Ralph Peters (an author with CIA connections) in his book, ‘The War in 2020' predicted an Islamic Fundamentalist invasion of southern Russia back in 1992.

Now the Muslim Fundamentalist factor is being created.

We have to understand that Islamic Fundamentalism is a rising power not only in the Middle East, but in Africa and Asia as well.

Meanwhile the West is being steadily weakened - less troops, smaller budgets, more mothballed weapons, its military being remade as light counter-insurgency units instead of hard core conventional all arms teams (please note Russia and China have not only kept but are increasing their heavy armored divisions while we switch over to jeeps and armored cars).

The West and Japan are going to fall to any Sino-Russian attack.

The only hope might lie in the sea, but even there things are being compromised by rumored preparation of use of EMP weapons upon our ships and a hopelessly compromised ‘secure’ communications system (see the sinking of the USS Scorpion).

So WW-III is starting to look as unpredictable and crazy as any of the previous world wars. Let's look at how it could end up:


Europe seems to be intent on preparing for nothing less than military defeat by Russia.

It has ended is turning its units into light is cutting its military is mothballing and scrapping its aircraft, armor and has overspread NATO into a giant indefensible has brought in treacherous former Warsaw Pact states into its fold as ‘trusted’ has failed to deploy any support elements, bases, depots, or even forces into Poland - the gateway against Russia.

NATO’s recent incursion into Russia’s backyard: the Ukraine, the Black Sea and the Baltic States is just a further development of this foolish over-expansion policy, and has put NATO forces in even greater danger.

On the other hand, England and France’s nuclear arsenal might convince the Russians to halt at their border, leaving them pariahs - the New ‘Western Europe’ allied to the United States. France is so Marxist-infiltrated, however, that it might very well join the new Marxist status quo and leave England totally isolated.

The remaining political governments of the Arab World are under sustained attack. Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq are under intense pressure by the Fundamentalists. Turkey’s government is de facto Fundamentalist. The Gulf States are Fundamentalist core territory. Afghanistan is being retaken by the Taliban. Pakistan is in danger of a fundamentalist takeover  by its own military. Fundamentalist armies are building in North Africa (and already provide most of the Al Qaeda fighters).

It is clear that the collapse of the Arab world to fundamentalism hangs by a hair. Talk of bringing back the medieval Caliphates (headed by the heirs of Mohammed) is already in the air.

As for Israel...Kissinger was caught saying there would be no more Israel within ten it seems that country has already been marked for a fall - one more sacrifice to the religion of Jewish victimization.

The pro-Russian Marxist governments are already there, openly siding with Russia and China against the US. What could easily follow are coups, uprisings or further elections replacing these pro-Marxist government with radical Marxist dictatorships like those of Cuba, Venezuela, Equador, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Once this happens, Latin America could become Russia and China’s fundamentalist hordes against us.

Africa is already gone to Marxism. The jewel - South Africa - is already governed by an openly Marxist government which despises the West and openly aligns itself with Russia, as are the rest of the African countries. The rest is being overrun by Muslim fundamentalists. As such, Africa stands to become a battleground between Marxists and Muslims.

Even if Japan starts re-arming, it is already too late to make up for half a century of not doing so. South Korea is armed, but cannot resist a joint Chinese-North Korean attack. Southeast Asia is defenseless and can be overrun by a joint Sino-Vietnamese attack. And yes...the theatrical face-off between China and Vietnam is a farce. When the time comes, Communist Vietnam will join hands with Communist China for an attack against Southeast Asia.

A new war between Pakistan and India seems probable, with Pakistan becoming more and more fundamentalist. This war could very well go nuclear.

Europe overrun by Russia.

East Asia overrun by China.

Latin America and Africa taken over by pro-Russian and pro-China Marxist governments.

Only the UK, Japan and the Pacific islands left as America’s allies.

India and Pakistan demolished by nuclear war.

Just like WW-II had various stages - actually different wars beginning in turn - WW-III will have a second stage.

Marxist vs Muslim Africans in a battle to the death

Muslim Fundamentalist armies attack these areas to ‘liberate’ their brothers from Russian and Chinese dominance.

US and Japan try to stave off Sino-Russian sea attacks in the Pacific to keep the supply routes of the nations of Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia open.

Indonesia collapses to Muslim fundamentalism and contributes to Marxist vs Muslim war in Malaysia.

The Japanese Islands come under attack

Taiwan is invaded by China.

The Pacific nations try to hold out amongst conditions of extreme deprivation.

America collapses into civil war as Federal welfare ends while Federal tyranny expands. Russian and China side with the militias. Marxist Latin American forces cross the border, also in support of the militias.

The world is barely recognizable at the end of WW-III

...with Europe under Marxist Russian occupation...

...the United States divided up in a guerrilla war against Marxist occupiers...

...India and Pakistan destroyed

...Southeast Asia, Africa, the Chinese border and Russian border under attack by Islamic fundamentalists...

...the Middle East a Muslim Fundamentalist core...

...and the Pacific nations and England trying to hold out as viable nations.

 In spite of all this, WW-III leads not to peace, but to a new Cold War style face off between the Islamic and Marxist empires.

The Americas, Europe and most of Asia Marxist.

North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia Islamic.

Africa, Southeast Asia, southern Russia and western China in contention.

The religion of Islam making great social inroads into Europe and Asia, in spite of all Marxist opposition.

World War III stands to go in totally unexpected directions.

The New World Order (officially the Marxist Empire) will probably own only half the world.

The other half will be owned by the Islamics.

Practically, the world stands to be divided in two: an Islamic region and a Marxist region.

For a description of the eventual victory of Islam, see below:

Islam: Religion of the New World Order

Yes indeed, WW-III will be as no one ever imagined it.

