Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Secession and Civil War? Really?

The new looming civil war does not convince me.

Suddenly a bunch of states are insinuating they want to secede from the Union.

This does not seem natural or even credible.

It seems phoney and false – the reasons underlined below:

If the States are against the Feds, then why are they collaborating in starting ‘fusion centers’ between the FBI, CIA and local police.

If the States are against the Feds,  then why are they supporting Big Agra and the Federal Courts and letting their farmers get shafted by GMO crops.

If the States are against the Feds, then why are they busy gobbling up Federal money to buy drones and equip their cops like storm troopers in SWAT murder squads.

If the States are against the Feds, then why are they letting Federal troops regularly practice on how to tyrannize Americans alongside their local police.

If the States are against the Feds, then why are they collaborating on a nationwide road and highway camera system that will be able to track all automobiles and their drivers in real time?

If the States are against the Feds, then why are they following the Fed-directed educational system which is driving education into the ground?

If the States are against the Feds, then why did they not protest (loudly and strongly protest) the passing of NDAA 2012?

If the States are against the Feds, then why do their police keep turning over local crime scenes to and their police keep kneeling before FBI Federal Agents in Charge who proceed to cover up Federal false flag operations?

If the States are against the Feds, then why do their local police continue to squash protests against the G20 with such zeal and brutality?

If the States are against the Feds, then why do they collaborate in Federal programs which dress all their policemen the same and paint all their police cars the same way?

If the States are against the Feds, when why are they groveling over each other for Federal drone money to put invasive and intimidating drones in our skies?

If the States are against the Feds, then why are they violating Posse Commitatus and the Third Amendment by allowing Federal Troops go bivouac on private and State property?

If the States are against the Feds, then why are they allowing Federal authorities to trample all over their jurisdiction and harass and detain law-abiding Americans on their own turf?

If the States are against the Feds, then whey are they allowing the TSA to expand beyond airports into SOVEREIGN STATE TERRITORY to harass and detain Americans while letting the TSA take charge of the local police?

If the States area against the Feds, then why are they allowing the Border Patrol to leave the border and enter local inner urban areas to harass and detain State citizens?

So as you can see with my “if the States had a problem” diatribe, the STATES HAVE NO PROBLEM with the Federal Government - and their collaboration proves it!

So it gets in my gourd when I hear that these same collaborationist ‘States’ now want to start a ‘civil war.’

It gets me because I perceive a Civil War will benefit no one except the Illuminati – the  trolls who control both the States and the Federal Government.

I remember meeting with a local somebody years ago and this somebody (it turns out) had a lot of connections to the Arizona Legislature. This person promised me in an ominous voice “things will soon begin to happen alright.”

In time, things did begin to happen alright, but I was not impressed.

The ‘things’ that began to happen were the manufactured State vs Fed face off issues:
            -Immigration Reform
            -Marijuana Legalization
            -Use of Federal Land
            -the issue of Obama’s Birth Certificate

Are you kidding me?

These are not real issues, but manufactured talking points, which skirt the vital topics of state sovereignty through the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Which just comes to prove the States CONTINUE to collaborate with the Fed-Illuminati power core by making a big deal out of these side-topics.

Let’s face it the #1 issue is Federal violation of the Bill of Rights, with emphasis on the 9th and 10th. Why ignore the elephant in the room?

The States are today beating around the bush with Illuminati sponsored cues and talking points while State sovereignty goes down the toilet.

My point is that the move towards Civil War is false.

The States and the Feds seem to be collaborating in these theatrics through their Masonic members, who get their marching orders directly from the Illuminati.

A ‘civil war’ is the only way the Illuminati can bring down this country and destroy it.

A ‘civil war’ favors no one but the Illuminati.

The States who are insinuating ‘secession’ are themselves frauds who have avidly cooperated with the Federal Government up until now.

All of this is what leads me to believe that a ‘civil war’ will be a civil flop.

It will be an excuse for the Federal Government to implement the fascist programs it has planned – from gun confiscation to mass incarceration and arbitrary executions.

A wartime society has no boundaries or laws, especially when the society itself IS the battlefield.

A civil war scenario would be the perfect excuse for the Federal Government to carry out the military occupation of the United States (alongside collaborating UN troops).

Human rights, gone.

Gun rights, gone.

Bill of Rights, gone.

Paramilitary occupation the order of the day.


What a Civil War WILL do is cause such major disruption that it will take years of military (and UN) occupation to get things rolling again – a veritable rerun of Southern occupation by the North during the Reconstruction...and believe me, at the end of THIS second reconstruction, we WILL be reconstructed.

I am sure that the Masons and the Intelligence Agencies are at this point tweaking the players in this grand drama so that the end result is exactly what’s desired – not too short, yet long enough  to create enough misery, starvation, despair and death for the American people to make them BEG the Federal government (or any government) to re-establish some sort of order.

It wouldn’t take much.

For starters, the entire American West is already pre-set for starvation.

All the Feds have to do is cut off the Midwest Breadbasket and you pretty much begin starvation in the West and parts of the South too.

The enthusiastic come-and-get-it rebels are sure gonna be unhappy when they find out THEY have to do all the attacking (into the Midwest) just to be able to EAT.

So right off the bat, you have the civil war turning into a food war, with large portions of America starving.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

And not only that, but such conditions will be an ideal excuse for the UN Peacekeepers to enter the scene to ‘help out’ – that’s right, the occupation of our country by UN troops…and Americans will be begging for them.

So, no, I am not impressed by calls by the collaborationist States for secession (or, for that matter, for a new constitutional convention).

This is because when the States call for secession, they are simply CONTINUING to collaborate with their Illuminati masters who desire to break up and starve America.

If you States are indeed serious about opposing the Federal Government, get rid of the TSA, send the Border Patrol back to the border, demolish the Fusion Centers, take down the cameras of the national spy grid and disconnect the NSA listening centers at the communication hubs, but don’t think I’m going to get all excited about some fancy-footed idea about ‘secession’ which leads to civil war.

Your present collaborationist actions betray you to be tools for the Illuminati.

We don’t need secession, what we need is for you to get off your fat butts and stand up for your own rights under the Constitution and sovereignty as members of the United States of America, not its destroyers!

Wake up, put away this secession nonsense, put away your second constitutional convention nonsense and get started on legally regaining your sovereignty back from the Federal Government NOW!


  1. You are a fucking idiot. If you want to prove otherwise, cite ONE GOD DAMN believable, credible source, not some "some guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, and he said...." But that would require you to pull your head out of your ass and come out of the basement.

    If anything, your site is entertaining. So nice to know that they let the patients at the hospital get on the internet and prove to the world how BAT SHIT FUCKING CRAZY they are.

  2. ^^^ Great argument! (sarcasm)

  3. personally, i think the article is excellent, well thought out and sadly true.

  4. apparently alot of rappers are in the Illuminati such as snoop dog, infact i read that he killed 2-pac because of his affiliations with the Illuminati :O