Monday, January 11, 2016

Islam vs Christianity: Divde and Conquer

I have been listening with interest as the volume gets turned up on all the propaganda seeking to set Islam against Christianity.

This would be a quaint exercise in 'divide' if there was not a 'conquer' that goes along with it.

So yes, Christianity and the Western world in general are being turned against Islam and vice-versa...and as both sides concentrate against each other, as the REAL enemy masses.

Who is the real enemy?

Why murderous Marxism, of course!

While Islam and the West begin hating and absorbing their minds on each other, the Marxist conspiracy gets ready to strike.

The West is just about lost.

Its industries exported to a Communist countries, its military reserves gone, its conscription non-existent, its nations hopelessly bankrupt...and now focusing on a sterile hatred of Islam created by outrages engineered by MARXISTS in Western Government.

I admire Islam for several reasons, the main one being that it KICKED COMMUNIST ASS in Afghanistan, and it has been one of the most persistent foes of Communism ever since.

The West, on the other hand, has not only welcomed Communism within its ranks, but has put Communist leaders like Obama and Merkel in charge.

Stampeded into hysteria, the West now fails to see that in spite of all the engineered terrorism, Islam will NEVER be able to take over the West...unlike Marxism.

Gone from Western consciousness are the Communist Chinese HATE demonstrations against Japan and the United States. 

And I am not talking about indifferent workers holding up signs because the local commissar told them to.

There is actual HATE against America in China - the  anti-US demonstrations are so HATE filled that they frequently degenerate into destructive riots the police can barely contain.

In an innocent documentary on Chinese pre-schooler, one five year old when asked what he wanted to do when he grew up answered: "build tanks to kill the Japanese"

But keeping believing, Western World, that China is your friend.

You know what one of China's greatest organizational accomplishments was?

The Cambodian genocide of 1975 - organized and financed by CHINA.

Recently, the People's Liberation Army did a survey on how many Chinese were willing to KILL AMERICANS and by kill I mean KILL WITHOUT MERCY.

The survey was a resounding success, as the leading Chinese generals made clear in a congratulatory review that most Chinese middle class males were thirsting for American blood.

But our 'official' enemy is Islam.


The fact is both Islam and Christianity are the natural ENEMIES of Communism. Their 'crusades' and 'jihads' are the stuff of Communist nightmares.

This is why the Communist International is working so hard in setting Muslims and Christians against each other.

And lately it has been nauseous to hear the agent provocateurs on BOTH sides dishing up the disinformation, both sides turning, using false and or exaggerated 'facts' both recent and historical.

In the West, its being accepted as a matter of fact that Islam is a 'satanic' religion, while the Islamic propaganda says the same about  Western society.

Both the West and Islam are now, in fact, acting in a suicidal manner...under the leadership of Marxist agents operating as legitimate leaders.

Erdogan of Turkey is doing his part  to DEMOLISH the Islamic World through his support for the destruction of fellow Islamic nations of Libya and Syria while Saudi Arabia demolishes Yemen. The two Muslim nations of Iran and Saudi Arabia have been turned against each other in a spiraling death match.

Meanwhile in the West, NATIONALISTS have been labeled terrorists and foreign invading terrorists have been called refugees.

As all this happens, the second wave of agent provocateurs start shouting (right on cue) that we have to go to (one more) war in the Middle East -against Iran and Syria.

When in reality what they should be doing is massing in Poland and South Korea.

But try to explain this to any Westerner and they'll look at you with a blank stare.

Which is frightening considering what the Illumnati are planning.

With the insertion of Russian, Chinese and American troops in the Middle East, the region has now become the most likely sandbox playground for NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

That's right.

The truth is the Europeans, Americans and Koreans will not tolerate any use of nuclear weapons on their territory for the simple reason that nuclear weapons end up destroying the territory on which they are used (just look at the fallout from Fukushima).

In addition to the increasing likelihood of a nuclear WW-III being fought in the Middle East must be added the likely deployment of Israel's nuclear arsenal as well.

Tactical nuclear weapons have already been used in Iraq and Yemen and are now seen as perfectly deployable the Middle East and Israel basically stopped Syria's 1973 offensive with a  nuclear threat to nuke Damascus.

The populations of the Middle East are now perfect guinea pigs to see what a nuclear war will do to a population...and the results will then be used by the Communists to threaten the West.

But meanwhile, keep worrying about the latest bearded 'Emmanuel Goldstein' appearing on TV and the latest intelligence agency sponsored terrorist attack.

It really is a more comfortable prospect than what they have planned for us.


  1. I am a Muslim - not just any ordinary Muslim but I have committed the Qur'an to my memory when I was 12. Most Christians are ignorant of our beliefs. We believe that Jesus is the messenger of God, miraculously conceived and born to a virgin mother. We believe in all the miracles he wrought in God's name. We believe in the holy spirit and how it assisted Jesus in his mission. All these beliefs are not to win the hearts of Christians but I could paste verses from the Qur'an where all these are mentioned. We even have a chapter in the Qur'an by name Mary.

    But make no mistake, Christians and Muslims are no friends. They aren't as deadly as the Zionists but enemies nevertheles

    1. Christians and Muslims might not be friends, but neither are they enemies, and in fact, stand to be allies against Communism - soon to make its bloody appearance in the world scene.

    2. Yes, in-fact in our religion, it is mentioned by the Prophet of God that near the end times, Christians and Muslims will unite and fight against a common enemy and will emerge victorious.