Thursday, January 28, 2016

Illuminati Conspiracy Blog Loses Follwers

Well, humanity never ceases to amaze me.

A recent post on the Illuminati Conspiracy Blog seems to have struck a nerve with a large portion of my readers...which have stopped being followers of the blog.

The topic?

How Cancer Treatment kills a patient before the cancer does.

Given the growing Cancer Epidemic, I know it is painful to face the accusation that your loved ones have been killed, not assisted by the medical establishment (some perhaps through one's own decision or encouragement) and that it could be an uncomfortable reality.

It is hard to admit one has been lied to, deceived and your loved ones murdered through so called 'treatment.'

It is a very hard reality to face because it hits so close to home.

I sense the people that left were probably already hurting.

I was hurting...and the lies were growing...

...that was the reason I wrote that blog entry.

No further observations.

No insults.

No sarcasm.

The Illuminati Conspiracy Blog is a blunt piece of literature.

I am not surprised people of contrary beliefs are hurt by it, as these followers were (as they continue to leave this blog).

But I will continue with saying that I am surprised at the extent of the hold the Illumintati medical establishment over the human mind.

And I pray more people wake up and continue waking up to the medical reality that afflicts us.

Meanwhile... is video of me trying keep people away from the Cancer industry.


  1. unfortunately it's not only you. other conspiracy pundits had attacked the cancer treatment scam and they get their blogs/sites seiged by "cancer survivors" and "pink ribbons". The foolishness of the cancer industry victims knows no bounds.

  2. Hello, nice to meet you! My mother is a cancer survivor. I have done a lot of research. Cancer is a vague term, a broad beast with many heads. You are on the right track in a lot of ways. You lose some followers, you gain some new ones :-) Stay strong!

  3. The next big scam of chronic illness looks to be the various autoimmunes. Hang on to your hats!

    1. You are correct. Modern vaccines are introducing an enzyyme called Nagalase which supposedly shuts down the GcMAF enzyme which produces anti-bodies. In other words, it shuts down your immune system. The good news is that FISH OIL effectively counters this immune shut-down effect.

    2. Aha! You are a font of knowledge, seriously thank you for sharing! I read Dr Mercola often too.

      I thought you would find this of interest... Mysterious Death of Holistic Doctors Uncovered

    3. Question, I don't know if this is outside your scope but I have been noticing a lot of my Western friends in their 30s, mostly females, being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, RA, psoriasis etc, even histamine allergy! What could be going on here, as they are I imagine too old to be effected by new vaccines?

    4. These ALL sound like auto-immune diseases to me. There is only ONE cause for auto-immune disease: VACCINATION. Do not vaccinate. DO NOT take any flu vaccines, DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINES. DO NOT GIVE ANY VACCINE TO YOUR CHILD. If Vaccines were safe and effective, the government would not have passed a law making vaccine companies exempt from being sued. Research 'vaccine induced autoimmune disease.' We are being plagued with esoteric plagues through acellular (genetic) vaccines.

  4. I just looked up the GcMAF treatment (vs the blocker, Nagalase) connection. Omfg! RIP Drs incl Jeff Bradstreet & Nicholas Gonzalez et al.

  5. I imagine you must be familiar with the Secrets of the Federal Reserve and such but check this out Murder by Injection, interview with Eustace Mullins

    1. Yes indeed. I have Mullin's book 'Murder by Injection.' It was the first time I was exposed to the fact that the Spanish Flu was an engineered plague. Also, I watched your video and was surprised to have Mullin predict that Medicare/Medicade A and B will become obligatory and draw off all your social security - this has just been approved by Congress this year (2016)!