As will the results:

The New World Order...the new order of things.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

ISIS: Latest War on Terror Theater

The latest phenomenon on the phony ‘War on Terror’ is an invasion of Iraq by a convoy of terrorists called ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

These people appeared out of nowhere (actually Syria and Turkey) and descended upon northern Iraq with surprising success.

The new Iraqi Army has done nothing to inconvenience these terrorist assassins as they overrun the nation (including its most strategic areas).

Which is not a first for the Iraqi Army.

It did nothing as the US Army entered Iraq in 2003 under its CIA asset, Saddam Hussein.

Yep...Iraq has been under the thumb of the CIA since the 1980‘s...the rest is just military theater.

I know it doesn’t make our military look good, but the truth is we fought an opponent who had already agreed to go down for the count.

In other words, our two ‘victories’ over Iraq have been fixed.

Which is no surprise as far as modern wars are concerned.

Most of them are.

Which brings me to the laughably easy entrance of ISIS into Iraq.

No resistance, no battles, no conflagrations...not even any air strikes to slow down these pick-up riding rag heads.

Nope. It was all pretty clean.

Like in 1991 and 2003, the Iraqi Army has (on command) withdrawn in the face of the enemy.

In this case, the enemy being one of several CIA-created / Turkey-based Islamic Fundamentalist militias attacking Syria. they are attacking Iraq...and being shown the red carpet.

Not even the independent and well-equipped Peshmerga militia of the Kurds has stood up to these new invaders.

Which is a pity, not only because Peshmerga is very well equipped, but because the ISIS invaders are now massacring the Christian Kurds the Peshmerga was supposed to protect.

Oh well.

It should have been evident things would not go well when the chief of Peshmerga was discovered to be a crypto-Jew...and the fact glossed over like an unimportant factoid.

Well...where is Pesmerga now?

The dying Christian Kurds want to they are massacred by ISIS.

Now what bothers me about the ease with which ISIS is allowed to enter Iraq and start massacring the population is the following question:

With how much ease will Russian and Chinese troops be allowed to enter America in the near future to massacre OUR population?


The reason for this CIA / MI6 / Mossad decision remains obscure, but there is obviously a logic to the insanity.

There are a plethora of reasons for why the CIA would insert one of its Sunni Fundamentalist militias into Iraq.

Here are just a few of them:

    -Make Al-Qaeda ‘succeed’ somewhere else (since they failed in Syria)

    -Continue to spread Islamic Fundamentalism

    -Continue to spread the Fundamentalist vs Non-Fundamentalist conflict

    -Create a reason for US troops re-entering Iraq (for an attack on Syria)

    -Create a new Sunni vs Shia conflict in Iraq involving Iran

    -Arm Al-Qaeda with the modern ‘captured’ Iraqi weapons (which have now been turned over to them).

    -Have Iraq fall to Muslim Sunni Fundamentalists as a new front against Syria


Whatever the reason, the introduction of the Al-Qaeda’s ISIS branch into Iraq represents a further theatrical expansion of the War on Terror, with the same phony red carpet, the easy victories, as well as the institutional cluelessness  and helplessness that goes along with it.

The whole thing has been set up.

People that say ‘don’t get involved’ have a point - all the American government has to do is keep supporting the Iraqi Government.

But, of course, it isn’t.

The whole purpose is to escalate.

More conflict...more war...more conflagration...more chaos...more alarm...more fear...all at the beck and call of building up the next World War.

The Middle East seems to be rapidly becoming a battleground between Fundamentalist and Non-Fundamentalist Arabs...the whole thing possibly spreading from North Africa to Pakistan...

...and quite possibly ending up in a fundamentalist Sunni vs Shia war (sure to be a horribly extreme religious conflict).

As far as the various theaters of WW-III go, that would take care of creatiing the Arab Theater, leaving the Russo-European theater and the Sino-East Asian and the South Asian theaters to erupt later...not to mention a possible internal Second American Civil War.

Yes indeed.

WW-III is threatening to be something huge...

...and it’s all starting out in the Middle East.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Type of Civil War We SHOULD Have

There definitely needs to be a civil ‘war’ in this country.

But the sort of struggle I have in mind is different from the burn and destroy conflict being planned within Illuminati circles.

The Illuminati want a ‘declared’ state of civil war...meaning they want an official sanction to demolish and kill large areas of America...while confiscating all the guns.

I say the war is already on - it is on against the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, which has ballooned into an empowered, entitled and arbitrary mafia, which is running roughshod over Congress and the States themselves.

This power grab is akin to that of King George-III’s power grab in England which aggravated the English people and provoked the American Revolution.

Let’s get it straight: power grabs provoke conflict.

And conflict is what we have in this country today.

Police kill innocent Americans on the streets...while Americans come together to protest the slaughter.

TSA violates American citizens at checkpoints...while Americans refuse to comply with TSA porno-x-ray treatment.

The police grope, strip searching and drawing blood and DNA...while Americans refuse to be searched or give their blood or DNA without a warrant.

Americans are put on blacklists and not allowed to fly...while these same Americans refuse to have the right to travel taken away from them and continue to make their way wherever they please by other means.

The Executive uses the NSA and CIA to BLACKMAIL Congress into compliance...while those Congressmen with nothing to hide continue to legally question and prosecute the Executive any which way they can or dare.

The intelligence agencies plan false flags...while valiant whistle blowers both within and without and researchers expose those false flags and neutralize them by means of pre-disclosure.

The Executive orders the military to conduct criminal and unconstitutional acts...while members of the military refuse or ‘miscarry’ the order.

The NSA runs corporations installing dangerous ‘smart’ meters on every house...while home owners refuse to receive them.

The corporate establishment trying to ram GMO foods down our throats...while American consumers refuses point blank to touch them.

