Saturday, June 7, 2014

Americans are Now Impoverished Peasants

The United States of America is now an oligarchy.

It’s being admitted by economic experts the world over.

America’s population are now being treated like peasants by an over-class that controls the Federal Government and a sub-over-class that controls the states.

The Constitution is being treated like a piece of discarded toilet paper.

Through its acts, the Royal Government is openly and de facto proclaiming that American peasants no longer have property, family, privacy or rights...or even rights over their own bodies.

How long before the government gains arbitrary authority over our ‘right’ to live? (off with his head!)


...let’s look at the state of the Oligarchic Kingdom of Amerika, shall we?

Why Americans are Peasants:

-The peasants can be ordered to buy a good or service by the Royal Government (Obamacare)

-The peasants can be forcefully vaccinated (and are therefore not in possession of their own bodies)

-Peasant children can be confiscated by the Royal Government without proof or trial

-Peasants must submit to nude x-ray photography or groping of their private areas in order to board planes

-Peasants can be permanently denied the right to fly at any time with no reason, no oversight, no review and no trial

-Peasant complaints about taxation go directly to the royal tax collectors, who have the authority to act as judge and jury over the peasants

-Peasants are no longer supplied with any proof of their vote, but must vote using electronic voting and tallying machines which leave no paper trail and no proof of tally

-Thanks to the above, the peasants now have their leaders chosen for them by their overlords, even though they are told they have practiced their 'right' to vote

-Peasants children must submit to forced labor in order to graduate from high school

-Peasants no longer have any right to privacy, with information from their laptop cameras, game consoles, smart meters, emails, browsing history, purchases, driving locations and physical location all available to the Lords at the push of a button.

-Peasant dwellings can be broken into at any time without warrant or warning by the royal guards

-Peasant homes and property can be confiscated if mistakes are made on property tax or illegal drugs found (or planted) in them

-Police (Royal Guards) now have the power of judge, jury and executioner over any peasant. Peasants are expected to grovel and submit at the foot of the Royal Guards, the representatives of the Royal Government.

-Big banks and corporations who happen to go bankrupt are now rescued with money forcefully collected from the peasants

-Peasant retirement accounts can be confiscated at any time by the big banks, government and the Overlords in order to settle Royal debts

-Peasant children are no longer taught to read, write or think, but merely to comply with the ideologies necessary to be obey the Royal Government.

-Peasants are spied upon, identified and tracked through cameras on the street at any time

-Peasants cannot regularly gather in groups larger than five people

-Peasants are not allowed to regularly pray in groups at their homes

-Peasants have no right to free speech when it comes to certain state designated subjects

-Please note: Arrogant American Peasants have already been punished by exporting all their industry and jobs to China and left with pathetic service jobs

-Peasants are no longer allowed to have a full time job with which to support a family, but only part-time pittance occupations providing enough to rent a room and feed only themselves (with the Royal dole taking care of their pitiful families)

-Please note: As further punishment for their arrogance, American peasants are now given the same rights and standing as foreign illegal aliens (perhaps this will teach them their true station in life)

-Peasants will no longer be allowed to buy ammunition (as the royal government is now pre-purchasing all ammunition before it is even manufactured)

-Peasant farmers and ranchers are now being forced off Royal land through environmental laws, water cut offs, strangling rules and regulations and through direct confiscation of their land and cattle by the royal guards
(which will soon make them unable to feed themselves and dependent on Royal corporations, food imports and welfare for their sustenance)

-As of now all Government Bureaucrats and Congressmen are EXEMPT from the laws passed for the peasants (such as Obamacare)

-Peasant access to the Net will soon be limited by waveband monopolies, which will designate which websites become accessible and which do not.

-Very soon, the peasants will be left without property, making them true wards of the ruling Overclass.

The Royal Government of the Kingdom of America looks forward to a transformation of Americans into a subsistence agricultural peasant class under the iron hand of environmentalism.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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