Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Power Structure...We Need to Get Rid Of

At the height of its fall, the emaciated body of our country makes more and more evident the skeletal structure which controls it.

Let’s get rid of all the nonsense, shall we?

An elected Congress and an elected President DO NOT control this country.

The unelected officials of Freemasonry, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA are a much more accurate description of our rulers.

Have you started noticing how your local police, sheriffs and city managers APING the ‘national security’ talking points of the CIA and DHS?

Is it because DHS is so convincing or is it because they ARE the infiltrated assets of the CIA?

Nobody has bothered to look into the matter.

Did you get a load of the fancy new TANK and DRONES your local police department has seen fit to acquire in order to squash YOU?

Does that sound like Sheriff Andy Griffith to anybody?

The truth is WE never had a choice or a vote.

We never had a choice in Vietnam...we never had a choice in Afghanistan and Iraq...we never had a choice in our crazy immigration policy...we never voted to export all our industry to China...we never approved to have $17 trillion debt...we never voted for the banker bailout...and WE NEVER WANTED OBAMACARE!

We got all of the above because the MASTERS decided...and then ran the spin to convince us it was our decision...or the sensible decision...or a sad mistake...or unavoidable.

We simply take what is given to us and then we accept what is taken from or done to us.

The Media is in charge of justifying and sugar-coating whatever type of RAPE has just been inflicted on the American public.

And we continue to go along as long as we get to EAT and be ENTERTAINED.

Enough of this nonsense. Enough pretending.

Let’s look at the REAL power structure of this country.

Our country was founded through the actions of a secret society which is based on a pagan mystery religion- called Freemasonry.

This same secret society which has been responsible for the (supposedly fortuitous) creation of the United States has also been the guiding force behind the major immolating events in American the American Civil War.

The A Freemasonic branch called the Knights of the Golden Circle (which inhabited the centers of power in both North and South) made the Civil War happen. The Civil War was a fratricidal war as well as the bloodiest war in American history.

So why haven’t we gotten rid of the Freemasons?

In 1913, the Masons in alliance with their Grandmasters,  the Rothschilds, re-instituted America’s central bank and called it the Federal Reserve (to hide the fact that it was the same old Bank of the United States).

We gave this central bank the power to create or diminish the money supply as well as the authority to write receipts over our wealth and count it as debt to itself.

We did this under the belief that the Fed would expand or contract the money supply scientifically according to need in order to avoid the boom and bust cycles of eras past.

We were lied to.

The Fed contracted the money supply so completely that it created the biggest economic depression in US history...and kept it contracted!

All this in spite of it having promised to maintain an ‘elastic currency’ (contracting or expanding the money supply according to need in order to maintain a stable economy).

The Great Depression lasted 10 years as the Fed dried up the money supply and dropped America into the lap of deprivation and poverty.

The Federal Reserve failed in its supposed mission...and failed badly...on purpose.

So why do we still have a Federal Reserve?

A political club called the Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1923 as the American branch of the international British Round Table Groups.

In time, CFR members came to dominate the Federal Government until it acquired control the Roosevelt Administration, instituting renewed support for the Fed, a useless New Deal, America’s entry into WW-II and blind support for the Soviet Union.

The influence of Council of Foreign Relations members on the US government only grew with time and it was CFR members who came to bring us such fiascos as Korea, Vietnam, the Great Society, inflation and the export of our industry to China.

Since its founding in 1923, we have seen not only the growing international involvement by the United States, but the ballooning debt which comes with  it.

Not only have we become internationally involved and bankrupt, but we have done so to the benefit of Russia and China (please note our exportation of our industry to China).

Presently, the Council members (which dominate our three branches of government) are in charge of the social, economic and political strategies which are running our country into the ground.

So why do we still have a Council on Foreign Relations?

In 1947, Truman authorized the creation of the CIA under the National Security Act of 1947.