The American food manufacturers poisoning our food with aspartame, glyphosate, radiation, etc...while the Americans refuse to buy their food, and forces many of them into bankruptcy.

The Bureau of Land Management closing down American ranchers...while some ranchers refuse to  comply and refuse to leave their lands.

The BLM shutting down American farms by cutting off water...while some of the farmers go out, remove barriers and open the water sources anyway.

The Federally funded public schools trying to mis-educate, under-educate and pervert our children...while parents decisively withdraw their children from the public school system entirely.

Government trying to destroy our children through vaccination...while parents refuse.

The Government trying to get us to sign-up to Obamacare...while Americans refuse to do so.

Judges trying to manipulate juries into sanctioning excessive, cruel and unusual punishment...while the juries refuse resist.

The 'war' is already on.

And that’s the type of ‘war’ I am talking about - Americans coming together and refusing to comply or obey a totalitarian upstart government bent upon abolishing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

We are presently struggling to keep our country, our rights and our Constitution from what amounts to an alien politically hostile takeover.

There is a real STRUGGLE going on...and it is my belief that we will lose that struggle the minute we surrender our options to the favorite Illuminati pastime -  WAR.

The Illuminati create wars, plan wars, direct wars and conclude wars through the carefully placed Illuminati agents place in BOTH sides.

War is an Illuminati tool.

In war the Illuminati gain power and use it to destroy the participants in order to facilitate their ‘reconstruction’ things after the war.

Once war happens, there are no more initiatives, no more discussions, no more arguments, no more legal challenges, no more walkouts, no more protests, and no more petitions.

Under a ‘state of war’ all we get is an Illuminati stooge appointed over us and ordering us to DESTROY each other.

The American Civil War didn’t have to happen in 1861.

The Southern states could have challenged the Federal Government through Congress and other legal means, kept slavery and challenged the tariffs.

On the other hand, slavery might have abolished itself through the farming machinery of the Industrial Revolution - which was already making slavery unprofitable.

Simply put, slavery would have become unprofitable and the slaves would have been let go.

Instead, what the South (or better said, Southern Illuminists) did was to split the (Southern dominated) Democratic Party and give underdog Lincoln a chance at the presidency.

After shooting themselves politically in the foot, the ‘Southerners’ jumped the gun by declaring secession and mobilizing for war to resolve something they could have resolved through politics and trade.

What the Southerners did by their contentious actions was simply give the Federal Government the carte blanch to kill, occupy, destroy and suppress the South.

The entire Southern male population of legal age was gang planked into military service while any Southerner refusing to go along with the festivities was shot.

When the North finally had to resort to a forced draft, protests and riots broke out...which were bloodily suppressed.

How’s that for freedom and democracy?

All in the interest of destroying the nation and creating trauma and resentment which resonate to this day.

The end result was, of course, a stronger Federal Government and Executive.

Which brings me back to our Second Civil War.

It’s already happening.

This doesn’t mean we are shooting and killing each other.

It simply means there is a strong disagreement between the Federal Government, the legitimacy of its policies and its laws...and the people

We are opposing them, but the opposition is not physical, vocal or visceral enough.

Not enough State Legislatures, County Boards and City Councils, Sheriffs, local police or local citizens are standing up to the Federal outrages.

This doesn’t mean we need to transition to all out WAR to solve the dilemma.

Like I said, Illuminati ‘patriot war leaders’ are standing ready to run us into the ground.

A second civil war is not the answer.

It’s want the Illuminati want to finish subjugating and destroying the country.

However this does not mean we shouldn’t be opposing the policies of the Federal Government tooth and nail.

Local authorities should be suing and refusing to submit to illegal Federal mandates.

Citizens should be REFUSING to be searched without a warrant.

Congressmen who pass unconstitutional laws should be thrown out of office.

The Attorney General Eric Holder needs to be put on trial.

The President needs to be impeached.

The Federal Reserve has to be ABOLISHED.

Police who act like thugs should be arrested, listed and barred from practicing law enforcement ever again.

People should refuse to cooperate with illegal checkpoints and Homeland Security infringement on local law enforcement.

Illegal SWAT raids should be treated as home invasions.

This is what we need to be doing instead of preparing to destroy ourselves for a war in which the Illuminati will direct our own demise.

We are already in a WAR - a war of legalities, a war of protest, a war of refusal, a war of legal cases and suits, a war of jury nullification, a war of petitions, a war of exposure, a war of non-conformity and non-cooperation, a war of confrontation, a war of criticism, a war of land occupation - that’s enough war for us, that is the type of war that will really win back our Republic.

That’s why everybody needs to get out and do their bit to FIGHT,not wait for the Illuminatis in charge to declare a state of chaos and self-destruction within our great country.

Our civil war needs to be civil and legal..not military.

It needs to destroy laws, offices, officials and institutions of government, not cities, human lives, infrastructure and economies.

Let’s hope we are smart enough to understand this.

And let’s hope we are smart enough (at local, city, county and state levels) to get the ‘war’ rolling NOW!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Massive Fed Child Smuggling Ring

Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) are the new phenomenon on the border.

One more result of an obviously wide open and abandoned border is the new (and strange) phenomenon of masses of children walking across.

We’re talking under the age of 12 here.

Kids under 12 don’t just get up one morning in Central America and start hiking towards the US.

What type of NETWORK is transporting these kids to the border? And how is it that the parents or relatives are being convinced to give up their kids to this 'underground railroad’?

The phenomenon started a few months ago in Mexico, as reports started filtering that masses of Central American children were making their way to the promise themselves.

Many of these kids were detained in Mexico by the Mexican government and ‘interned’ over there, seemingly by people with ‘the best of intentions.’

Yeah right.

The ‘institutions’ doing all the interning seemed to be more focused on interning these kids than finding their parents.

