Wednesday, January 6, 2016

America: Start Lying!

All during childhood I heard how wrong it was to lie and how noble it was to tell the truth...and how it's easier to tell the truth because if you lie you have to remember your lies and cover-up in perpetuity, etc, etc, etc.

However...all my adult life I've learned that those who never lie...finish last.

How last?

Well, celebrity cooking show host, Paula Deen (a Christian) was FIRED and had her career ended  when she answered 'yes' to the question "if she had ever muttered the word 'nigger?"

As a good Christian, she was obligated to tell the truth, no matter how unfair or how byzantine the question.

A more reasonable answer would have been "That's not a word I use, I don't recall ever having used that word."

But, of course, her Christian truth ethics came through.

And her career went whence it came - to the devil.

Which brings me to a valid question: Would you lie to the Devil?

Would you lie to a mass murderer?

Would you lie to save your life or the life of your family?

Well, if you would not, then worshipper of God or not, you are also another type of worshipper- a Death Worshipper.

A LYING example comes to mind of something that just happened recently: a pack of lying Muslims LIED to a bunch of ISIS executioners when asked if they were harboring Christians.

The Muslims said 'no.'

And yes, they WERE harboring Christians.

In fact, their immoral lying saved the Christians.

But this is not some twisted Byzantine tongue twister to confuse your morality.

Because the truth is WE ARE AT WAR.

We are at war with a lying, mass-murdering. blood-thirsty entity called...

...the Government...

....which is thirsty for MORE blood...

Would you lie to IT?

But before you answer, remember one thing: 

war consists of lying.

The God fearing Israelis LIED all the time to their enemies.

Moses lied...David lied...Joseph lied...Esther their enemies.

And I back this simple fact with one more fact: 

LYING and DECEPTION is a tactic of WAR.

The Israeli's left campfires burning in the night to DECEIVE the enemy.

War itself is a cavalcade of lies.

We DECEIVED the Germans into thinking we would land at the Pas de Calais instead of Normandy on D-Day.

We TRICKED the Germans and Japanese into believing we could not read their codes by slipping them some valid information.

Yes...a major tactic of WAR is lying.

 And, as I said, we ARE at WAR.

We are at a time when the government uses our TRUTHFULNESS to build cases and create blacklists against us.

Our TRUTHFULNESS has become the government's main weapon AGAINST us.

So start lying.

I have.

Someone asks me if I like guns, I answer "guns are way  too loud" (which, by the way, is the flat out truth).

Frequently, this cuts off the inquiry immediately.

So that is a great way to start your constructive lying right there.

"I HATE guns!"

How about political affiliation questions: 

What party do you follow?

"I love Obama!"

Do you have Obamacare?

"I don't understand how that works, but of course I want Obamacare!"

You see, DICTATORIAL regimes use your truthful answers to build up a resume on you through a series of spies and questioning (think we don't have them, think again!)

By the way, this 'questioning' was the same method used by the Spanish Inquisition (or any inquisitor) to CONDEMN a person prior to exectution.

So it is about time the American Public started LYING.

Now this government has been LYING and BETRAYING us since why can't we lie and betray IT for a change?

The time has come to start lying, Lying and LYING to the government.

Notice I don't call it the United States' Government - it simply isn't worthy of that name.

It is an occupied entity - occupied by an enemy who means to END us.

So LIE, people LIE...not to your family, your friends or loved, ones, but to the GOVERNMENT.

If the American Military was a smidge more Machianvellian, the present ongoing PURGE of the US Armed forces would have been impossible.

When asked if they would support global government, the United Nations, gun confiscation and an end to American sovereignty all the officers and soldiers should have answered YES!

Because they DIDN'T is the reason there are now BLACKSLISTS on all our armed forces personnel - truthful ones - which separate the patriots from the go-getters.

You see, truthfulness and honesty on our part only gives the ENEMY the edge.

Truth is meaningless to this Government and Honesty is s WEAPON used against US!

Start LYING! 

Start Lying as if your life depended on it because it just might!

Do I have guns?


Am I a Christian?


Do I have shortcomings against Government?


Will I obey all orders unquestioningly?


Do I have strong religious beliefs?


Am I depressed? (this is an important one)


Do I talk to God?


Do you ever get angry?


Do you Home-School your children?


Are you a sovereign citizen?


What strong beliefs do I have?


If you do not lie (and believe me, the questioning is coming) then your truthful answers will be used AGAINST you and you'll be put on a BLACKLIST...this BLACKLIST will be handed over to the enemy...and I don't know what the enemy will do to you, but look at HItlerian Germany, Communist Russia, Maoist China, Pol Pot's Cambodia and Rwanda to see.

Listen, while studying early portions of the Syrian uprising (when only protests were happening) I came across reported accounts of officers in the army standing BEHIND their line of troops and SHOOTING in the back of the head, any soldier refusing the order to fire on the crowds.

A thinking soldier would have simply fired high - over the head of the crowds....and then thrown a grenade on this officers belly as he slept.

Notice that all this murderousness was happening BEFORE ISIS arrived on the scene and made use of the hatred produced by the army's brutality.

Same thing for American troops.

Do you think you will never be asked to shoot and kill unarmed Americans?

A good tactic today in the Army is to simply LIE on all the surveys and questionings by officers.

Then at the right time, when the treacherous and murderous officers become known...well...I think Americans know what to do with treacherous and murderous traitors.

The point is the time has come to LIE to the government and its informants (visiting social workers, Pastors, teachers, bank tellers, electricians, plumbers, handymen, babysitters, police - and other nosy strangers asking questions in or out of our homes.

Keep your true feelings and your true allegiances between friends and people you KNOW!

And if you work for the Government, ESPECIALLY if you work for the government, tell them what they want to hear...and keep a list of your own...of TRAITORS.

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