Monday, July 7, 2014

Medical Establishment Panicks America

The medical establishment is stampeding the American public into thinking they are morbidly ill.

It is doing so the way it has always done - through LYING.

The reason it is doing this is to PANIC the public into consuming all its mass-produced and expensive medication.

Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar readings are a good indicator of this.

High Blood Pressure used to be diagnosed when one had a blood pressure above 160. I have medical books that prove this.

Now you have high blood pressure (hypertension) if you have a reading over 140.

Diabetes used to be diagnosed if you had a reading over 140.

Now you are diagnosed with diabetes if your blood sugar level is anything over 126.

To make things worse, the new Blood Pressure Measurement Devices are giving readings 10 to 20 points above actual reading. I have proven this with a whole set of BP measurement devices.

The result?

The public is being provoked into a mass panic and hysterical consumption of establishment medication.

By the way, that ‘medication’ (more often than not) has severe side effects which are often worse than the symptoms they suppress.

And while all this is taking place...

...where are the courts...

...where are the universities...

...where are the doctors and medical establishments...

...where is the law...

...while all this LYING and CHICANERY is takes place?

The Medical Industry says whatever it wants and remakes reality at will while the unthinking American public jumps up in a panic and consumes their poison.

In medicine (like in many other places) history, fact and reality have no more meaning.

Whatever the ‘authorities’ say is what counts!

That is all well and good if the authorities don’t turn out to be a MAFIA, like our Government and our Corporations are turning out to be.

The Medical Establishment kills MILLIONS every year with their poisonous medication, their Frankenstein operations and their hospitals.

Now it is warping reality itself by bringing down the levels at which someone is judged to have Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

While doing that, it is also coming out with a whole slew of new diseases you are supposed to have if you happen to come up with a few innocuous symptoms (of course, the medications to treat them are now available!).

This is a disgrace.

It is a disgrace how fact and reality have no meaning anymore...

...and how what is real depends solely on what comes out of the mouthes of the authorities.

Which serves to underline my old mantra:

“Get out away from standard medicine as soon as you can...if you haven’t already!”


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention

    May god have mercy on you all

  2. Hi this has no relevance to a person coming back on this blog but i have an idea on how to hunt out these illuminati stuff... I am a follower of jesus and he gave me a dream about signs of the illuminati... All night i was watching illuminati signs flying past me so fast, when i was woken for school the only thing in my head was illuminati, i failed my tests for that day and when i went home i researched this further, now i have an idea, i shall enter the voice australia when i am old enough and expose this conspiracy, i dont care if i die in the act and go to hell but at lest the world will wake up, ill expose their plans. Please leave a reply yes or no. If no wins i wont do this and find a different way, if yes wins watch the show and see me embarrus myself, at the moment i am 12. Please reply and do it with L O V E love... May god have mercy on you all and may our saviour jesus christ rise again and save us from the devil

    1. Evil will never win because it is destructive and eats itself and cannot survive long without an innocent healthy host. So expose the Illuminist plan every chance you get. Of course the answer is YES!