Simply put, Mexican authorities were interning and settling them instead of trying to find their families.

The kids were mostly from Central America, specifically Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Which brings me to the wave reaching North America.

These illegal children are now arriving in the United States, easily, fluidly, and, seemingly, in very good condition.

What type of well-oiled network is transporting these children and delivering them (in great condition) to the border?

These children are not hungry, not thirsty, not dirty, many are even smiling.

Again, who is transporting these kids?

How are they making their way past the border deserts in SUMMER, supposedly on such good condition?

This is indeed strange.

And furthermore...

What type of parent will surrender their children to ‘coyotes’ to be transported to an uncertain future in some foreign land?

The rumor seems to be that these are the children of illegal aliens already in the United States, who have been promised to be reunited with their parents.

Now why am I beginning to suspect many of these gullible illegal aliens will never see their kids again?

The entire operation stinks to high heaven.

Kids are arriving be the hundreds EVERY DAY and clogging up even the interview-and-release system ICE is accustomed to running.

Today the number of illegal children in Nogales, Arizona (right on the border) is expected to reach 1000!

50,000 unaccompanied illegal alien minors have been apprehended within the last eight months, with estimates that 100,000 will be apprehended this year.

This is nothing but a mass child smuggling ring. Yet the local news releases state that these minors have ‘chosen’ to emigrate from their countries. A minor has neither the eloquence, clarity, understanding, means or finance to choose to do ANYTHING! These children are being railroaded!

Meanwhile FEMA has shown up at the Nogales station and taken over, vaccinating and  salivating over these abandoned children.

From here it is being said the children will be transported to MILITARY BASES in Ft Sill and Ventura, California and San Antonio, Texas, for supposed ultimate internment in FEMA Camps (again, it is my belief many of these will disappear before even making it to these camps).

Meanwhile plans are being made to plant massive quantities of these kids in ‘foster’ homes. Anyone familiar with CPS KNOWS what happens in these ‘foster’ homes (many of them mere gateways for child abuse).

In case you haven’t gotten the drift of where all this is going, let me spell it out for you:

We are observing is nothing less than a gigantic CHILD SMUGGLING OPERATION running from Mexico into the United States, and using defenseless Central American CHILDREN as its product.

It is quite possible the clueless Central American relatives of these children were convinced that they could turn in their kids for transport to their parents in America by some nebulous coyote agents.

What I see happening soon are a lot of crying Central American illegal immigrants clamoring for help trying to find their missing children.

And who the heck is going to hear them?

The attention they get  probably won’t get beyond a short clip on the local Spanish news network

The photos coming out of Nogales of the ‘sleeping’ (or knocked out) children looks like a morgue full of small bodies sleeping inside plastic containers and completely covered in silver mylar sheets.


No one head sticking out?

Not one child lying on its side while snuggling with the mylar sheet...with the child’s head exposed?

Were the children told to HIDE under the mylar sheets for the photo, or were they knocked out by drugs...or worse.

Whatever the truth may be, the only photo of these sleeping children is of sheet-covered bodies inside plastic containers.

This one existing photo of the sleeping children really disturbed me.

Meanwhile, Americans look at this beyond-bizarre phenomenon as if it were just one more novelty on the 6 O’Clock news.

Folks, this is MASSIVE CHILD SMUGGLING being carried out before our very eyes...with the Federal Government acting as a facilitator!

I wonder why the new massive need for kids?

Is the local Bohemian Grove gathering  coming up?

Are the Bildebergers coming to the Southwest?

Is some sort of massive child sacrifice ritual being planned?

Or do the military bases need a new infusion of kids to carry out some new type of medical experiment?

What is the reason for scamming all these Central American illegals and transporting their children to military bases and FEMA camps?

You know what, I am afraid to ask.

But whatever the cause, these kids need to be REGISTERED AND TRACKED by as many authorities as possible.

The Federal Government is already running interference in this attempt as local news networks here in Arizona have been cut off by the Border Patrol, ICE and Homeland Security (all of which are involved in the pilfering of these kids)...

...who have NOT SPOKEN A SINGLE WORD to local TV news reporters...

...and NOT ALLOWED A SINGLE REPORTER in to see these kids...

...while supplying the local papers with sheet covered pictures of these kids.

What’s of the kids with masks?

Our local news channels had to go to the Salvadorean Consulate to get ANY information on the status, health and nationality of these kids.

Hopefully, the people in the consulates of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are not corrupt and have not accepted bribes in order to look the other way as these kids disappear because you can BET there is an awful LOT of hush money making the rounds.

The Media, the Churches, the AACP and human rights activists should all be looking into this and asking the questions:

       -Who is paying for the transport of these impoverished children
      (certainly not the parents or their relatives)

       -How and by whom are they being transported?

       -How were their relatives or parents convinced to turn in their children?
       (were they threatened, paid, tricked?)

       -Where are the lists of the identities of these children

       -How is it that such massive amounts of children are being allowed to cross the border?


No matter how unhelpful, unresponsive and uncooperative the Federal Government becomes.

These are KIDS you bastards, and YOU CAN BET we will hold you ACCOUNTABLE!

God and Jesus protect these children and strike down anyone who dare touch a hair on their heads!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mr Illuminati: Zombies and Cyborgs

I want to welcome you to another session of the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Show. This time we have, once more, the one and only anonymous representative of the Grand Illuminati World Council. Thank you for being with us again, sir!

Mr. Illuminati: 

You’re welcome.


Today’s topic will consists of zombies and cyborgs - this is what you wanted to talk about?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Well, I was hoping you would keep my defining the topics of this show confidential, but I guess that is too much to ask from a weak-minded idiot like yourself.


I’m sorry, but after all, I guess you won’t talk about what you don’t want to talk about, and you talking is sort of the basis of these segments so...

