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A Constitutional Convention Will End America

Recently the concept of holding a second Constitutional Convention has gained popularity amongst ‘patriot’ circles as a means of ‘getting our country back.’

Recently conspiracy show host Alex Jones surprised everybody by caving in to the constant clamor of his ex-CIA assets and proclaiming that now he thought it was a GREAT idea and that he was on board.

To make the concept even more popular, a hip nickname has been applied to the concept, calling a Constitutional Convention a ‘Con-Con.”

There now, doesn’t Con Con sound a LOT more nice and harmless than Constitutional Convention?

Sort of like Tweets, Microsoft and Cookies.

But the concept of launching a new Constitutional Convention is  is not only bizarre but dangerous.

Furthermore, it is the standard modus operandi of the Illuminati and has been used in EVERY instance of revolutionary change.

A new constitution is the landmark of a new government and a new society...and in the modern age, new constitutions have ALWAYS been more controlling or less democratic or leading to less sovereignty.

Case in point are the Con Cons of Venezuela and Ecuador - both ending with the installation of a Marxist dictatorships.

Starting with the French Revolution , continuing with the Russian Revolution and capping off with the Chinese Communist Revolution....or almost EVERY revolution since then, a change of constitution has been a basic tenet of the overthrow of society.

The ‘patriot’ pundits right here in America (all of them probably CIA-connected) are coming together now to loudly proclaim the need for a new Constitutional Convention or Con Con as they call it.

The concept is rapidly spreading from state to state as a means of countering Federal Power with Amendments.

“Don’t worry about the Constitution” they crow “we’ll only add amendments to take our country back.”


If you have a Constitutional Convention chances are you will produce a New Constitution and create a New Government a changing American society as it stands.

Constitutional conventions since our own original constitutional convention in 1787 have been bad news for the sponsoring countries.

Even the supposedly positive new postwar constitutions of Japan and Germany basically dis-empowered those countries, turning them into subjects of the America and leaving them without viable armies with which to defend themselves - basically castrated wards of the United States.

And as things stand, no other time in the history of the United States has been LESS appropriate for a Constitutional Convention due to the fact that we are awash in lobbies, super pacs, grey money, crypto-Marxists and CIA assets masquerading as Congressmen, Judges, Bureaucrats...and our President.

Would you trust these characters to handle a re-make of the Constitution?

I sure wouldn’t!

Most of these Conventions have occurred after the violent overthrow of the governing body.

But recently a new phenomenon has been introduced:

The overthrow of a standing government and the installment of a dictatorship through the peaceful method of a Constitutional Convention.

A bloodless revolution.

Or, to be more specific, a MARXIST revolution and overthrow of the existing government through a Constitutional Convention.

It’s a technique that is now being used over and over again in the Third World.

And now, since we ourselves are almost at Third World level, I guess they intend to use here.

Lets look at some of these bloodless Constitutional revolutions, shall we?


A ex-military man, Hugo Chavez, was elected President and called for a Constitutional Convention.

Chavez called for a ‘Referendum’ to convene a Constitutional Convention.

Crooked Diebold electronic voting machines (owned by Chavez’s backers) were rolled out for the vote on the ‘Referendum.’

The electronic ‘Referendum’ was a BIG SUCCESS!

90% of the people voted YES! Let’s have a Constitutional Convention!

A Constitutional Convention was convened and most of the people who were invited to it...were (surprise!) Chavez the rest of the Congress and government was SHUT OUT of the Convention by armed police.

The New Constitution (despite being created to empower the people) concentrated power in the hands of government and gave the President almost absolute powers.

Now it only needed to be the people.

A new Referendum was called using the same the fraudulent Diebold electronic voting machines.

This time most of ‘the people’ having seen what a fraud the first Referendum was, did not even bother to participate.

This meaningless electronic vote turned out a 72% approval by ‘the people.’

The New Constitution eliminated the three branches of government, turning the Congress into a single giant Supreme Soviet style unicameral rubber-stamping crowd of clapping seals.

Today Venezuela is a corrupt, crime-infested, starving country under a Communist dictatorship which rules through intimidation, arrest, torture and murder, using undercover thugs to keep ‘the people’ in line.


After a much ballyhooed, well-financed and propagandized build up for a Con Con,  President Correa finally called for a Referendum to call a Constitutional Convention.

The Diebold machines were rolled out for the vote.

As the vote was taking place, President Correa MODIFIED the rules of the referendum by adding the power to DISMISS congress should it pass.

Of course, the Diebolds made sure the vote turned out a big YES for a Constitutional Convention.

Immediately upon its passing, President Correa locked up the Congressional building with his supporters inside to draft up a new the police beat any congressmen trying to enter into a bloody pulp.

Another ‘referendum’ was held using the Diebolds to decide whether to adopt this new Constitution (drafted behind closed doors), which, of course, passed with flying colors.

Today Ecuador is a Marxist dictatorship in which the President rules through mobs of ‘the people’ showing up and trashing the homes and sometimes murdering any recalcitrant judge, bureaucrat or representative who does not toe the party line.

These are just examples of what a Con Con can look like!

Something of this sort could happen HERE if WE call for a Constitutional Convention.

Indeed, everything is set up for just that, isn't it?:

- electronic voting machines - check

- a populist President flaunting executive power - check

- corrupt, criminal police forces - check

- a corrupt and cowed Congress - check

- CIA assets masquerading as representatives, judges and officials - check

- an unhappy population who wants ‘change’ - check

Hey, it’s all there!

We’re ready to go!

The truth, however, is the Founding Fathers created a Constitution that CAN be changed bit by bit to adapt to the needs of the country through established legal and democratic procedure:

Two Thirds of House and Two Thirds of the Senate can propose an Amendment with Two Thirds of the State legislatures approving it.

