Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WW-III: We Are Being Set Up to Lose...Again

What would happen if someone gave a war and nobody came?

Well, in the case of WW-III this might be a good idea.

WW-III is now being planned and put together by the same people who brought us Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do any of these names produce a feeling euphoric and victory in your mind?

Of course not.

This is because all four titles are the names of America’s continuous LOSING STREAK when it comes to war.

It didn’t happen by accident.

We didn’t LOSE in Korea, in Vietnam, in Afghanistan and in Iraq by mistake.

Now...after all this defeat...those in charge think ‘its time’ to take on our old enemies (yes, the same ones who have been defeating us steadily in the Cold War) - Russia and China.


Do you think that’s a good idea?

Especially after we were pushed back by China in Korea, kicked out by North Vietnam in 1973 and unraveled by the Taliban and insurgents in Aghanistan and Iraq?

Listen, our batting record is 0 for 0.

What do you think our chances are THIS time.

And I am not just talking statistics here.

-Europe and America no longer have conscription or military service.

-Our armies have been reduced to constabulary forces.

-Our  air forces and navies are not only being reduced, but new equipment is either few in number or non-functional (see F-22, F-35, stealth ship, etc).

-NATO has spread itself to the four winds, deploying its forces across the globe in the Baltics, Ukraine, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.

-All this while it has disassembled the old West German NATO infrastructure and failing to build up anything in the ‘new frontier’ - Poland - that’s right - no depots, no air bases, no military bases, no stockpiled equipment...no nothing!

-To wrap it all up, NATO has had a chronic problem keeping itself supplied with ammunition during wartime situations...like running out of it during the ‘Yugoslavian crisis,  the ‘Libyan crisis’ and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

My question is how are we expected to win ANYTHING with THIS!!!!

The answer is, of course...we won’t.

Which makes all the saber rattling rather puzzling by the likes of NATO, Obama, Senator McCain, Senator Feinstein, Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and French President Hollande.

These people are rattling butter knives!

Lately, some of the clueless American people have also started parroting the mass media and saying we SHOULD ‘hit’ Russia and China.

Talk about total delusion before the fall.

I can’t believe it...but these people are actually talking about going to war without a draft...without industry...without equipment...and without ammunition.

Can you spell d-i-s-a-s-t-r-o-u-s  d-e-f-e-a-t?

That’s why I say, WW-III is a party best left unattended...especially by us and NATO.

Let’s not delude ourselves.

The same warmongers who handed us Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East are getting ready to hand us our greatest defeat yet.

Let’s not allow these pranksters to put another one on us.

Haven’t we learned anything from all the previous defeats?


Obama is a closet Marxist caught conspiring with Russian President Medvedev over a hot mike.

Angela Merkel is a Communist Agitation and Propaganda agent.

President Hollande of France is a KGB agent and an open Communist.

Do you really think these people will lead us to victory over secretly communist Russia and openly communist China?

These aren’t war leaders...they are Judas Goats.

So let’s NOT attend this latest war they are planning.

Let’s NOT go to the Baltic States, the Ukraine, Poland, Iran or whatever other God forsaken place they have selected to send us to DIE.

Let’s make WW-III the war nobody attended.

And if you REALLY want to fight...dig down in Germany, South Korea and Japan.

War will probably come soon enough...whether we seek it or not.

But that doesn’t mean we have to stick our head into the noose.

Forget WW-III, vote the warmongers our of office, refuse to collaborate, refuse to cheer and maybe the whole misconceived nightmare will go away.

We can do without the mass-surrenders, the economic collapse, the degradation and the embarrassment.

Let’s make WW-III the war to which nobody came.

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  1. We are not planning your defeat, but now that you mention no armys… lol jking, evacuate! They want to reduce our numbers so that satan can take over and WWIII is the best way to make population reduce amerixcans and the english get oit while you can!