Mr. Illuminati:’re a half-conscious idiot with no short term memory.


Yes, well, let’s continue...zombie and cyborgs! Looks like Halloween has come early!

Mr. Illuminati: 

Initially, the two key words sound a bit ridiculous, but they come right to the point. We have come to the conclusion that true global change will require a change in the population itself.


In what way?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Well, genetically, psychologically, socially, mentally, perhaps even physically.


And how will this change be carried out?

Mr. Illuminati: 

It will be carried out through the media, through high and low frequency electromagnetic waves, additives in the food and water, vaccines, education, and technology implantations.


Whoa there - ‘technology implantations’? You mean like microchips?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Actually, more than mere microchips, but I guess the population at large likes to call them that.  


Well, whatever they are, what makes you think the American population will voluntarily submit to getting implanted with microchips

Mr. Illuminati: 

Well, it’s already happening. Governments across the world are implanting their more important bureaucrats with tracking chips. Also, non-religious, non-superstitious people are having themselves implanted for a variety of convenient reasons. Pets are being implanted.


But what will lead to everybody being implanted?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Listen, it’s going to happen by way of necessity and convenience. When it is ready to happen, it is going to happen. We have so far been wise not to force the issue. You know, when its ready to rain, it rains, When you are ready to go the bathroom, you go. When a cliff is ready to collapse into a landslide, it collapses.



Mr. Illuminati: 

Ultimately, the implantation of technology into human beings will come by way of necessity.  Presently the human mind is already in a fog caused by an environment drenched in microwaves and chemicals conveyed by air, food and water. Memory is almost becoming obsolete. It is getting to the point where the average human being hardly has any. Instead, people are relying more and more on external paper and electronic means of memory storage. Soon these will become internal.


So you’re saying that people will want microchips in order to get back their memory?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Yes. Memory is crucial in everyday life. Employees who remember things are more valuable than employees who forget everything.


So the first publicly available mind interface chips will be offered as memory enhancers?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Not only memory, but mood and energy enhancers as well. Chipping will become as normal as taking medication. The people with chips will be considered to simply have a one-up on everyone else.


So you think that convenience alone will be enough to bring in the microchip era.

Mr. Illuminati: 

Well, perhaps a bit more than convenience. As it stands today under the influence of our created toxic environment,  the human mind is barely functional.


So people might actually NEED this stuff?

Mr. Illuminati: 



What about the stigma? Mark of the beast and all that.

Mr. Illuminati: 

Forget it. Implantation will eventually become cool. Did you know that we are presently working on a complete line of implantable jewelry and implantable electronics to make the concept hip to teenagers and other youngsters.



Mr. Illuminati: 

Well, we are. Just one of our many subtle approaches in making implantation acceptable and popular.


But back to zombies. You already mentioned diminished mental capacity.

Mr. Illuminati: 

Yes, the human mind is already dimmed, and urgently needs assistance in carrying out everyday activities.


And this zombie-like behavior is not accidental?

Mr. Illuminati: 

No, as I said, it has been induced by environmental factors produced by us.


And this zombie fad is not accidental either, is it?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Like a great many other things that occur, no. The concept of the human zombie, first explored by our asset, George Romero in his movie ‘Night of the Living Dead’ was progressively expanded, with time, into zombie mania.

ICB: You want people to like zombies?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Well, we wanted to introduce the concept of the zombie, which is in reality, the concept of a degraded and expendable human being.



Mr. Illuminati: 

The zombie,in the modern sense of the term, is not really dead...but sick - in other words, a zombie is actually a living but very ill human being. Not only sick ,but dangerous. Something which must be killed.


So the entire purpose of the zombie fad was to depict sick humanity as killable and disposable.

Mr. Illuminati: 
precisely, but perhaps you missed the other element - the humor behind it all. Killing zombies is not only exciting but entertaining. Zombie movies even go as far as to make fun of the zombies before they are killed. Sickly humans are just silly disposable things after all,  which must be destroyed.



Mr. Illuminati: 

Twisted yet apropos. It is applicable to the attitude we want people to have towards sick humanity.


Sick as in ‘plague’ sick?

Mr. Illuminati: 

Well, what else? Combine this with the Army training we have instituted in which we have Army and National Guard personnel massacring zombies and you have the completion of the formula.


The massacring of people?

Mr. Illuminati: 



I noticed the zombies were screaming and begging in that exercise footage..

Mr. Illuminati: 

Precisely. Of course, we are dealing here with the massacre of desperate, sick and starving Americans, with the zombie motif being used as cover for something that is politically unacceptable. Nevertheless, the subconscious mind of the soldier understands, accepts it and is ready to execute upon command.


But I think I’m seeing two types of zombies in this discussion: the implanted cyborg type zombie and the disposable feverish sick zombie.

Mr. Illuminati: 

Yes indeed. The feverish disposable zombie will come first.The semi-aware mind-controlled technotronic zombie will be the end result of our programmed human evolution


zombies either way...the zombification of humanity.

Mr. Illuminati: 

If you look at people today, you see that they are already living in a sort of isolated matrix. Whatever reality they believe in comes to them through a screen - a screen that they spend the most part of the day staring at. They are in an unthinking stupor.


People are already zombified

Mr. Illuminati: 

They believe whatever is shown to them. They do whatever they are told to do.


And they are incapacitated to a certain extent...

Mr. Illuminati: 

They need help in the form of one drug or another to go to sleep, wake up, stay awake, have sex, remember things, get energy, feel normal, etc. Soon all those pills will be supplanted by implanted microchips.


The Viagra scam really got me laughing. Now we have to pay for sex. I thought free sex was a benefit of marriage. Obviously...

