Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's THEIR World...We Just Live in It

Yesterday I heard Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) state emphatically that he is not even going to look at the TPP Treaty and that he is waiting for the International Trade Commission’s opinion on it before he votes.


A representative of the American people (and possible future President) waiting for an INTERNATIONAL organization to read a treaty for him and tell him how to vote?

Is this a Senator or Homosexual Prostitute Gofer for the New World Order?

(Oh! Come to find out that is EXACTLY what he is!)

So if they are going to appoint a prostituted homosexual and probable CIA-asset to be a Senator, then that just shows the level of disdain they have us: less than dog crap.

Thank you for the frankness, “Senator” Rubio, you treacherous homosexual glory hole, for telling us who you REALLY work for and whose feedback you REALLY wait on before you vote on our laws.

Which brings me to today’s topic:

‘We’ve lost it all: It’s THEIR World, We Just Live in it!’

You see, we never had a fair chance.

We couldn’t unless we were completely composed of a population of highly honest, highly moral, highly principled, highly disciplined population...which, (if you’ve checked out your local relatives and friends lately)..we are not.

But as far as we (Americans) are concerned, we were controlled by a secret society (as was England) before we even became the USA.

Our country was started by Freemasons, who probably collaborated with the British Freemasons in bringing about the American Revolution.

Pretty soon Freemasonry was taken over by Satanic Illuminati Freemasonry, which started in 1776 (same year as our country) and took over the Freemasonry of this country by 1850.

You can differentiate Illuminated Masonry from traditional Freemasonry by 'illuminated' Masonry's obsession with conspiracies, BETRAYAL, LYING and MURDER.

A perfect projection of this image is the blood-drenched French Revolution which was fostered by this new ‘Illuminated’ Freemasonry.

Notice it didn’t take long after this Illuminated (Illuminati) Freemasonry to take over our traditional Freemasons  and get them to start the bloodiest war in American history - the American Civil War.

Some time before that happened George Washington and other Founding Fathers DID try to avert Illuminati infiltration coming to us from Europe.

The Sedition Act of 1798 was a hysterical reaction to this Illuminated Masonic infiltration from blood-drenched France into America.

In fact, there is a suspicion that the American Revolution was at itself a rebellion against the new  Illuminated English Freemasonry which had empowered King George-III as an absolutist and had financed the French Revolution.

The traditional Masons (both English and American) were frankly becoming alarmed at this new fashion of Masonry, whose members cussed freely, fornicated, involved themselves criminal schemes...and proclaimed Lucifer to be a misunderstood Promethean entity.

Once the takeover was finished, you had satanic Freemasons like Albert Pike (an officer of the Confederacy)  proclaiming the leader of Freemasonry was LUCIFER!

Guaranteed at the time of the American Founding Fathers that no Freemason would ever have even insinuated Lucifer as having ANYTHING to do with Freemasonry.

And you know what...

...the name JESUS was REGULARLY mentioned in the Lodges as “our Lord Jesus Christ” in the opening PRAYERS which were given at the beginning of EVERY meeting asking for DIVINE PROVIDENCE.

These were the old pre-Illuminati Masons who founded America....

...NOT the SATANIC Freemasons who run America today and are cross-involved in every type of corruption, scam and assassination.

So right from the beginning we had this SECRET SOCIETY starting our country and basically running it, being corrupted...and continue to run it.

You see, the Freemasonic infrastructure which ran America was infiltrated by SATANIC Freemasonry which eventually continued doing so in the name of the DEVIL.

Yes, Masonry was infiltrated and corrupted, just like Christianity, Islam and Judaism have been infiltrated and corrupted by the same Satanic entity whose attributes all these institutions now mimic.

The evolution of the running our country by foreign entities continued with the Robber Barons (a Rothschild-funded elite who OWNED America from 1860 to 1910) and had the government create their own version of wide-open borders as immigrants were shipped in from overseas as indebted wage slaves right into the Robber Baron factories.

