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WW-III Might Be Weirder Than We Think!

The upcoming World War is starting to look like a nightmarish concoction from some diseased mind.

The script is more complex, more messed up and more chaotic than I ever could have imagined.

As an avid and long time student of a possible WW-III scenario (been studying it since John Hackett’s ‘The Third Word War’ in 1979), it just comes to show you how rapidly things can change into something totally unexpected.

Who would have believed a description of the upcoming World Wars I and II in 1890...or even 1900?

Things change fast.

Who could believe Europe’s top imperial powers would submerge themselves in a mutually destructive total a time when they and the world’s population were enjoying the grandest economy and the highest standard of living in world history?

WW-II was even more unexpected.

Germany had been almost completely disarmed after WW-I and had rearmed for only five years prior to launching WW-II.

After provoking a bunch of needless wars, Germany then invaded Russia in a barbaric campaign...and brought in the US by declaring war on it too.

Similar to Al Qaeda, the Nazis (and the Communists) had been financed by the international banks of London and New York, and included names like Rockefeller, Bush, Morgan and Morgenthau.

We had an entire list of Americans who were chummy with the Nazis (Kennedy, Bush, Morgan) and another list of their colleagues who were friendly with the Communists (Hammer, Hopkins, and most of the Roosevelt cabinet).

New York and London international bankers financed both sides.

Today we are seeing the same phenomenon.

The international banks (and their stooges) have financed (yes, financed) the rise of Communist China (through their puppet corporations) and the Muslim Fundamentalists (through their Saudi agents)....

...and it now looks like we are going to be fighting these people...

...just like we were made to fight the Nazis THEY had created in the first place.

You can tell where things are going by the direction world events are taking.

During the Cold War, it was a semi-accepted fact that should the Soviets attack, NATO would be rolled up from Hamburg to the English Channel in a matter of weeks.

NATO already had an aura of being a loser even then.

But why should it not, the US had encouraged the European nations to DISARM in the face of the Soviet threat and had promised to take up the slack.

Unsurprisingly, NATO’s inferiority has only grown exponentially with the abolishment of European conscription and its deployment to the four winds.

So if Russia attacks, it WILL roll up NATO from Poland to the English Channel because Russia has basically not disarmed and has kept its conscription.

Russia’s distancing from Marxism is a sham. Putin protects and upkeeps Communist monuments, openly admires historical Communists (like Stalin), displays the Soviet Red Star on his aircraft, celebrates May Day and plays Communist music.

China remains an openly Communist dictatorship.

Meanwhile Marxism has become very popular in Latin America and Africa, leading to the election (most probably fraudulent) and power grab by America-hating pro-Marxist governments.

So a definite trend is the rise of Marxism.

But that is not the only trend.

Simultaneously with the rise of Marxism comes the rise of Islam.

Marxism AND Islamic Fundamentalism are increasing in strength across the board.

Yet they are rising simultaneously...but not amicably.

In fact, the West is financing the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism and using it as a counter to Russia and China...already attacking those countries through Islamic proxies in Russia’s Chechnya and China’s Sinkiang provinces.

Russia and China UNDERSTAND that any war against the US will provoke fiery attacks on their borders by well equipped armies of Islamic Fundamentalist guerrillas.

In fact, it seems to be America’s policy to support the fall of all Middle Eastern governments to Islamic Fundamentalist regimes like the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

So...get this...the Muslim Fundamentalists are going to be our ALLIES in WW-III.

I am convinced that this beast the West is foolishly creating will not only outlast West, but replace it as a world power much after its demise.

Ralph Peters (an author with CIA connections) in his book, ‘The War in 2020' predicted an Islamic Fundamentalist invasion of southern Russia back in 1992.

Now the Muslim Fundamentalist factor is being created.

We have to understand that Islamic Fundamentalism is a rising power not only in the Middle East, but in Africa and Asia as well.

Meanwhile the West is being steadily weakened - less troops, smaller budgets, more mothballed weapons, its military being remade as light counter-insurgency units instead of hard core conventional all arms teams (please note Russia and China have not only kept but are increasing their heavy armored divisions while we switch over to jeeps and armored cars).

The West and Japan are going to fall to any Sino-Russian attack.

The only hope might lie in the sea, but even there things are being compromised by rumored preparation of use of EMP weapons upon our ships and a hopelessly compromised ‘secure’ communications system (see the sinking of the USS Scorpion).

So WW-III is starting to look as unpredictable and crazy as any of the previous world wars. Let's look at how it could end up:


Europe seems to be intent on preparing for nothing less than military defeat by Russia.

