Monday, June 2, 2014

Conspiracy Site Taken Down / Threatened

Dave Hodges, owner of “The Common Sense Show” website has had his site wiped off the net since May 30.

People were unable to get in touch with Dave or find out what exactly happened to his site.

Dave, who lives in Arizona, has, apparently NOT put out an explanation of what has happened or how he is doing.

Dave Hodges had been receiving numerous death threats after publishing critical information related to the connection of CPS to child prostitution...

...and especially after publishing an article singling out Chicago as the target of the next false flag operation.

The Chicago false flag article (if true) was a veritable torpedo shot into the bow of a New World Order operation already in the works.

The massive attack and take out of “The Common Sense Show” website seems like the hysterical reaction the CIA-NSA-Mossad trinity would take against a site exposing top secret information at a critical time.

Recently Dave came back on the website and said 

"this action was deemed necessary because of an all-out attack, on multiple fronts, upon my life and the lives of my family. Given the nature of the events that were spiraling out of control at that time, I decided to execute a strategic withdrawal in order to gather my thoughts.”

Which is alarming but a bit strange.

How do attempts on your life and that of your family translate into your taking down the site?

Why do you take down your site to ‘gather your thoughts.’

More strangely, he has not gone into the details of just how the lives of himself and his family were threatened.

Whatever happened, one can only hope Dave has not been threatened into uselessness...and that the guy now running the site is still Dave.

Dave, take care, and stay in touch with your friends - you have MANY right here in Arizona - make use of them!

And please, let everyone know what has happened.

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  1. Wow, another complete and fucking batshit crazy tool, just like you. f course this jack ass didn't go into detail about how his life was threatened. BECAUSE IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! He just made that shit up in an attempt to get you and other window lickers to listen to his rantings, go to his website and buy his sponsors products.