Mr. Illuminati: 

(laughing) Not anymore! Now you will have to pay for a lot of things!


Mr. Illuminati, thank you for being with us today.

Mr. Illuminati: 

You’re quite welcome.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Americans are Now Impoverished Peasants

The United States of America is now an oligarchy.

It’s being admitted by economic experts the world over.

America’s population are now being treated like peasants by an over-class that controls the Federal Government and a sub-over-class that controls the states.

The Constitution is being treated like a piece of discarded toilet paper.

Through its acts, the Royal Government is openly and de facto proclaiming that American peasants no longer have property, family, privacy or rights...or even rights over their own bodies.

How long before the government gains arbitrary authority over our ‘right’ to live? (off with his head!)


...let’s look at the state of the Oligarchic Kingdom of Amerika, shall we?

Why Americans are Peasants:

-The peasants can be ordered to buy a good or service by the Royal Government (Obamacare)

-The peasants can be forcefully vaccinated (and are therefore not in possession of their own bodies)

-Peasant children can be confiscated by the Royal Government without proof or trial

-Peasants must submit to nude x-ray photography or groping of their private areas in order to board planes

-Peasants can be permanently denied the right to fly at any time with no reason, no oversight, no review and no trial

-Peasant complaints about taxation go directly to the royal tax collectors, who have the authority to act as judge and jury over the peasants

-Peasants are no longer supplied with any proof of their vote, but must vote using electronic voting and tallying machines which leave no paper trail and no proof of tally

-Thanks to the above, the peasants now have their leaders chosen for them by their overlords, even though they are told they have practiced their 'right' to vote

-Peasants children must submit to forced labor in order to graduate from high school

-Peasants no longer have any right to privacy, with information from their laptop cameras, game consoles, smart meters, emails, browsing history, purchases, driving locations and physical location all available to the Lords at the push of a button.

-Peasant dwellings can be broken into at any time without warrant or warning by the royal guards

-Peasant homes and property can be confiscated if mistakes are made on property tax or illegal drugs found (or planted) in them

-Police (Royal Guards) now have the power of judge, jury and executioner over any peasant. Peasants are expected to grovel and submit at the foot of the Royal Guards, the representatives of the Royal Government.

-Big banks and corporations who happen to go bankrupt are now rescued with money forcefully collected from the peasants

-Peasant retirement accounts can be confiscated at any time by the big banks, government and the Overlords in order to settle Royal debts

-Peasant children are no longer taught to read, write or think, but merely to comply with the ideologies necessary to be obey the Royal Government.

-Peasants are spied upon, identified and tracked through cameras on the street at any time

-Peasants cannot regularly gather in groups larger than five people

-Peasants are not allowed to regularly pray in groups at their homes

-Peasants have no right to free speech when it comes to certain state designated subjects

-Please note: Arrogant American Peasants have already been punished by exporting all their industry and jobs to China and left with pathetic service jobs

-Peasants are no longer allowed to have a full time job with which to support a family, but only part-time pittance occupations providing enough to rent a room and feed only themselves (with the Royal dole taking care of their pitiful families)

-Please note: As further punishment for their arrogance, American peasants are now given the same rights and standing as foreign illegal aliens (perhaps this will teach them their true station in life)

-Peasants will no longer be allowed to buy ammunition (as the royal government is now pre-purchasing all ammunition before it is even manufactured)

-Peasant farmers and ranchers are now being forced off Royal land through environmental laws, water cut offs, strangling rules and regulations and through direct confiscation of their land and cattle by the royal guards
(which will soon make them unable to feed themselves and dependent on Royal corporations, food imports and welfare for their sustenance)

-As of now all Government Bureaucrats and Congressmen are EXEMPT from the laws passed for the peasants (such as Obamacare)

-Peasant access to the Net will soon be limited by waveband monopolies, which will designate which websites become accessible and which do not.

-Very soon, the peasants will be left without property, making them true wards of the ruling Overclass.

The Royal Government of the Kingdom of America looks forward to a transformation of Americans into a subsistence agricultural peasant class under the iron hand of environmentalism.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Friday, June 6, 2014

9/11: No Planes!

It is getting very uncomfortable to realize just how much we have been lied to.

Reality itself is in question.

The controlled media along with computer generated imaging (CGI) have made it possible to create an artificial reality and make people believe in it.

Recently, the reality of the Sandy Hook massacre and more recently, the reality of the Isla Vista Shootings has been called into question as one actor after another makes appear in tearless children who are supposedly dead reappear later...alive.

Reminds me of the 9/11 terrorists, many of whom later appeared alive and well...and in Muslim countries.

Look at the bad acting of ‘Richard Martinez’ (supposedly his real name) as he ‘laments’ the loss of his only child.


Or, look at bad (and out of cue) actor Robbie Parker LAUGH his way to a lament before the press over his child ‘lost’ at Sandy Hook.


If you want complete documentaries on all the LIVING supposedly dead Sandy Hook children, just type in ‘sandy hook children still alive’ on Youtube.

Which brings me to the point of the big phony baloney show which started it all: 9/11.

We basically gave up all our freedoms over a planned demolition and a CGI  TV show.

Yes, they actually killed some real people that time (like all those firefighters who were inside the building when they blew it up).

But the rest of 9/11 was as phony as a three dollar bill.

The first thing that struck me was all the dramatic screaming, which seemed like something straight out of a horror movie. People don’t scream like that when something unexpected and shocking happens. They don’t immediately realize what has just happened.

The second thing that struck me was the way the ‘spectators’ sort of presented the event - one moving out of the way in the nick of time so you could see the plane hit the building - others squawking emotionless descriptions of what was happening.

So it came as no surprise that when they said one of the planes (Flight-93) had crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and all they had to show was a small smoking hole in the ground - no corpses, no luggage, no wreckage.

