Monday, February 15, 2016

Scalia's Death: The Assassinations Begin

The unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at a ranch in Texas on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016 adds one more victim to what looks like a recommencement of political assassination in this country.

Look forward for more of your local leaders to drop dead...or wake up dead like Scalia.

No plea for help, no noise,not nothing...he just died in his sleep.

I sure would like to have seen his angelic dead face, resting in perfect peace from dying in the middle of a pleasant dream.

Actually, if he was poisoned, his face was probably distorted, not only through pain, but realization that he was being killed.

Recent witnesses are are saying he was found dead with a pillow over his head, as if he had been suffocated.


No US Marshalls or Secret Service escort.

Did you know the Secret Service is under the Department of the Treasury?

And did you know the Department of the Treasury is normally under the direction of a big bank executive?

But waking up dead is a favorite method of assassination.

That’s how they did in Pope John Paul-1.

It sounds so peaceful too...."died in his sleep.”

Oh, and who’s doing the autopsy?

Not the local authorities, that’s for sure.

Scalia, being a Federal employee, is now the sole and exclusive subject of an FBI scene investigation team.

You know, the FBI that is in charge of cleaning up crime scenes and political assassinations since Waco.

The same FBI who was present at the ‘crash’ of Senator Wellstone’s plane minutes after it crashed.

The same FBI who serves Obama directly.

And the location could not have been better chosen.

Texas is the state where famous people have been going to die since Kennedy.


Because there is no other place in the US where Freemasonry, corruption and the good ol’ boy network works better than in Texas.

Simply put, the seamless CIA-Freemasonic network in Texas is the most well oiled machine of corruption this country has.

Totally secretive, totally corrupt, totally many ways totally open.

There is no better state in which to organize assassinations than Texas.

Would it surprise you Scalia’s corpse is NOT getting an autopsy?

A person’s word on how he died is enough?

But whose word is that?

They’re not saying.

Anyway, Scalia’s  death comes at an appropriate time considering 1) he was a Constitutional Conservative and 2) there is a lot of legislation coming down the pike having to do with the TPP, Executive Orders and unconstitutional laws to be passed by Congress.

You don’t need people like Scalia in the way when your at endgame of establishing of a New World Order.

Or the death of journalist Andrew Breitbart by heart attack (2012).

Or the death of journalist Michael Hastings by exploding car and Tom Clancy by sudden heart attack (2013).

Or the death of journalist Michael Collins Piper by heart attack (his back looked like a cheese pizza from a scalar weapon) (2015).

Oh, you might have noticed the “passing” of Charlie McGrath just last month...from an standard asthma attack (2016).

Or how about the FOUR journalists who died last week!:

Ned Colt (NBC) dead by stroke

Bob Simon (CBS) dead in a car crash

David Carr (New York Times) dead by mysterious circumstances

So, rest in peace Justice Scalia....

...Andrew Breitbart, Michael Hasings, Tom Clancy, Michael Collins Piper, Charlie McGrath, Ned Colt, Bob Simon and David Carr.

The CIA/Mossad axis have entire departments dedicated to snuffing out troublemakers. 

And it’s coming into full use.

...the wave of political assassinations is just beginning.


  1. I bet he's a little pissed off right now.

  2. Has anyone ever looked at a connection between Scalia and the Gun Club?

  3. These kinds of 'secret societies' at law schools seem to be the norm throughout North America - even the 'friendly' Canadians have them, e.g. 'The Four Horsemen', at Canada's University of Victoria...