Since its creation, the CIA, a secretive institution guided by appointees from Wall Street has not only consistently failed to predict anything, but gave us splendid failures like Korea, Cuba, Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy Assasination, Vietnam, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, and the loss of Latin America to US-hating Marxist presidencies.

Truman later regretted ever having created ‘the agency.’

The CIA has worked systematically to make sure the next international incident comes as completely unexpected (note how they missed the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Taliban, 9/11, the Afghan quagmire, the Iraq quagmire, and the Benghazi Embassy massacre).

Now they are saying that the Syrian Rebels are trusted patriots (not Muslim fundamentalists) and that China is deploying troops on the North Korean border to help us intimidate North Korea.

The CIA has systematically betrayed its spies and masses of American technology to Israel, Russia and China. 

So why do we still have a CIA?


In spite of all the damage they have done to our country, we still have all these institutions: the Freemasons, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA - because the masters of this country WANT them there.

The truth is, of course, that since 1947, America has been under the direct control not of Congress, but of the  Freemasonic-Federal Reserve-Council on Foreign Relations-CIA axis.

This direction has been absolute, non-democratic and unimpeachable. No matter what the size, scale and manner of outrage they perpetrate on the United States, these institutions are always in charge.

And make no mistake,  the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Kennedy Assassination, Vietnam, the destruction of our economy and the Iraq-Afghanistan quagmires are nothing but gigantic outrages against the American public.

Yet the march towards the destruction of America continues unabated under these four institutions while we pretend that democracy and our ‘representatives’ are responsible for it all.

Instead, we should take a close hard look a the gremlins.

The people in charge of regulating our corporations...are corporate executives!

The people in charge of regulating our banks...are bankers!

Many of our ‘representatives’ are members of either the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the CIA or all three...not representatives of the People!

The CIA has infiltrated American government across the board - at the municipal, county, state and Federal level. 

This why we are devolving into a national security state.

Corporations created and maintained by the Federal Reserve (which creates money out of nothing) control our economy.

Our elected officials do not represent the States, the American people, and special interests, but Freemasonry, the CFR and the CIA.

Masons, Spooks, Council Members and Banks are in charge of the entirety of what was once known as the United States of America...directing the country at the behest of the banks which own the Federal Reserve....which in turn serve the occult Jewish dynasty of the House of Rothschild.

The Freemasons, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the CIA...are all institutions this country would be better off WITHOUT.

They have demonstrated time and time again that they are under the orders of obscure institutions OTHER than the American People (most probably the occult House of Rothschild).

It is WAY PAST TIME we got rid of these parasitic institutions which are in the process of DESTROYING AMERICA.

Why is it so many shills keep talking about abolishing this ‘corrupt’ Government...but few if any talk about abolishing Freemasonry, the Fed, the CFR  and the CIA?

Let’s go after the disease, not the symptoms shall we?

It’s about time the American public knew and understood the facts.

This rotten quad (Masonry, Fed, CFR, CIA) have been slowly rotting America from within, with the final purpose of DESTROYING it.

Let’s stop pretending.

These institutions are ENEMIES of the state.

They plot and execute operations inimical to the existence United States of America on a REGULAR BASIS.

Let’s get real.

We get rid of them...or they will get rid of us.

Appropriate action in some near future towards the  complete abolition of  Freemasonry, the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Central Intelligence Agency would guarantee the continued existence of our nation as a free and sovereign country.

On the other hand, continued tolerance of these destructive parasites will guarantee our slow and eventual death.


  1. Enjoyed reading all your blogs if that is the correct word.
    How could we get rid of freemasonry, the CIA the CFR and the fed bank /world bank/ all corrupt banks?
    We can't expect any help from the elected reps or the judiciary

    1. I have thought long and hard about the subject (decades) and the conclusion I have arrived at is that the basis of any victory is AWARENESS.

      The day humanity becomes AWARE is the day it becomes free.

    2. Good point. The FDA is another POS organization that pushes bad drugs and suppresses actual cancer cures. They need to go, too.