In other plane.

And it came as no surprise that after they announced another plane (Flight-77) had hit the Pentagon, they had nothing to show but small strips of aluminum - amazingly absent again, bodies, luggage, wreckage, and especially the huge titanium engines. Later analysis proved it would have been impossible for a passenger jet to have created such a small, neat hole in the building.

In other plane.

So that left nothing but the two planes that hit the two World Trade Center Towers - everybody SAW that, right?

Well, no.

What everybody SAW was on TV.

I know a lot of people who live in that area, and to all intent and purposes, they say the buildings just ‘blew up’ and caught fire.

But we all SAW IT!

Well...what you saw was a computer-generated imagery show which was displayed on national TV.

Any engineer viewing the footage could have called it out as fake. And many now have.

When they hit, the planes smoothly melt into the building as if they are entering a glass tower and blow up inside.

Hold on a minute.

Those towers were not glass, they were a mesh of steel and concrete decorated with glass.

On the other hand, the planes were mostly aluminum (except for the massive titanium engines).

A more plausible crash wuld have had the two titanium engines embed themselves in the building while the aluminum superstructure splattered itself against the side of the building, raining down flaming debris, bodies, suitcases and wreckage on the streets below.

Of course, none of this happened as the two planes melded fluidly into th e buildings.

Well, the sad truth is...that just like the Pennsylvania ‘crash site’....and just like the Pentagon crash site...the WTC crash sites also lacked the vital aircraft...or titanium engines...or bodies...or luggage...or really any proof whatsoever that any aircraft had crashed there.

A sad shortcoming of most CGI special effects technicians is that they have no training in physics (something any old time special effects artist HAD to have in times past).

Even after the two towers collapsed, the four titanium engines from the two aircraft would have been very much in evidence...none were ever found.

In other words, along with Pennsylvania and the Pentagon, there is also no proof (besides badly constructed computer imagery) that any planes ever hit the World Trade Center.

I know this is uncomfortable.

I feel VERY uncomfortable writing this...not only because I have been fooled (for years)...but because I now feel that what we perceive as reality itself is now in the hands of the puppet masters...

...and the controlled media has matured into an air-tight reality-creating machine.

Want more proof there were no planes during 9/11?

See the footage below:






No Plane Mini-Documentary

Another Article dealing with overall virtual reality - only for reading (links have been removed by YouTube)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Illegals Flooding America - It's Now a Cascade!

As I write this America is being FLOODED with illegal immigrants cascading across the Texas, California and Arizona borders.

Where is the Border Patrol?

Apparently ‘patrolling’ inland cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix and Austin...while leaving the border itself WIDE OPEN.

Moreover, the new ‘surge’ of illegal border crossings seems to be carefully coordinated on both sides of the border.

WAVES of illegals are now crossing over - mostly in Texas.

The numbers are so huge that ICE in Texas can no longer handle the flood of ‘refugees’ and is shipping them in bulk to Phoenix.

What happens in Phoenix?

The Phoenix Greyhound Station now resembles an over-populated Third World bus port as the bus loads of illegals arrive daily at all hours of day and night.

Business has definitely picked up since the daily midnight bus load of debarking illegals.

This time, to greet the desperate newcomers, entire stalls of food and drink have been established by obscure sources to feed and comfort the waves of illegal newcomers.

What becomes of these waves of illegals?

The Federal Court System in Arizona gives each one a date on which they must appear before the court...AND THEN LET’S THEM GO!!!! Many, to a major American city of their choice!

So the ‘transfer’ to Arizona is just a pretend ritual of ‘processing’ as all these illegal law breakers (many of them criminals) are released in mass into American streets.

The same thing is happening in Texas, only that they are so flooded with illegals they can’t carry out the interview-and-release process fast enough!

Apparently, those Federal Government FEMA Camps and FEMA buses don’t come into the equation when it comes to handling this new wave of illegal assault.

Oh, that’s right!

The FEMA Camps and Buses are for suppressing AMERICANS, not repatriating illegals!

Meanwhile, even the composition of the new border crossers has changed as entire families are run across an apparently completely desolate and unprotected border.

Individual teens and children are also making it across in large quantities (apparently in an attempt to unite with parents who had crossed earlier).

The massive crossings combined with the meet and greet  treats at the Greyhound stations all point to a coordinated flood of immigrants carried out by Mexico in combination with rogue elements of the US Government and non-government organizations.

Coordinated masses of immigrants just do not cross the border all at the same time without a massive infrastructure supporting them.

It is said the stampede has been triggered not only by a well-funded and well oiled network, but by the rumor that Obama is about to legalize all the illegals already inside the that the time to cross the border is NOW before the window of opportunity closes.

Meanwhile the American public (along with most State Legislatures) seem to be in a catatonic state as our cities are overrun with masses of illegal immigrants - assisted by the Federal Government!

Did I mention the meet, greet and treat stands at the Greyhound stations include not only plentiful food and drink, but information on how to get through the legal system, getting a driver’s license, applying for free health care and getting food stamps!

The debarking illegals are met by well paid volunteers who shout “welcome to Phoenix, food and drinks are available inside the station!”

Obama, WTF!!!!

The Federal Government is acting like it is swamped by a humanitarian crisis (indeed, many of the illegals are now called ‘refugees’) with which it is unable to cope, and is transferring these illegal border crosses INLAND for ‘processing’ on the taxpayers tab.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an INVASION.

Facilitated by a Fifth Column within the Obama Administration in coordination with the illegal body movers in Mexico.

Soon these legal and semi-legal masses will be used by the Obama Administration as the workhorses of a new Democratic Party power base.

That’s right.

These illegals and semi-legals are targeted to be used as the voting blocks and paramilitary which will help enshrine Obama and the Democratic Party as the new dictators of a Babylonized America.