Strikes fomented by Communists infiltrated among the immigrants provoked a lot of brutal strikes (which included murders and bombings) at the turn of the 19th century...which served as the excuse for President Teddy Roosevelt to create a secret police called the FBI in 1908.

Jump to 1913 which marks THE CRUCIAL YEAR of America’s betrayal as first the Federal Reserve Act was passed.

This year alone should be taught in all our schools as a catastrophe alongside the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy Assassination, but, of is never mentioned.

The Rothschild elite basically awarded themselves and their servants the right to create money out of nothing...and count it as debt owed to THEM by the United States.

This was basically the power to pull money out of their asses whenever they want and count it as DEBT owed to them by our own government!

But that wasn’t all.

The Rothschild gofers then passed the 16th Amendment, creating the means with which to pay the interest on all that made up debt through a tax on everybody’s income.

This was only possible because Washington D.C. was already in their filthy Satanic hands.

Everybody likes to talk about how Congress was surprised when they came back from Christmas vacation to find the Federal Reserve Act had been passed by a cloistered clique of their colleagues.

But real surprise was that they did not go amok and tear the Federal Reserve Act to shreds right then and there...

...but that they never made any organized attempt to rescind (reject) the Federal Reserve Act...for over 100 years.

Can you spell O - W - N - E - D?

The truth is the ‘patriots’ of this country did not have chance once the Rothschild banks were granted the right to create money out of nothing...and use it against them!

It was only a matter of time from there on.

The oligarchy or upper class which should have stood up to a wealth-confiscating scheme like the Federal Reserve had, in previous decades, been bought up and turned into CLIENTS of the Rothschilds who were now taking over America with money created out of nothing  by European Central Banks.

In effect, the last hurrah of the American upper class had already occurred way back in 1836, when their representative, President Jackson, abolished the Rothschild’s Bank of the United States (our first Federal Reserve) as the outrageous scam that it was.

So, by 1910, we not only had a country run by Freemasons, that counted every dollar it printed as debt to the Rothschilds, but imposed an oppressive income tax system on the American people to pay the interest and enforced their rule through an oppressive secret police called the FBI.

Oh, for the good old days of yore!

Then President Wilson and Congress got us into WW-I.

After having been basically butt-slapped into fighting in World War I, the American public was pissed off.

NOT (like the books say) because Wilson’s 14 Points had been cast aside by our Allies, NOT because Germany did not get a fair deal (the American public was nowhere near that sophisticated)...

...but because the American public had been treated like SHIT by the US Government during America’s first total mobilization for war...

That’s right:

-no freedom of speech
-government vigilantes arresting and beating up people
-forced military slavery
-no freedom to travel
-no free commerce
-factories controlled by the state
-price controls
-the boot of open fascism stomping the face of America

So we basically became anti-foreign wars because we discovered that when we did get in them the Government put on a shitty attitude with the American public when ‘war mobilization’ was declared.

We had already rioted in 1863 when Lincoln declared a draft and a wartime economy, and we didn’t like it in 1917 when Wilson did so either!

But the war ended soon and was soon forgotten.

The Roaring 20's began.

What better way to initiate the 1920‘s  than have the Rockefellers start a political club from which most government officials would be selected?

The Council on Foreign Relations (an official branch of the British Round Table Groups) was instituted in 1921 with Rockefeller money.

It wasn’t much at first, but in a decade, Washington D.C. became a literal hive of the CFR.

Since then Hoover, his successor, Roosevelt and nearly every (probably all) US Presidents since then have been CFR members.

It didn’t stop there.

A majority (to say the least) members of Congress and nearly all Secretaries of the Executive ARE now CFR members.

It was during the Clinton (CFR) administration that Hillary (CFR) that every time they needed some official for some position she would open the CFR roster.

It is well understood in Washington, that you have not arrived politically until you have joined the CFR...and until you have joined the CFR you cannot become part of any meaningful office in Washington D.C.

