Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Massive Fed Child Smuggling Ring

Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) are the new phenomenon on the border.

One more result of an obviously wide open and abandoned border is the new (and strange) phenomenon of masses of children walking across.

We’re talking under the age of 12 here.

Kids under 12 don’t just get up one morning in Central America and start hiking towards the US.

What type of NETWORK is transporting these kids to the border? And how is it that the parents or relatives are being convinced to give up their kids to this 'underground railroad’?

The phenomenon started a few months ago in Mexico, as reports started filtering that masses of Central American children were making their way to the promise land...by themselves.

Many of these kids were detained in Mexico by the Mexican government and ‘interned’ over there, seemingly by people with ‘the best of intentions.’

Yeah right.

The ‘institutions’ doing all the interning seemed to be more focused on interning these kids than finding their parents.

Simply put, Mexican authorities were interning and settling them instead of trying to find their families.

The kids were mostly from Central America, specifically Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Which brings me to the wave reaching North America.

These illegal children are now arriving in the United States, easily, fluidly, and, seemingly, in very good condition.

What type of well-oiled network is transporting these children and delivering them (in great condition) to the border?

These children are not hungry, not thirsty, not dirty, many are even smiling.

Again, who is transporting these kids?

How are they making their way past the border deserts in SUMMER, supposedly on foot...in such good condition?

This is indeed strange.

And furthermore...

What type of parent will surrender their children to ‘coyotes’ to be transported to an uncertain future in some foreign land?

The rumor seems to be that these are the children of illegal aliens already in the United States, who have been promised to be reunited with their parents.

Now why am I beginning to suspect many of these gullible illegal aliens will never see their kids again?

The entire operation stinks to high heaven.

Kids are arriving be the hundreds EVERY DAY and clogging up even the interview-and-release system ICE is accustomed to running.

Today the number of illegal children in Nogales, Arizona (right on the border) is expected to reach 1000!

50,000 unaccompanied illegal alien minors have been apprehended within the last eight months, with estimates that 100,000 will be apprehended this year.

This is nothing but a mass child smuggling ring. Yet the local news releases state that these minors have ‘chosen’ to emigrate from their countries. A minor has neither the eloquence, clarity, understanding, means or finance to choose to do ANYTHING! These children are being railroaded!

Meanwhile FEMA has shown up at the Nogales station and taken over, vaccinating and  salivating over these abandoned children.

From here it is being said the children will be transported to MILITARY BASES in Ft Sill and Ventura, California and San Antonio, Texas, for supposed ultimate internment in FEMA Camps (again, it is my belief many of these will disappear before even making it to these camps).

Meanwhile plans are being made to plant massive quantities of these kids in ‘foster’ homes. Anyone familiar with CPS KNOWS what happens in these ‘foster’ homes (many of them mere gateways for child abuse).

In case you haven’t gotten the drift of where all this is going, let me spell it out for you:

We are observing is nothing less than a gigantic CHILD SMUGGLING OPERATION running from Mexico into the United States, and using defenseless Central American CHILDREN as its product.

It is quite possible the clueless Central American relatives of these children were convinced that they could turn in their kids for transport to their parents in America by some nebulous coyote agents.

What I see happening soon are a lot of crying Central American illegal immigrants clamoring for help trying to find their missing children.

And who the heck is going to hear them?

The attention they get  probably won’t get beyond a short clip on the local Spanish news network

The photos coming out of Nogales of the ‘sleeping’ (or knocked out) children looks like a morgue full of small bodies sleeping inside plastic containers and completely covered in silver mylar sheets.


No one head sticking out?

Not one child lying on its side while snuggling with the mylar sheet...with the child’s head exposed?

Were the children told to HIDE under the mylar sheets for the photo, or were they knocked out by drugs...or worse.

Whatever the truth may be, the only photo of these sleeping children is of sheet-covered bodies inside plastic containers.

This one existing photo of the sleeping children really disturbed me.

Meanwhile, Americans look at this beyond-bizarre phenomenon as if it were just one more novelty on the 6 O’Clock news.

Folks, this is MASSIVE CHILD SMUGGLING being carried out before our very eyes...with the Federal Government acting as a facilitator!

I wonder why the new massive need for kids?

Is the local Bohemian Grove gathering  coming up?

