Monday, July 21, 2014

Malaysian Flight MH-17: Many Questions

The downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 is already starting to stink.

For starters, its the same company - Malaysian Airlines - that had the same model of aircraft disappear over the pacific in March of this year (Flight MH-370).

Now Malaysian Airlines loses another one (just four months later), this time over Eastern Ukraine (rebel controlled area).

There was no Mayday call from the aircraft indicating it was going down.

There is no video of the aircraft actually coming down and hitting the ground (the footage of the fireball - which somehow missed the aircraft entirely) reminds me of the Pentagon footage on 9/11.

All this ignores the question of why the passenger liner was flying over a war zone to begin with - a war zone in which aircraft were already being shot down.

Meanwhile, there are certain laws of physics that must be addressed.

If the aircraft was struck by a missile at 33,000 ft, the missile strike would have violated the physical integrity of the aircraft.

Passenger liners are not combat aircraft.

They carry no reinforced areas, no armor, no hard points.

Basically, a passenger jet liner is a huge flying piece of reinforced aluminum.

A missile strike would have structurally catastrophic consequences.

Even a partial damage of the superstructure would have led to the eventual total disintegration of the entire structure as the entire plane went into its death dive.

The dive itself would have disintegrated the fragile aluminum aircraft before it even hit the ground.

The result would have been wreckage and bodies over a very wide area.

So it is strange that the aircraft (or a large remainder of the aircraft) hit the ground in one if it was in a kamikaze dive.

We have been shown the ‘impact zone’ of an airliner that supposedly dove into the ground (without a mayday call) from 33,000 ft.

People...these aircraft are not designed to dive into the ground from 33,000 ft...they will disintegrate a few seconds into the dive.

The mystery continues with the  missing black box (which puts out a signal to help it being found) not being found.

And it is all topped off by a quantity of bloodless decomposing corpses (speculated to have been biomedical cargo) polluting the area.

Where did these bloodless corpses come from?

Was the airline carrying preserved human cadavers for the medical industry...or were human cadavers ‘placed’ in the aircraft before it crashed?

Who are these cadavers?

No answers yet.

...but plenty of questions.

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