And what does the CFR believe in?

Well, all its members, regardless of political opinions, must believe in the creation of a one-world government.

Now do you understand why your local congressman acts like a globalist?

Let me re-state:  MOST ALL committee chairs, secretaries, agency heads and Presidents are CFR...MOST Congressmen are CFR.

And the CFR is a GLOBALIST, not American institution.

And...the Council on Foreign Relations is basically the gatekeeper on who enters Washington and who doesn’t...and you better believe it only opens the gate for obedient members.

So lets quickly jump over all 20 years of abuse inflicted on the American people by the Federal Reserve-FBI-CFR axis (Swine Flu plague, Polio plague, economic collapse, economic depression, massive corruption, creation of the Mafia, FBI abuse, torture, murder of the public and blackmail of government officials,) 

So by 1940 we had a Masonic-run government, counting every dollar it printed as debt to the Rothschilds, with the interest on that made up un-payable debt paid through an oppressive and arbitrary income tax, enforcing its rule through a brutal secret police called the FBI and with most of its “elected” representatives being members of The Council on Foreign Relations.

Oh for the good old days!!!! 

Can you just feel the red, white and blue?

By the 1950‘s, a further addition was made to the American government by creating the CIA (Central Intelligence Service) and the NSA (National Security Agency).

President Truman later expressed REGRET at having signed those two agencies into existence.

The CIA (a covert spy agency operating inside and outside the US) and the NSA (a worldwide monitoring agency) complemented the FBI (secret police) and TOOK OVER the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Military Intelligence Corps (actual intelligence gathering entities).

This is where the CENTRAL in Central Intelligence Agency came from. It took over ALL the intelligence agencies already operating at the service of the United States.

This alone was a violation of a very basic tenet which says: never rely on one but always on SEVERAL intelligence agencies to guarantee a full-spectrum of gathering and analysis.

Sort of like the stereoscopic effect of binoculars or 3D offers a more complete image of reality.

Today instead of binoculars, we have a peephole in the form of the CIA.

And, you might have heard of a later CIA-dependent operation called the Vietnam War.

How did that go?

So by 1950 we had a Masonic-run government, counting every dollar it printed as debt to the Federal Reserve, with the phony interest paid through an oppressive income tax system, enforcing its rule through a brutal secret police called the FBI, with most of its “elected” representatives being members of a political club called The Council on Foreign Relations, with the government itself spied upon by the CIA and NSA.

But, jumping quickly over all the bullshit the Council on Foreign Relations put America through from 1930 - 1973 (WW-II, the draft, Cold War, Iron Curtain, atomic bomb secrets given to the Soviets, Korea, Kennedy assassination, Vietnam, socialism, abandoned American M.I.A,  inflation, Iran, incapacitated military), we come to the 1970‘s.

The swingin’ 70‘s were just beginning, America wanted to forget Vietnam, riots, protests, assassination and (if possible) inflation.

What better way to initiate the decade than start a new organization designed to bring together corporations, governments and the UN into a cooperating globalist infrastructure?

Yes...the Trilateral Commission was created in 1973 by (you guessed it) the Rockefellers.

The mission of the Trilateral Commission was (is) to bring together corporations from across the globe and hook them up with government officials to create a cooperating international economic order.

Most CEOs and corporate officials who are worth anything are members of the Trilateral Commission.

Now do you understand why corporations and CEOs are fully cooperative accomplices in creating a New World Order?

Never heard of the Trilateral Commission?

Well, you can sure see its effects.

Please notice that most of our elected officials are now millionaire corporate executives.

And, as you probably suspect,  NAFTA, WTO and TPP are all the projects of the Trilateral Commission.

Oh, by the way, how many articles on the Trilateral Commission have you seen in your local newspaper lately?