Enough is enough.

Obama is obviously an agent of destruction, seeking to destroy as much of America as possible before his last term is over.

This man along with a large number of his cabinet should not only be impeached but imprisoned!

True, he has the House and Senate all BLACKMAILED by his NSA and CIA, but how long can this unsupportable course of events last before the People, the States and the Military shout ENOUGH!

Again, the recent flood of illegal immigrants, facilitated and assisted by our now illegitimate Federal Government amounts to an invasion and a destruction of our sovereignty.

As such, it needs to be countered by all means possible.

We either stop this...or we become submerged in a tidal wave of internationalist Babylon humanity.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

US Armored Vehicles Changing Colors

I was watching footage of a locomotive smashing through a tractor trailer which had stopped on the tracks at Chowchilla, California...

...and what got my attention was what the locomotive was hauling.

The video segment itself has been censored by Homeland Security by way of a movable black frame.

Please note that it is the black frame that moves, not the camera itself...offering a only a pathetic keyhole type panorama.


Because the locomotive was hauling a battalion’s worth of Stryker Armored Vehicles.

You can barely catch a glimpse of the armored vehicles at the very end of the video...which has been purposefully cut short by the broadcasters.

But the most revealing fact was that all the Strykers were painted GREEN.


All US armored vehicles have been painted desert tan since 1991 - reflecting our perpetual involvement in the Middle East since the Gulf War.

Up until now, ALL our armored vehicles have been painted in this desert camouflage pattern (in fact our uniforms still are).

Now the color has suddenly shifted to green.

The important fact here is the low-key mass shift of our armored forces from desert camouflage to ‘European’ green.

Now why is that?

Are US Army vehicles being prepared to re-deploy to a greener say Europe...the Ukraine...

...or the Homeland itself?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Conspiracy Site Taken Down / Threatened

Dave Hodges, owner of “The Common Sense Show” website has had his site wiped off the net since May 30.

People were unable to get in touch with Dave or find out what exactly happened to his site.

Dave, who lives in Arizona, has, apparently NOT put out an explanation of what has happened or how he is doing.

Dave Hodges had been receiving numerous death threats after publishing critical information related to the connection of CPS to child prostitution...

...and especially after publishing an article singling out Chicago as the target of the next false flag operation.

The Chicago false flag article (if true) was a veritable torpedo shot into the bow of a New World Order operation already in the works.

The massive attack and take out of “The Common Sense Show” website seems like the hysterical reaction the CIA-NSA-Mossad trinity would take against a site exposing top secret information at a critical time.

Recently Dave came back on the website and said 

"this action was deemed necessary because of an all-out attack, on multiple fronts, upon my life and the lives of my family. Given the nature of the events that were spiraling out of control at that time, I decided to execute a strategic withdrawal in order to gather my thoughts.”

Which is alarming but a bit strange.

How do attempts on your life and that of your family translate into your taking down the site?

Why do you take down your site to ‘gather your thoughts.’

More strangely, he has not gone into the details of just how the lives of himself and his family were threatened.

Whatever happened, one can only hope Dave has not been threatened into uselessness...and that the guy now running the site is still Dave.

Dave, take care, and stay in touch with your friends - you have MANY right here in Arizona - make use of them!

And please, let everyone know what has happened.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Government is GONE!

We don’t have a US Government anymore.

All we have is a bloated Executive which has blackmailed Congress through its spy agencies and which has, in turn, become occupied by the enemies of America - enemies who are destroying the country.

The American armed forces are being dismantled...

....even as they are being put in harms way.

The gates are being flung open to illegal immigration....

...even as the American worker is jobless and impoverished.

Education is being turned into dumbed down indoctrination...

...even as students are no longer taught how to write by hand.

Health Care has been turned into a tyranny of coercion and taxation...

...which has turned American jobs into part-time pittances.

The American dollar is being printed into the ground.... the wealthy go wealthier and the poor more impoverished...

....and inflation eats up the buying power of the poor.

The Department of Homeland Security is being used as the Department of Homeland SUPRESSION...

...buying up and pre-ordering all ammunition even as it arms itself for the killing of the American public.

Mercenaries, along with Russian, Chinese and other foreign troops are being brought in to KILL Americans.

Even though all our industry has been EXPORTED TO CHINA with government help and subsidy...

...what's left of the economy is being stifled with MORE regulation, MORE taxation, MORE limitations, MORE foreign trade with.

Meanwhile Christians, Veterans and Conservatives are being fingered out as TERRORISTS!

False flags instigated by our own government are the order of the day, resulting in the deaths of innocent Americans and covered up by corrupt federal police agencies.

The President now rules like an emperor by issuing executive orders over the head of a cowed and blackmailed Congress.

Voting has become a symbolic gesture as it is taken over by electronic voting machines which offer no proof of record.

Plans are openly spoken of which will DISARM the American public, then CONFISCATE its retirement and bank the point of a gun.

The Constitution is being openly disregarded even as plans for a new one are openly spoken of.

These are all the actions of a government that is no longer longer sovereign....and no longer legal.

Millions of Americans are reacting to this pseudo government by NOT paying their taxes, NOT signing up for Obamacare and NOT registering their guns.

This Government does not have a leg to stand on even as it goes about destroying the United States of America as fast as it can while suppressing the American public as quickly as it can.

This is no longer our government.

It is a THING created out of the bonding of the Executive, the Intelligence Agencies which serve it, and the Big International Banks under the direction of dual national foreigners.

And if you don’t believe this soon you WILL, as you see this once great country patrolled by FOREIGN troops, its land confiscated by FOREIGN interests and the nation subject to FOREIGN laws from the UN.

No, this is not the American Government anymore.

And it is time the American public let it know loud and clear.