It has ended is turning its units into light is cutting its military is mothballing and scrapping its aircraft, armor and has overspread NATO into a giant indefensible has brought in treacherous former Warsaw Pact states into its fold as ‘trusted’ has failed to deploy any support elements, bases, depots, or even forces into Poland - the gateway against Russia.

NATO’s recent incursion into Russia’s backyard: the Ukraine, the Black Sea and the Baltic States is just a further development of this foolish over-expansion policy, and has put NATO forces in even greater danger.

On the other hand, England and France’s nuclear arsenal might convince the Russians to halt at their border, leaving them pariahs - the New ‘Western Europe’ allied to the United States. France is so Marxist-infiltrated, however, that it might very well join the new Marxist status quo and leave England totally isolated.

The remaining political governments of the Arab World are under sustained attack. Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq are under intense pressure by the Fundamentalists. Turkey’s government is de facto Fundamentalist. The Gulf States are Fundamentalist core territory. Afghanistan is being retaken by the Taliban. Pakistan is in danger of a fundamentalist takeover  by its own military. Fundamentalist armies are building in North Africa (and already provide most of the Al Qaeda fighters).

It is clear that the collapse of the Arab world to fundamentalism hangs by a hair. Talk of bringing back the medieval Caliphates (headed by the heirs of Mohammed) is already in the air.

As for Israel...Kissinger was caught saying there would be no more Israel within ten it seems that country has already been marked for a fall - one more sacrifice to the religion of Jewish victimization.

The pro-Russian Marxist governments are already there, openly siding with Russia and China against the US. What could easily follow are coups, uprisings or further elections replacing these pro-Marxist government with radical Marxist dictatorships like those of Cuba, Venezuela, Equador, Bolivia and Nicaragua. Once this happens, Latin America could become Russia and China’s fundamentalist hordes against us.

Africa is already gone to Marxism. The jewel - South Africa - is already governed by an openly Marxist government which despises the West and openly aligns itself with Russia, as are the rest of the African countries. The rest is being overrun by Muslim fundamentalists. As such, Africa stands to become a battleground between Marxists and Muslims.

Even if Japan starts re-arming, it is already too late to make up for half a century of not doing so. South Korea is armed, but cannot resist a joint Chinese-North Korean attack. Southeast Asia is defenseless and can be overrun by a joint Sino-Vietnamese attack. And yes...the theatrical face-off between China and Vietnam is a farce. When the time comes, Communist Vietnam will join hands with Communist China for an attack against Southeast Asia.

A new war between Pakistan and India seems probable, with Pakistan becoming more and more fundamentalist. This war could very well go nuclear.

Europe overrun by Russia.

East Asia overrun by China.

Latin America and Africa taken over by pro-Russian and pro-China Marxist governments.

Only the UK, Japan and the Pacific islands left as America’s allies.

India and Pakistan demolished by nuclear war.

Just like WW-II had various stages - actually different wars beginning in turn - WW-III will have a second stage.

Marxist vs Muslim Africans in a battle to the death

Muslim Fundamentalist armies attack these areas to ‘liberate’ their brothers from Russian and Chinese dominance.

US and Japan try to stave off Sino-Russian sea attacks in the Pacific to keep the supply routes of the nations of Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia open.

Indonesia collapses to Muslim fundamentalism and contributes to Marxist vs Muslim war in Malaysia.

The Japanese Islands come under attack

Taiwan is invaded by China.

The Pacific nations try to hold out amongst conditions of extreme deprivation.

America collapses into civil war as Federal welfare ends while Federal tyranny expands. Russian and China side with the militias. Marxist Latin American forces cross the border, also in support of the militias.

The world is barely recognizable at the end of WW-III

...with Europe under Marxist Russian occupation...

...the United States divided up in a guerrilla war against Marxist occupiers...

...India and Pakistan destroyed

...Southeast Asia, Africa, the Chinese border and Russian border under attack by Islamic fundamentalists...

...the Middle East a Muslim Fundamentalist core...

...and the Pacific nations and England trying to hold out as viable nations.

 In spite of all this, WW-III leads not to peace, but to a new Cold War style face off between the Islamic and Marxist empires.

The Americas, Europe and most of Asia Marxist.

North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia Islamic.

Africa, Southeast Asia, southern Russia and western China in contention.

The religion of Islam making great social inroads into Europe and Asia, in spite of all Marxist opposition.

World War III stands to go in totally unexpected directions.

The New World Order (officially the Marxist Empire) will probably own only half the world.

The other half will be owned by the Islamics.

Practically, the world stands to be divided in two: an Islamic region and a Marxist region.

For a description of the eventual victory of Islam, see below:

Islam: Religion of the New World Order

Yes indeed, WW-III will be as no one ever imagined it.

As will the results:

The New World Order...the new order of things.

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