So by 1973 we had a Masonic-run government, counting every dollar it printed as debt to the  private Federal Reserve, with the interest on that debt paid through an oppressive income tax system, while most “elected” officials were  members of the CFR, as the CIA and NSA launched internal government operations (Forrestal, Kennedy, Oswald, King, Malcolm-X, RFK, Hoover, Nixon) while the economy was run by a group of global CEOs from the Trilateral Commission.

Oh the funky 70‘s!

Can you feel the groove?

Now, let’s fast forward over all the additional bullshit served to us by the majestic Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations, FBI, CIA, NSA, Trilateral Commission axis during the 80‘s : failed Iran Rescue Mission, Iran-Contra Scandal, Marine Barracks Bombing, Reagan Shooting, air traffic controller strike, Challenger disaster, the collapse of American industry, secret police state executive orders, our first $1 trillion and eventual $3 trillion in debt).

And...onto the 90‘s.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was signed in 1994, creating a North American economic zone (which is still there, still growing and still evolving).

The WTO (World Trade Organization) was created in 1995, installing a virtual world economic government with the power to make international economic decisions and have them carry the POWER OF LAW.

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) signed into law by our Masonic, Fed Reserve, CFR, Trilateral government creates an international economic order whose mandates are now the LAW OF THE LAND.

Hey, 1995 was another threshold year: the year America entered World Government.

Of course, by that time, the deeply-involved CIA had placed two of its assets as heads of the American government: H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

So by 1995 we had a Masonic-run government, counting every dollar it printed as debt to the private Federal Reserve, with interest paid through an oppressive income tax system, with most “elected” officials being  members of the CFR, while CIA agents ran Congress and occupied the White House, even as the Trilateral Commission guided the economy and made it subservient to a global economic authority under the World Trade Organization, which facilitated the exportation of our industry to China.

Could anything have gone more right?

Let’s hear it for the raging 90‘s !!!

(Amusing note: I noticed the 1990‘s to have been a decade of rage due to the ‘War on Drugs’ having having taken away drugs, the AIDS epidemic having taken away the sex and the red hot economy having flooded the job market with Mexicans and H1B1 visa scabs, while the red hot economy forced people to work 60 hours a week.  Nothing represents the decade better than Nirvana’s song “Smells Like Team Spirit”)

But let’s zoom right through the 1990‘s shall we?:

Gulf War, Gulf War Syndrome, abandonment of the Philippines, Rondney King Riots, WACO massacre, Oklahoma City Bombing, First WTC Bombing Olympic Games Bombing, Unibomber, Lewinsky Gate, Clinton Impeachment, record veneral disease, exportation of our industry to China, Y2K hysteria, JFK Jr assassination, loss of Panama Canal.


Let’s give credit to the Masonic, FRS, CFR, FBI, CIA, NSA ,TC, WTC government we got:

The ride sure ain’t boring.

Oh well...

...enter the New Millennium.

(Did you notice they never came up with a nickname for the first decade of the 21st century...or the second for that matter?)

We celebrated America’s entry into the 21st Century by initiating the police state under the consecration of 3000 human sacrifices on 9/11.

The CIA-infiltrated-Government operation acted as the excuse to finally turn America into a Police State.

Not only was this heinous act carried out, but it was also perfectly covered up.

This would have been impossible without a complete society (congress, media and law establishment) that had been completely infiltrated by intelligence assets and central bank money.

And now the Department of Homeland Security was the new addition to our ever increasing structure of tyranny.

Get that?

It is an organization designed to protect the ‘homeland.’

I haven’t heard that word “homeland” since the Third Reich.

To top it all off we put our entire intelligence apparatus under someone called the Director of National Intelligence.

The entire focus of this apparatus seems to be to track and spy on Americans while allowing terrorist assets to enter the country.

What did this new centralized government give us?

