Thursday, July 3, 2014

Obamacare / VA Plans = Tyranny for Americans

There are institutions in America that have become untenable.

A prime example of this are health care plans.

Do not be part of a planned economy...or a planned health care plan.

Planned health care plans are now being used to blacklist, label and arrest people under the clause of mental instability.

Just like in the old Soviet Union...where being critical of the government was reason enough for being committed (after all, what sane human being could possibly be against the communist paradise?).

Which brings me to our so called ‘health care plans.’

We’ve got two going: public and private.

The incoming public plan is Obamacare...which is presently evolving into a fusing of public and private plans.

Yes...the government and the private sector are teaming up to share information and provide healthcare.

Any health care plan, especially if it is public, comes with a set of requirements you MUST follow in order to keep the plan.

Recently, these ‘requirements’ have become more and more intolerable.

Psychological evaluations are now being given by the VA and served by the local police...who are now providing ‘Wellness Checks’ on the veterans.

Are you kidding me?

Armed thugs dropping by to check up on you, see if you’re healthy?

Just what qualifications do these armed thugs have to either confirm or deny somebody is or is not ‘well’?

Of course, these visits have an alternate motive.

The police are there to take your guns under the cover of a piece of paper issued by the VA saying you might not be mentally stable.

They are there to take your guns because you are a veteran.

Across the country, veterans are being questioned, observed and tested with the purpose of being labeled mentally unstable.

Mental instability is a new law paradigm that makes it unlawful for mentally unstable people to own guns.

Of course, with the amount of psychotropic drugs issued to our soldiers to help them deal with combat stress, you can bet MOST of our veterans have ALREADY been labeled and issued these brain pills while still in the service.

The result?

As they come out of the service, their mental instability record follows them....

...and is matched to them in civilian life.... their guns can be confiscated for recorded mental instability.

And they are.

Frequently this is done by cops serving ‘wellness checks’ on behalf of the VA.


When COPS turn up to check on your wellness, you can bet they are there for no good reason.

Compounding this new ridiculous state of affairs is the new standing of our local police as Federal gofers.

So if you are on Medicaid, or Obamacare or under a VA plan, the ‘requirements’ for you to stay in those plans will become more and more unconstitutional.

Zero tolerance vaccination plans...obligatory psychological choice private interviews with your children...forced diet and exercise plans...and...

...confiscation of your guns based on the health care plan’s opinion on your mental health.

So, if there is a time to get out of health care plans (especially public ones), the time is now.

The typical health care plan has become just one more tool in the tracking, recording, labeling, reporting, blackmailing of the American citizen....

...and are presently being used to CONFISCATE your guns and even your children...on account of your supposed mental health.

Veterans are especially susceptible (mostly through the nefarious VA), which creates ‘mental health’ records to justify the confiscation of the Veteran’s guns, assets...and even his children.

Of course, the set up is very convenient.

If any Veteran reacts in an armed fashion to defend his constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights, he can be labeled a gun carrying crazy in the news media.

The supposedly ‘caring’ and ‘humane’ attention to our veterans’ mental problems is actually a psychological labeling scheme designed to take away their right to own guns.

The clamp down will happen when a nationwide law is passed to make any person with psychological ‘problems’  unable to keep and bare arms - in fact, it is already happening at the local level in many states.

People forget that under present military medical labeling programs, MOST of our veterans are theoretically INSANE on paper.

During times of deployment stress they have been COAXED by their local field medic to take prescribed psychotropic drugs like candy - prescriptions and psychological profiles which then proceed to follow them even after they leave the military.

And once they start taking the guns from all these ‘deranged’ veterans, who would want oppose them?

You want these Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome crazies owning guns?!!!!

They could go off at any moment!!!!

For the love and safety of your kids, let’s go after the vets!!!

When describing all the hysteria, let’s remember the hysterical fact that the State Department (through the VA) has already labeled half the veterans as having PTSD or PTSD-like symptoms.

Divide and conquer.

Great way to turn the American public against the very people who will stand up for them during any form of hostile takeover.

Divide and conquer.

And while your at it, don’t forget the Constitution, Tea Party and Pro Gun Crazies as well!!!!

We’ll be coming after THEM next, so keep you eyes peeled!!!

Do it for the KIDS!!!

Hail the Homeland!


  1. Good job, yeh do it 4 the kids... I wanna live!!!

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