That’s it.

And it has worked well for the last 227 years and 27 Amendments.

We don’t need a Constitutional Convention to change the Constitution.

The process is already in our hands.

Yet the CIA-sponsored agent provocateurs say we need a Con Con to amend the Constitution!

Does that make sense?

Have a Constitutional Convention to pass an amendment?

No -what makes sense is you have a Constitutional Convention to create a NEW CONSTITUTION!

How can human thinking become so degenerated as to see any sense in the message these toads have to offer?

I would like to say that is all we are facing and that the bad news is limited to what I have just written, but it isn’t.

Article V of the Constitution is the basis for a Constitutional Convention and it says:

On the Application of two thirds of the State Legislatures...

...Congress shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments...

... which shall become part of the Constitution when ratified by the three fourths of the State Legislatures...

...or... the ‘Conventions’ in three fourths of the States…

...the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress…

The uncertain part is that the Constitution does not define how the ‘Conventions’ are to be convened or how they will proceed - in other words, who will attend an what rules they will abide by.

So technically Congress can call a ‘Convention’ when asked to do so by 3/4 of the State Legislatures.

But it is never clarified how it will be decided who will attend this Congressional Convention or how the Convention will proceed.

Furthermore, it says that any Amendments or New Constitution resulting from the Congressional Convention can become law with the approval of the ‘Conventions’ of the States.

Again, it does not say how State 'Conventions' will be decided, who will attend, where they will be held, or how they will proceed.

One can assume (and only assume) that the Congressional Convention will be attended by Congress and the State Conventions will be attended by their respective State Legislatures...


In other words, the Conventions could be ANYTHING!

Imagine a Congressional Convention attended by people selected solely by the US President (in other words, his pals).

While the State Conventions are attended by people selected by their respective Governors (their pals).

Put it all together and you technically have the US President ABOLISHING and RE-WRITING the CONSTITUTION and the Governors APPROVING IT.

But the Governors will save us, right?

Not if the Governors we have are mostly CIA assets and or ex-Federal bureaucrats (servants of the Executive) and...

...colluding members of DC-based institution called the National Governors Association (in which they regularly meet to come up with unanimous votes on coordinated State policy).

Yup...put it all together and you come up with a very undemocratic trashing of our Constitution.

Now...I wish that was all the bad news...but it gets even worse.

It turns out that some government bureaucrat, judge or lawyer has come up with some obscure Congressional or Supreme Court procedural rules which interpret the Constitution as saying that the needed vote from 3/4 of the State Legislatures to demand a Constitutional Convention can go on INDEFINITELY and be CUMULATIVE.

In other words, the States don’t have to vote for a Constitutional Convention all at one time, but can take their time to decide INDEFINITELY through the ages!!!!

And it is unclear whether once they have voted whether the vote can be rescinded by future Legislatures.

I personally don’t think anyone really cares, but the Applications for a Constitutional Convention regularly appear before the 15 recalcitrant State Legislatures for approval every year!

Did I say 15?

Yes, I did...but...

...Ok, brace yourself, sit down and hold on to your vomit bag....

...because what I am about to say next is quite unsettling.

Ladies and Gentlemen... turns out that 32 of the 34 required States HAVE ALREADY VOTED TO HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION!!!!


Only Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana have permanently rescinded their application for a Con Con and told the lobbyists to quit presenting this obnoxious application for a Con Con every year.

Only 34 States are needed under the 3/4 rule...

...and 32 have already voted to have a Convention!!!!

Hardly anybody knows this.

I guess it’s just one of those things that will arise when it becomes relevant.

But being frank, what more can you expect from a standing vote that goes on forever through the ages, giving the servants and lobbyists of the Illuminati FOREVER to work their trade and get the states to vote for it?

I mean, can you imagine a candidate who is eternally on the ballot, year after year...forever?

Sooner or later that guy is going to get elected!

So we have 32 of the required 34 states already agreeing to a Constitutional Convention under this eternal vote system.

We need only two more states to sign up and...


Nobody pays any attention to this shocking and binding fact when it comes to the reality of a Con Con.

Binding, that is, until some brave soul comes forward and declares that this cumulative, eternal and un-rescindable voting system to demand a Convention is ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT and VOID and that a vote to hold a Constitution Convention must be taken at the same time by all the States.

But no one has.

We are already up to our knees in the muck of illegal UNDEMOCRATIC procedure on this.

And from here it can only get worse.

Not the blessing, but the THREAT of a Constitutional Convention or ‘Con Con’ is the biggest danger our country, as an institution, has ever faced.

So, appropriately enough, it is being trumpeted  by many on both sides of the field, including those who call themselves ‘Patriots’ but are really government agent provocateurs.

The process has moved one step closer to reality by the ‘patriotic’ Governor Abbot of Texas being approached from various sides to ‘call’ the States together for a Con Con.

The Governor has probably been waiting for this ‘appeal from the people’ before ‘asking’ the States to convene, in true theatrical fashion.

The Convention itself, according to the pundits is not to be a real constitutional convention, but sort of a practice run to send a message to the Feds.

So we are supposed to believe it will be a Constitutional Convention that is NOT a Constitutional Convention meeting to NOT change the Constitution, but merely add some amendments.


But we know better, don’t we?

We know that the Patriots are not always Patriots.

Governors are not always governors.

Presidents are not always presidents.

And Constitutional Conventions are not always designed to help the country...

...but to destroy it.

America...DON'T DO IT.

Do not enter the Con Con trap the Illuminati have laid out for you.


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