Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nations Are NOT Sovereign: 10 Reasons Why

Although we live in a world of 192 supposedly independent and sovereign nations, the nations of the world are not truly sovereign.

They all seem to be under the direction of some invisible power which makes them all behave in a standard manner which gives away the fact that they are merely differing spaces on the same chess board.

Want to know why?

Here are the 10 reasons why the nations of the world are not sovereign:

They All Have A Central Bank
Every nation on the face of the Earth has a central bank – that is – a private bank which prints all the nation's money.

They All Belong to the UN
99% of the world’s nations are members of the UN. The nations that do not belong you can count on the fingers of one hand. Why this hunger for internationalism?

They All Practice Standard Allopathic Medicine
Why do the medical establishments of the world all practice allopathic (poisonous) medicine. They ALL believe chemotherapy and radiation cure cancer. They ALL believe vaccinations are safe and effective. Why do ALL the nations of the world follow this destructive lie? Why doesn’t ONE single nation call the lie out and say ‘it doesn’t work…and we will not back traditional naturopathic medicine”?

They Are All Directed by Intelligence Agencies
Why are all national government in the claws of their intelligence agencies? Since when did the eyes and ears of the king develop muscles? Why do all national leaders have some connection to either native or foreign intelligence agencies?

They Are All Dominated by Secret Societies
Why are all the nations of the world the playthings of secret societies – mostly Masonic secrete societies? In places like Nigeria you have the Ogone calling the shots. In East Asia you have the Triads running the show. The deal is all societies are run by a network of secret societies, whether they be the Freemasons, the Triads or other.

They All Play Hip Hop
Hip hop was the new accepted music of the new world order made official global culture in the 1990’s. Every nation now plays it and it is pushed to the point of being rammed down everyone’s throat. Whether in Iran, China, Russia, India or wherever, you can’t help but hear the ugly, repetitive, hypnotic jingle of Hip Hop. The stupid youth of the world has finally been convinced that it is the only thing to hear after two decades of indoctrination. Why?

They All use an International Currency
Whether it was the British Pound, the American Dollar, the Euro or whatever future currency the Globalists wish to impose on the world, why do the nations of the world keep going along with it? Ever hear of Gold (and how malleable it is)? Why don’t you physically insert threads of gold into your currencies and MAKE them internationally acceptable?

They All Follow Self-Destructive Economic Policies
Economics is simple. Enough laws to hold accountable; never enough to interfere. Adam Smith got it right 300 years ago. Why is it that no nation on Earth can get their economy right 300 years after the fact? Is economics and the free market that complicated? Whether it be America’s de-industrialization, Russia’s quagmire, Iran’s inexistent oil refineries, Venezuela’s impoverishment or the Euro’s self-destruction, no nation on Earth seems to know how to just let an economy happen. And yes, all their economists ARE educated in either Europe or America. Speaking of the fact that…

They All are Led by Euro-American Educated Leaders
Look at almost EVERY single world leader and you will find someone who was educated in either Europe or the United States. Why? National education not good enough for a NATIONAL leader? And of course, all these foreign educated leaders are driving their respective countries into the ground. My advice to the nations of the world is this: for you next election, choose a leader who has never set foot in the United States or Europe.

They All Participate in the Drug Market
Every nation on this Earth has a ‘drug problem.’ Why? Because they all participate in the drug trade. Ever wonder why Iran has such a growing drug problem? Did you even know it had one? How about China, Russia, India and Japan? These nations not only have drug problems, they all have the networks that run them. Why is it that no nation on earth has the wherewithal to get the junk off their streets? Why do they all have a ‘drug problem’ while refusing to decriminalize perfectly harmless marihuana. Whose making drug policy for all the nations of the world?

Considering that humanity is about to start another world war, it is worth asking ‘what the heck for?’ All the nations of the world already on the same sheet of music despite all the manufactured differences.

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