Monday, January 7, 2013

Did 9/11 Happen? What's Real Anymore?

Looking at the Internet lately (including sites that say the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shooting and the Newtown, Connecticut shootings were staged melodramas) got me thinking.

Since the 1950’s the Illuminati have been putting before our eyes a device appropriately called ‘the boob tube.’

We have been staring into this device (and believing everything it says) for more than half a century.

The ‘boob tube’ has now been expanded into the ‘boob net’ in which even more fantastical images are displayed…in which we are all somehow led to believe are true.

Recently I have seen some staged, fake footage of supposedly remarkable technical achievements (a flying wing device and an hovering air cycle) which both turned out to be false computer-generated nonsense.

The material appeared on many ‘respectable’ websites, including major newspapers before they were found out to be frauds and unceremoniously removed.

Was the orbital jumping astronaut for real?

Maybe…maybe not.

My point is this: 

The fake imagery in the called phony events was very good.

Outstandingly good.

Convincingly good.

The type of ‘good’ that only comes from intelligence agencies.

So my question is: are intel groups now experimenting with expounding a false reality?

How do these supposedly small groups of losers get the training in physics, special effects and CGI to create all these convincingly real ‘feats’ which fool the world?

I smell the effective hand of intelligence psyops.

What got me ultimately angry is that there is now evidence that so many world-changing dramatic events NEVER HAPPENED.

The parking lot video camera footage from the Gabrielle Giffords shooting never surfaced. Now it seems the ‘little girl’ who was 'killed' there - Christina Taylor Green -  is still alive.

The Newtown, Connecticut school shooting has so many fails that you’d think you were watching a cheap TV melodrama – the smiling dad who supposedly lost his daughter; children who supposedly died there but which turn up alive later - in pictures.

See video here: Christina Green Still Alive 


See video here: Laughing Newtown Dad 

Are we being taken for a ride or what?

It makes you question just how much of our ‘experienced reality’ ever really happened at all.

You might have already heard the Moon Landings were a fraud.

But we ‘saw’ it on TV, so it must have been real.

You might have heard that Flight-77 did not really crash into the Pentagon.

You might have heard that Flight-93 did not really crash near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

So if Flight-77 and Flight-93 did not really crash into anything…

…what makes you think Flight-11 and Flight 175 crashed into the World Trade Center?

The physical and visual evidence that the air crashes into the WTC have been manufactured are legion.

The melodramatic and breathless screaming as the planes crash into the building seem phony and played up for the audience.

The way a guy looks up (as the camera pans upward) and then moves to the side as if ‘presenting’ you to the crash of an airliner into the WTC building looks staged.

I know a lot of New Yorkers, and these New Yorkers now a lot more New Yorkers, and not one, NOT ONE saw anything hit those buildings.

To all intents and purposes, those two buildings just suddenly started blowing up and burning, like they do under standard terrorist bombing attacks.

The WTC strikes share along with Shanksville and the Pentagon crashes that NOT ONE SINGLE SHRED OF WRECKAGE (like the jet engines) has ever been found.

Still don't disbelieve?

Look below.

See video here: 9/11 Jet Wing Disappears 

See video here: 9/11 Nose Comes Out Other End 

See video here: 9/11 Plane is Absorbed 

See video here: 9/11 Plane Melts into Building 

I know it hurts to face that fact that you have been taken for a ride.

It hurts to see what gullible idiots we are.

But we are going to have to face the fact that we have entered the era of manufactured reality, where what really happened didn’t and what took place never did…yet still shape our entire lives.

The Moon Landings never happened.

The 9/11 air crashes never happened.

Who knows if the Newtown Shootings really happened.

We have entered an age where fantasy is indistinguishable from fact, and this is very worrisome.

So what’s next, Illumati?

A Mars landing?

An alien invasion?

How about a disastrous plague where we see masses of peoples collapsing in the streets on TV?


Experts have even gone far enough to call the Fukushima meltdown a manufactured crisis.

The footage just does not hold up under scrutiny, and the casualty figures (and radiation spread) don’t either.

The spreading radiation is real, but the incident that supposedly unleashed all this radiation seems staged.

So where is all the radiation coming from?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The point is we can no longer trust what we experience through a screen.

Like blind man stumbling through a maze, you have to use all your senses to come up with a view of anything resembling reality.




The ‘real’ world is about to get a lot more surreal.


  1. Once again, your site is not disappointing. Pure Comedy Genius.

    The best part is when you say "USE COMMON SENSE..." Fucking HILARIOUS!!!!!

    So unless you are actually standing there, watching something unfold right in front of your eyes, it did not happen??

    Do you think the "MATRIX" movies are real??

    If there is anyone who has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, it's you.

    Please seek some counseling, or at least take the tin foil hat off once in a while.

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