Thursday, June 19, 2014

ISIS: Latest War on Terror Theater

The latest phenomenon on the phony ‘War on Terror’ is an invasion of Iraq by a convoy of terrorists called ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

These people appeared out of nowhere (actually Syria and Turkey) and descended upon northern Iraq with surprising success.

The new Iraqi Army has done nothing to inconvenience these terrorist assassins as they overrun the nation (including its most strategic areas).

Which is not a first for the Iraqi Army.

It did nothing as the US Army entered Iraq in 2003 under its CIA asset, Saddam Hussein.

Yep...Iraq has been under the thumb of the CIA since the 1980‘s...the rest is just military theater.

I know it doesn’t make our military look good, but the truth is we fought an opponent who had already agreed to go down for the count.

In other words, our two ‘victories’ over Iraq have been fixed.

Which is no surprise as far as modern wars are concerned.

Most of them are.

Which brings me to the laughably easy entrance of ISIS into Iraq.

No resistance, no battles, no conflagrations...not even any air strikes to slow down these pick-up riding rag heads.

Nope. It was all pretty clean.

Like in 1991 and 2003, the Iraqi Army has (on command) withdrawn in the face of the enemy.

In this case, the enemy being one of several CIA-created / Turkey-based Islamic Fundamentalist militias attacking Syria. they are attacking Iraq...and being shown the red carpet.

Not even the independent and well-equipped Peshmerga militia of the Kurds has stood up to these new invaders.

Which is a pity, not only because Peshmerga is very well equipped, but because the ISIS invaders are now massacring the Christian Kurds the Peshmerga was supposed to protect.

Oh well.

It should have been evident things would not go well when the chief of Peshmerga was discovered to be a crypto-Jew...and the fact glossed over like an unimportant factoid.

Well...where is Pesmerga now?

The dying Christian Kurds want to they are massacred by ISIS.

Now what bothers me about the ease with which ISIS is allowed to enter Iraq and start massacring the population is the following question:

With how much ease will Russian and Chinese troops be allowed to enter America in the near future to massacre OUR population?


The reason for this CIA / MI6 / Mossad decision remains obscure, but there is obviously a logic to the insanity.

There are a plethora of reasons for why the CIA would insert one of its Sunni Fundamentalist militias into Iraq.

Here are just a few of them:

    -Make Al-Qaeda ‘succeed’ somewhere else (since they failed in Syria)

    -Continue to spread Islamic Fundamentalism

    -Continue to spread the Fundamentalist vs Non-Fundamentalist conflict

    -Create a reason for US troops re-entering Iraq (for an attack on Syria)

    -Create a new Sunni vs Shia conflict in Iraq involving Iran

    -Arm Al-Qaeda with the modern ‘captured’ Iraqi weapons (which have now been turned over to them).

    -Have Iraq fall to Muslim Sunni Fundamentalists as a new front against Syria


Whatever the reason, the introduction of the Al-Qaeda’s ISIS branch into Iraq represents a further theatrical expansion of the War on Terror, with the same phony red carpet, the easy victories, as well as the institutional cluelessness  and helplessness that goes along with it.

The whole thing has been set up.

People that say ‘don’t get involved’ have a point - all the American government has to do is keep supporting the Iraqi Government.

But, of course, it isn’t.

The whole purpose is to escalate.

More conflict...more war...more conflagration...more chaos...more alarm...more fear...all at the beck and call of building up the next World War.

The Middle East seems to be rapidly becoming a battleground between Fundamentalist and Non-Fundamentalist Arabs...the whole thing possibly spreading from North Africa to Pakistan...

...and quite possibly ending up in a fundamentalist Sunni vs Shia war (sure to be a horribly extreme religious conflict).

As far as the various theaters of WW-III go, that would take care of creatiing the Arab Theater, leaving the Russo-European theater and the Sino-East Asian and the South Asian theaters to erupt later...not to mention a possible internal Second American Civil War.

Yes indeed.

WW-III is threatening to be something huge...

...and it’s all starting out in the Middle East.

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