Are the Bildebergers coming to the Southwest?

Is some sort of massive child sacrifice ritual being planned?

Or do the military bases need a new infusion of kids to carry out some new type of medical experiment?

What is the reason for scamming all these Central American illegals and transporting their children to military bases and FEMA camps?

You know what, I am afraid to ask.

But whatever the cause, these kids need to be REGISTERED AND TRACKED by as many authorities as possible.

The Federal Government is already running interference in this attempt as local news networks here in Arizona have been cut off by the Border Patrol, ICE and Homeland Security (all of which are involved in the pilfering of these kids)...

...who have NOT SPOKEN A SINGLE WORD to local TV news reporters...

...and NOT ALLOWED A SINGLE REPORTER in to see these kids...

...while supplying the local papers with sheet covered pictures of these kids.

What’s next...pictures of the kids with masks?

Our local news channels had to go to the Salvadorean Consulate to get ANY information on the status, health and nationality of these kids.

Hopefully, the people in the consulates of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are not corrupt and have not accepted bribes in order to look the other way as these kids disappear because you can BET there is an awful LOT of hush money making the rounds.

The Media, the Churches, the AACP and human rights activists should all be looking into this and asking the questions:

       -Who is paying for the transport of these impoverished children
      (certainly not the parents or their relatives)

       -How and by whom are they being transported?

       -How were their relatives or parents convinced to turn in their children?
       (were they threatened, paid, tricked?)

       -Where are the lists of the identities of these children

       -How is it that such massive amounts of children are being allowed to cross the border?


No matter how unhelpful, unresponsive and uncooperative the Federal Government becomes.

These are KIDS you bastards, and YOU CAN BET we will hold you ACCOUNTABLE!

God and Jesus protect these children and strike down anyone who dare touch a hair on their heads!!!


  1. you are a gigantic racist asshole.

    1. Why don't you just admit that you are 'John' the cop.

    2. Why don't you admit that you are a batshit crazy nutjob with a tinfoil hat.

    3. Well why dont you go out and put time and effort into a long, informative speech about a problem currently happening in the world! Before you call someone a batshit crazy nutjob you should look at yourself!!! Also as i am getting people to ask me questions (below) i will ask you one, were you looking at a mirror at the time you wrote such a message? Also with you writing a GOOD speech like the one above i will be sure to call you a batshit crazy nutjob!!!

  2. Well… im twelve and still at home typing this comment, i may not be in the US but i am not walking there…

    Heres a hint for something to search illuminati related… Michael Jackson (one of the only non illuminati artist) look at his lyrics 4 they dont care about us, then watch the movie. There is a speech at the nearing end of that movie about nature and how we are the only ones to look after it and not the government, the thing to realise in that speech is that he says "we only have 6 years from now to get it right, oh dont worry the government will look after it, government who? We are the ones to fix it" or something like that, but he is basicly saying is that we dont need government to fix problems. Which is very true as they are the ones causing it. He was killed by the illuminati because he was about to reveal the plans 4 NWO at his concet 'this is it' he was ment to die at 9/11 but he didnt go to a meeting at that very building and survived!!!!

    Im sorry for the long speech and the off going to michael jackson (my hero) but we need to join forces and fight this. We all research this on our own and tell people abou the facts then be discused at the governments behavour and then move on to some thing else and repeat. We NEED to stop them not just sit and be awake. Wake up and fight the losing battle, look to our lord, god and our savior Jesus for guidance. I do as i go to a cathloc school and pray.

    If you want info from a SMART twelve year old then leave a comment that has a reasonable question that i can research into the last detail and give you a brief and informal reply, dont get mad if i dont reply fast, i rarely get on this website. You will find some comment this at the civil war post that was posted by me, also possibly in others...

    Anyway i am going into way 2 much detail for a request, but lets fight these oganisations with love! We don't need a lying government to guide us! Look to GOD and our savoir

    1. I forgot to mention about this post, nicely done *frowns at critics* we all need as much awareness as possible, thank you for making us aware of this problem

  3. This was very informative and my family being from El Salvador has bin well aware of the c.i.a infiltrating and destroying countries through revolutions the drug trade and child slavery ...the c.i.a are the biggest drug cartel child sex ring bastards on the planet ....they are the silent hand of the 13

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