Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Type of Civil War We SHOULD Have

There definitely needs to be a civil ‘war’ in this country.

But the sort of struggle I have in mind is different from the burn and destroy conflict being planned within Illuminati circles.

The Illuminati want a ‘declared’ state of civil war...meaning they want an official sanction to demolish and kill large areas of America...while confiscating all the guns.

I say the war is already on - it is on against the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, which has ballooned into an empowered, entitled and arbitrary mafia, which is running roughshod over Congress and the States themselves.

This power grab is akin to that of King George-III’s power grab in England which aggravated the English people and provoked the American Revolution.

Let’s get it straight: power grabs provoke conflict.

And conflict is what we have in this country today.

Police kill innocent Americans on the streets...while Americans come together to protest the slaughter.

TSA violates American citizens at checkpoints...while Americans refuse to comply with TSA porno-x-ray treatment.

The police grope, strip searching and drawing blood and DNA...while Americans refuse to be searched or give their blood or DNA without a warrant.

Americans are put on blacklists and not allowed to fly...while these same Americans refuse to have the right to travel taken away from them and continue to make their way wherever they please by other means.

The Executive uses the NSA and CIA to BLACKMAIL Congress into compliance...while those Congressmen with nothing to hide continue to legally question and prosecute the Executive any which way they can or dare.

The intelligence agencies plan false flags...while valiant whistle blowers both within and without and researchers expose those false flags and neutralize them by means of pre-disclosure.

The Executive orders the military to conduct criminal and unconstitutional acts...while members of the military refuse or ‘miscarry’ the order.

The NSA runs corporations installing dangerous ‘smart’ meters on every house...while home owners refuse to receive them.

The corporate establishment trying to ram GMO foods down our throats...while American consumers refuses point blank to touch them.

The American food manufacturers poisoning our food with aspartame, glyphosate, radiation, etc...while the Americans refuse to buy their food, and forces many of them into bankruptcy.

The Bureau of Land Management closing down American ranchers...while some ranchers refuse to  comply and refuse to leave their lands.

The BLM shutting down American farms by cutting off water...while some of the farmers go out, remove barriers and open the water sources anyway.

The Federally funded public schools trying to mis-educate, under-educate and pervert our children...while parents decisively withdraw their children from the public school system entirely.

Government trying to destroy our children through vaccination...while parents refuse.

The Government trying to get us to sign-up to Obamacare...while Americans refuse to do so.

Judges trying to manipulate juries into sanctioning excessive, cruel and unusual punishment...while the juries refuse resist.

The 'war' is already on.

And that’s the type of ‘war’ I am talking about - Americans coming together and refusing to comply or obey a totalitarian upstart government bent upon abolishing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

We are presently struggling to keep our country, our rights and our Constitution from what amounts to an alien politically hostile takeover.

There is a real STRUGGLE going on...and it is my belief that we will lose that struggle the minute we surrender our options to the favorite Illuminati pastime -  WAR.

The Illuminati create wars, plan wars, direct wars and conclude wars through the carefully placed Illuminati agents place in BOTH sides.

War is an Illuminati tool.

In war the Illuminati gain power and use it to destroy the participants in order to facilitate their ‘reconstruction’ things after the war.

Once war happens, there are no more initiatives, no more discussions, no more arguments, no more legal challenges, no more walkouts, no more protests, and no more petitions.

Under a ‘state of war’ all we get is an Illuminati stooge appointed over us and ordering us to DESTROY each other.

The American Civil War didn’t have to happen in 1861.

The Southern states could have challenged the Federal Government through Congress and other legal means, kept slavery and challenged the tariffs.

On the other hand, slavery might have abolished itself through the farming machinery of the Industrial Revolution - which was already making slavery unprofitable.

Simply put, slavery would have become unprofitable and the slaves would have been let go.

Instead, what the South (or better said, Southern Illuminists) did was to split the (Southern dominated) Democratic Party and give underdog Lincoln a chance at the presidency.

After shooting themselves politically in the foot, the ‘Southerners’ jumped the gun by declaring secession and mobilizing for war to resolve something they could have resolved through politics and trade.

What the Southerners did by their contentious actions was simply give the Federal Government the carte blanch to kill, occupy, destroy and suppress the South.

The entire Southern male population of legal age was gang planked into military service while any Southerner refusing to go along with the festivities was shot.

When the North finally had to resort to a forced draft, protests and riots broke out...which were bloodily suppressed.

How’s that for freedom and democracy?

All in the interest of destroying the nation and creating trauma and resentment which resonate to this day.

The end result was, of course, a stronger Federal Government and Executive.

Which brings me back to our Second Civil War.

It’s already happening.

This doesn’t mean we are shooting and killing each other.

It simply means there is a strong disagreement between the Federal Government, the legitimacy of its policies and its laws...and the people

We are opposing them, but the opposition is not physical, vocal or visceral enough.