So by 2009 we had a CIA/Masonic-run government, counting every dollar it printed as debt to  the Federal Reserve, paying interest through an arbitrary income tax, with most “elected” officials selected from the rosters of the Council on Foreign Relations, while CIA agents ran Congress and occupied the White House and spied on and tracked every American through the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence even as the Trilateral Commission controlled the economy and made it subservient to a global economic authority under the World Trade Organization, which facilitated the exportation of our industry to China.

Shall we take a stroll through all the crap of the 2000‘s?

9/11, Afghan War, Iraq War, Iraq guerrilla war, Hurricane Katrina, the Google monopoly, Housing Bubble, Bank Bailout, Recession, an economy based on low paying service jobs, rise of Communist China, microwave pollution.

One more load of crap...

...but what can we expect from a government run by the CIA and the Federal Reserve and kept under control by a ‘Department of Homeland Security’ and a secret police called the FBI?

How much worse than that could it get in 20-teens?

BP Oil Spill, End of the Space Shuttle, Occupy Wall Street, NDAA 2012, Hurricane Sandy, Boston Marathon Bombing, Boston Martial Law, Obamacare, IRS targeting of Conservatives, Ebola Pandemic, HPV vaccine scandal, Rise of ISIS, Mounting Police Brutality, Police Brutality Riots, San Bernardino Terrorist Attack, massive increase in microwaves, massive increase in autism, massive criminal  unlawfulness in business, government, law and law enforcement.  

I don’t think I need to mention that America technically became a police state during the first ten years of the New Millennium...

...and a practicing police state during the following 6 years after that.


Well, just what are the actions of a bona fide police state?

How about...

-No choice searches at the airport, either pat down or dangerous and degrading nude x-ray image.

-No choice vaccination for your children (beginning in California).

-Buying of 2 billion bullets by the Department of Homeland Security for use against the American public.

-Forced buying of private medical insurance by the individual.

-Real time 24 hour surveillance and recording of all private emails, telephone calls and social media posts.

-Arbitrary confiscation of individual wealth by the police and the IRS.

-No knock deadly SWAT team raids on individuals in the middle of the night.

-Disappearance of individuals (as at Chicago’s Homan Square facility)

-Massive prison sentences for victimless crimes.

-Shoot first policy by the police.

-Lawless government by  mandate either from the President or faceless bureaucrats.

-Political persecution (such as that being done on the Tea Party).

-Mass deployment of civilian spies amongst the population.

-Assertion that the state has final jurisdiction over your children.

-Closed-Circuit Cameras in the streets.

-Making illegal the public use of cameras and other recording devices by citizens.

-Secret government buildings housing secret police in public areas.
-Legally stating in official documents ranging from  executive orders to NDAA 2012 that the American public is a prospective enemy subject to arbitrary incarceration, disappearance, forced labor and execution.

Does all of this sound familiar to you?

Well if it does, then you’ll be happy to know you are living in a country that

...has a CIA/Masonic-run government, counting every dollar it prints as debt to  the Federal Reserve, paying the interest on this debt through arbitrary income taxation, run by “elected” officials selected from the rosters of the Council on Foreign Relations, led by CIA agents controlling Congress, the White House, police and mass media, and dominating the population through the Department of Homeland Security which tracks and spies on every American in conjunction with the FBI and led by a Director of National Intelligence, with the international Trilateral Commission controlling the economy under a global economic authority led by the World Trade Organization which has made the country into a Third World economic and industrial basket case, with international treaties to suppress the American population with foreign troops.

It’s taken a long time to get here, but gotten here we have...

...thanks to the tireless efforts by the same people we gave the power to pull money out of their ass in 1913.

We got our first glimpse that things were not right when the CIA assassinated President Kennedy and our government covered the whole thing up so efficiently that we still don’t know exactly what happened.

The point of this article is that we have been taken in quite a while back, and have existed under the foot of powers not under us, but over us.

Our only claim to the good old days is merely the level of how much our masters have lorded themselves over us.

Less in the good old days.

A lot more now.

It’s taken more than a hundred years to get here, but we have gotten here through a relentless, constant, unceasing, unwavering program backed with unlimited funds.

