Friday, June 6, 2014

9/11: No Planes!

It is getting very uncomfortable to realize just how much we have been lied to.

Reality itself is in question.

The controlled media along with computer generated imaging (CGI) have made it possible to create an artificial reality and make people believe in it.

Recently, the reality of the Sandy Hook massacre and more recently, the reality of the Isla Vista Shootings has been called into question as one actor after another makes appear in tearless children who are supposedly dead reappear later...alive.

Reminds me of the 9/11 terrorists, many of whom later appeared alive and well...and in Muslim countries.

Look at the bad acting of ‘Richard Martinez’ (supposedly his real name) as he ‘laments’ the loss of his only child.


Or, look at bad (and out of cue) actor Robbie Parker LAUGH his way to a lament before the press over his child ‘lost’ at Sandy Hook.


If you want complete documentaries on all the LIVING supposedly dead Sandy Hook children, just type in ‘sandy hook children still alive’ on Youtube.

Which brings me to the point of the big phony baloney show which started it all: 9/11.

We basically gave up all our freedoms over a planned demolition and a CGI  TV show.

Yes, they actually killed some real people that time (like all those firefighters who were inside the building when they blew it up).

But the rest of 9/11 was as phony as a three dollar bill.

The first thing that struck me was all the dramatic screaming, which seemed like something straight out of a horror movie. People don’t scream like that when something unexpected and shocking happens. They don’t immediately realize what has just happened.

The second thing that struck me was the way the ‘spectators’ sort of presented the event - one moving out of the way in the nick of time so you could see the plane hit the building - others squawking emotionless descriptions of what was happening.

So it came as no surprise that when they said one of the planes (Flight-93) had crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and all they had to show was a small smoking hole in the ground - no corpses, no luggage, no wreckage.

In other plane.

And it came as no surprise that after they announced another plane (Flight-77) had hit the Pentagon, they had nothing to show but small strips of aluminum - amazingly absent again, bodies, luggage, wreckage, and especially the huge titanium engines. Later analysis proved it would have been impossible for a passenger jet to have created such a small, neat hole in the building.

In other plane.

So that left nothing but the two planes that hit the two World Trade Center Towers - everybody SAW that, right?

Well, no.

What everybody SAW was on TV.

I know a lot of people who live in that area, and to all intent and purposes, they say the buildings just ‘blew up’ and caught fire.

But we all SAW IT!

Well...what you saw was a computer-generated imagery show which was displayed on national TV.

Any engineer viewing the footage could have called it out as fake. And many now have.

When they hit, the planes smoothly melt into the building as if they are entering a glass tower and blow up inside.

Hold on a minute.

Those towers were not glass, they were a mesh of steel and concrete decorated with glass.

On the other hand, the planes were mostly aluminum (except for the massive titanium engines).

A more plausible crash wuld have had the two titanium engines embed themselves in the building while the aluminum superstructure splattered itself against the side of the building, raining down flaming debris, bodies, suitcases and wreckage on the streets below.

Of course, none of this happened as the two planes melded fluidly into th e buildings.

Well, the sad truth is...that just like the Pennsylvania ‘crash site’....and just like the Pentagon crash site...the WTC crash sites also lacked the vital aircraft...or titanium engines...or bodies...or luggage...or really any proof whatsoever that any aircraft had crashed there.

A sad shortcoming of most CGI special effects technicians is that they have no training in physics (something any old time special effects artist HAD to have in times past).

Even after the two towers collapsed, the four titanium engines from the two aircraft would have been very much in evidence...none were ever found.

In other words, along with Pennsylvania and the Pentagon, there is also no proof (besides badly constructed computer imagery) that any planes ever hit the World Trade Center.

I know this is uncomfortable.

I feel VERY uncomfortable writing this...not only because I have been fooled (for years)...but because I now feel that what we perceive as reality itself is now in the hands of the puppet masters...

...and the controlled media has matured into an air-tight reality-creating machine.

Want more proof there were no planes during 9/11?

See the footage below:






No Plane Mini-Documentary

Another Article dealing with overall virtual reality - only for reading (links have been removed by YouTube)


  1. Hey Window Licker,
    You've actually left me speechless. This is fucking low, even for a worthless piece of human waste as you. I just hope and pray that a tragedy like Sandy Hook NEVER happens to any of your loved ones. I hope that you never have to put up with people claiming that your grief is staged. How the hell can you live with yourself?

    1. Total government shill. No one can be this stupid on accident.

    2. Sandy hook didnt happen

  2. So did you grow up under power lines?? Eat lead paint?? Were your parents brother and sister? Do you eat apple sauce through a straw?

    1. Hey, you got the lead paint and the power lines down pat. Too bad you still choose to vaccinate yourself and your family...and this is why you and they are all sick...and getting sicker.

  3. You're a fucking one trick pony, "Vaccinate, Vaccinate Vaccinate"!!! I guess you're so opposed to the whole vaccination because your doctor didn't give you a lolly pop when he jabbed his needle in your ass. (Guess what, that was n't a needle)

  4. In this world one so seldom gets the chance to meet so absolutely true fools.

    1. I agree with you, like i have when other people have bullied you on other topics

  5. Hi im only 11 and my birthdays next month... I found out about the illuminati last term and i have been trying to make a stand at school... But i am so over blown... All my different research connects...

    1. My point is look for the connections