Not enough State Legislatures, County Boards and City Councils, Sheriffs, local police or local citizens are standing up to the Federal outrages.

This doesn’t mean we need to transition to all out WAR to solve the dilemma.

Like I said, Illuminati ‘patriot war leaders’ are standing ready to run us into the ground.

A second civil war is not the answer.

It’s want the Illuminati want to finish subjugating and destroying the country.

However this does not mean we shouldn’t be opposing the policies of the Federal Government tooth and nail.

Local authorities should be suing and refusing to submit to illegal Federal mandates.

Citizens should be REFUSING to be searched without a warrant.

Congressmen who pass unconstitutional laws should be thrown out of office.

The Attorney General Eric Holder needs to be put on trial.

The President needs to be impeached.

The Federal Reserve has to be ABOLISHED.

Police who act like thugs should be arrested, listed and barred from practicing law enforcement ever again.

People should refuse to cooperate with illegal checkpoints and Homeland Security infringement on local law enforcement.

Illegal SWAT raids should be treated as home invasions.

This is what we need to be doing instead of preparing to destroy ourselves for a war in which the Illuminati will direct our own demise.

We are already in a WAR - a war of legalities, a war of protest, a war of refusal, a war of legal cases and suits, a war of jury nullification, a war of petitions, a war of exposure, a war of non-conformity and non-cooperation, a war of confrontation, a war of criticism, a war of land occupation - that’s enough war for us, that is the type of war that will really win back our Republic.

That’s why everybody needs to get out and do their bit to FIGHT,not wait for the Illuminatis in charge to declare a state of chaos and self-destruction within our great country.

Our civil war needs to be civil and legal..not military.

It needs to destroy laws, offices, officials and institutions of government, not cities, human lives, infrastructure and economies.

Let’s hope we are smart enough to understand this.

And let’s hope we are smart enough (at local, city, county and state levels) to get the ‘war’ rolling NOW!


  1. So now you're advocating the overthrow of the duly elected government of the United States?

    1. If you actually read the blog, you would understand otherwise.

      But you never read any of the blogs in this site before making your ignorant comments.

      But you are a perfect representation of what's happening to America.

      Everybody staying silent (like the lack of comments on this blog).

      While a few idiots (like yourself) talk and do above and beyond what your idiotic intellect might justify.

    2. I agree with the reply, you are a huge idiot for posting a comment like that… if you are searching up for this blog you should at least know a bit about the illuminati, and when you do research the subject further, you all are way older then me cause i am only 12 and a few days old!

      So you should get a little more information in your head cause it sure has enough room for it, join the illuminati fighters and WAKE UP!!!!

      Heres a hint for something to search illuminati related… Michael Jackson (one of the only non illuminati artist) look at his lyrics 4 they dont care about us, then watch the movie. There is a speech at the nearing end of that movie about nature and how we are the only ones to look after it and not the government, the thing to realise in that speech is that he says "we only have 6 years from now to get it right, oh dont worry the government will look after it, government who? We are the ones to fix it" or something like that, but he is basicly saying is that we dont need government to fix problems. Which is very true as they are the ones causing it. He was killed by the illuminati because he was about to reveal the plans 4 NWO at his concet 'this is it' he was ment to die at 9/11 but he didnt go to a meeting at that very building and survived!!!!

      Im sorry for the long speech and the off going to michael jackson (my hero) but we need to join forces and fight this. We all research this on our own and tell people abou the facts then be discused at the governments behavour and then move on to some thing else and repeat. We NEED to stop them not just sit and be awake. Wake up and fight the losing battle, look to our lord, god and our savior Jesus for guidance. I do as i go to a cathloc school and pray.

      Sorry off subject again... If you want more from a SMART twelve year old rather than a dumb adult that needs to be spoon feed info make a comment and direct it to me and i will give you a boost... No dumb requests!!! *looks at the origanal post*

      Im going to stop now i am getting out of control bye!
      And do it with love L. O. V. E love

    3. To the above poster
      What a joy to see a shining light in this darkening world
      A youth not afraid to mention the KING of kings and Lord of lords JESUS the CHRIST , holy LAMB OF GOD / CONQUERING LION OF JUDAH / NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES
      HE is our only hope and HE WILL vindicate for ALL who LOVE HIM
      PLease trust in HIM only and let no MAN deceive you [ Roman Catholic Church ]
      Trust in HIS word The Holy Bible and put it into practice
      May HE bless you in your desire to be lead by HIM AMEN!!!!!

  2. Good point about the police. A year ago, I got a ticket because an unmarked car (it was ahead of me. I didn't know it was an unmarked cop car at the time) turned around and followed me when I turned down a street. I thought it was some hoodlums, so I fleed and ran a few stop signs. I then ran into other cops, and was given a ticket. I appealed, and told the magistrate that, but he didn't care.