Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Illegals Flooding America - It's Now a Cascade!

As I write this America is being FLOODED with illegal immigrants cascading across the Texas, California and Arizona borders.

Where is the Border Patrol?

Apparently ‘patrolling’ inland cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix and Austin...while leaving the border itself WIDE OPEN.

Moreover, the new ‘surge’ of illegal border crossings seems to be carefully coordinated on both sides of the border.

WAVES of illegals are now crossing over - mostly in Texas.

The numbers are so huge that ICE in Texas can no longer handle the flood of ‘refugees’ and is shipping them in bulk to Phoenix.

What happens in Phoenix?

The Phoenix Greyhound Station now resembles an over-populated Third World bus port as the bus loads of illegals arrive daily at all hours of day and night.

Business has definitely picked up since the daily midnight bus load of debarking illegals.

This time, to greet the desperate newcomers, entire stalls of food and drink have been established by obscure sources to feed and comfort the waves of illegal newcomers.

What becomes of these waves of illegals?

The Federal Court System in Arizona gives each one a date on which they must appear before the court...AND THEN LET’S THEM GO!!!! Many, to a major American city of their choice!

So the ‘transfer’ to Arizona is just a pretend ritual of ‘processing’ as all these illegal law breakers (many of them criminals) are released in mass into American streets.

The same thing is happening in Texas, only that they are so flooded with illegals they can’t carry out the interview-and-release process fast enough!

Apparently, those Federal Government FEMA Camps and FEMA buses don’t come into the equation when it comes to handling this new wave of illegal assault.

Oh, that’s right!

The FEMA Camps and Buses are for suppressing AMERICANS, not repatriating illegals!

Meanwhile, even the composition of the new border crossers has changed as entire families are run across an apparently completely desolate and unprotected border.

Individual teens and children are also making it across in large quantities (apparently in an attempt to unite with parents who had crossed earlier).

The massive crossings combined with the meet and greet  treats at the Greyhound stations all point to a coordinated flood of immigrants carried out by Mexico in combination with rogue elements of the US Government and non-government organizations.

Coordinated masses of immigrants just do not cross the border all at the same time without a massive infrastructure supporting them.

It is said the stampede has been triggered not only by a well-funded and well oiled network, but by the rumor that Obama is about to legalize all the illegals already inside the that the time to cross the border is NOW before the window of opportunity closes.

Meanwhile the American public (along with most State Legislatures) seem to be in a catatonic state as our cities are overrun with masses of illegal immigrants - assisted by the Federal Government!

Did I mention the meet, greet and treat stands at the Greyhound stations include not only plentiful food and drink, but information on how to get through the legal system, getting a driver’s license, applying for free health care and getting food stamps!

The debarking illegals are met by well paid volunteers who shout “welcome to Phoenix, food and drinks are available inside the station!”

Obama, WTF!!!!

The Federal Government is acting like it is swamped by a humanitarian crisis (indeed, many of the illegals are now called ‘refugees’) with which it is unable to cope, and is transferring these illegal border crosses INLAND for ‘processing’ on the taxpayers tab.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an INVASION.

Facilitated by a Fifth Column within the Obama Administration in coordination with the illegal body movers in Mexico.

Soon these legal and semi-legal masses will be used by the Obama Administration as the workhorses of a new Democratic Party power base.

That’s right.

These illegals and semi-legals are targeted to be used as the voting blocks and paramilitary which will help enshrine Obama and the Democratic Party as the new dictators of a Babylonized America.

Enough is enough.

Obama is obviously an agent of destruction, seeking to destroy as much of America as possible before his last term is over.

This man along with a large number of his cabinet should not only be impeached but imprisoned!

True, he has the House and Senate all BLACKMAILED by his NSA and CIA, but how long can this unsupportable course of events last before the People, the States and the Military shout ENOUGH!

Again, the recent flood of illegal immigrants, facilitated and assisted by our now illegitimate Federal Government amounts to an invasion and a destruction of our sovereignty.

As such, it needs to be countered by all means possible.

We either stop this...or we become submerged in a tidal wave of internationalist Babylon humanity.


  1. Check your facts (like you know what a FACT is). The Obama administration has deported more illegals in the last 6 years than under any previous administration.

    1. He has deported record numbers to cover up the fact that he has admitted exponentially larger the bus loads of illegals disembarking in Phoenix each and every day...and being transported to cities across America for liberation.

  2. More proof that you are nothing but a bigoted asshole. Mexicans in Arizona?? Who'd a thunk it.

    1. Yes, a flood of illegal aliens admitted through a non-existing border and transported here from Texas by the Federal Government because the facilities over there are overwhelmed. Complaints by the Governor and State legislatures mean nothing. The Federal Government is taking a huge shit on the American people.

  3. Once again, I ask for proof. (Referencing your other batshit crazy posts does not, and NEVER will count as facts). Of course you can not provide anything close to proof, because everything you have ever posted is a result of you drinking too much cough syrup and Jolt Cola while waiting for your Mommy to run your bath. If you want me to stop "haunting your site" please provide one single shred of credible evidence and I will never visit your site again. Please.

  4. Maybe you should just turn on the TV or look up the information on this site to prove quite easily that it is all true. But that would draw you away from your marathon video gaming.

  5. Fine, direct me to a site (not yours, I know yours is a joke) and I will look up information. Once again, show me credible evidence and I will leave you to masturbate to Alex Jones in peace.