We have finally become a corporate socialist state.

What do we have left?

Well...we have ourselves.

How much crap are we willing to eat?

How much dirt are we willing to swallow as a boot plants itself firmly on the back of our necks?

How much degradation are we willing to put up with?

The answer is...

...a lot,  as long as we continue to be housed, fed and entertained.

But the time is not coming where you might no longer be housed, or fed, or entertained.

That’s right, the velvet curtain will soon come reveal a brick wall!

Hey...some stand-uppishness, discontent and rebellion might actually occur.

But that’s why they have bought all those armored cars and 2 billion bullets.

The test of democracy we have already failed.

The only remaining test is to see if we can be forced to lick the boot that just kicked us in the teeth?

Well...I think we will soon find out.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Scalia's Death: The Assassinations Begin

The unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at a ranch in Texas on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016 adds one more victim to what looks like a recommencement of political assassination in this country.

Look forward for more of your local leaders to drop dead...or wake up dead like Scalia.

No plea for help, no noise,not nothing...he just died in his sleep.

I sure would like to have seen his angelic dead face, resting in perfect peace from dying in the middle of a pleasant dream.

Actually, if he was poisoned, his face was probably distorted, not only through pain, but realization that he was being killed.

Recent witnesses are are saying he was found dead with a pillow over his head, as if he had been suffocated.


No US Marshalls or Secret Service escort.

Did you know the Secret Service is under the Department of the Treasury?

And did you know the Department of the Treasury is normally under the direction of a big bank executive?

But waking up dead is a favorite method of assassination.

That’s how they did in Pope John Paul-1.

It sounds so peaceful too...."died in his sleep.”

Oh, and who’s doing the autopsy?

Not the local authorities, that’s for sure.

Scalia, being a Federal employee, is now the sole and exclusive subject of an FBI scene investigation team.

You know, the FBI that is in charge of cleaning up crime scenes and political assassinations since Waco.

The same FBI who was present at the ‘crash’ of Senator Wellstone’s plane minutes after it crashed.

The same FBI who serves Obama directly.

And the location could not have been better chosen.

Texas is the state where famous people have been going to die since Kennedy.


Because there is no other place in the US where Freemasonry, corruption and the good ol’ boy network works better than in Texas.

Simply put, the seamless CIA-Freemasonic network in Texas is the most well oiled machine of corruption this country has.

Totally secretive, totally corrupt, totally many ways totally open.

There is no better state in which to organize assassinations than Texas.

Would it surprise you Scalia’s corpse is NOT getting an autopsy?

A person’s word on how he died is enough?

But whose word is that?

They’re not saying.

Anyway, Scalia’s  death comes at an appropriate time considering 1) he was a Constitutional Conservative and 2) there is a lot of legislation coming down the pike having to do with the TPP, Executive Orders and unconstitutional laws to be passed by Congress.

You don’t need people like Scalia in the way when your at endgame of establishing of a New World Order.

Or the death of journalist Andrew Breitbart by heart attack (2012).

Or the death of journalist Michael Hastings by exploding car and Tom Clancy by sudden heart attack (2013).

Or the death of journalist Michael Collins Piper by heart attack (his back looked like a cheese pizza from a scalar weapon) (2015).

Oh, you might have noticed the “passing” of Charlie McGrath just last month...from an standard asthma attack (2016).

Or how about the FOUR journalists who died last week!:

Ned Colt (NBC) dead by stroke

Bob Simon (CBS) dead in a car crash

David Carr (New York Times) dead by mysterious circumstances

So, rest in peace Justice Scalia....

...Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hasings, Tom Clancy, Michael Collins Piper, Charlie McGrath, Ned Colt, Bob Simon and David Carr.

The CIA/Mossad axis have entire departments dedicated to snuffing out troublemakers. 

And it’s coming into full use.

...the wave of political assassinations is just beginning.