Friday, August 31, 2012

Why Homeland Security Bought 1.5 Billion Rounds

A question has arisen in the minds of many Americans about why Homeland Security has bought more than 1.5 billion rounds of small caliber ammunition, especially .40 caliber hollow point Smith and Wesson.

The reason is obvious.

The standard caliber for the MP-5 and MP-40 Sub-machineguns used by SWAT teams nationwide is .40 caliber.

The reason for hollow point is two-fold.

First of all, .40 hollow point incapacitates through shock and trauma much better than the 9mm solid.

Secondly, hollow point (because of its mushrooming effect) is less penetrating of walls (and innocent bystanders) than the 9mm round.

In other words, the MP-5 / MP-40 sub-machinegun loaded with .40 hollow point is the weapon of choice for home invasion.

It is a ‘safe’ combination with plenty of stopping power.

Again I repeat, the sub-machinegun is THE weapon of choice for close-in house-to-house fighting.

I speculate the Federal  Government is also secretly purchasing masses of MP-40 sub-machineguns but that this purchase has remained secret (unlike the ammunition purchase).

As illustrated in the new series ‘Flashpoint’ (which I encourage all patriots to watch to see how a SWAT murder team operates), the MP-40 is a highly suppressive, highly effective weapon for close-in combat.

Its rate of fire is superb.

If mass home invasions against gun owners is what the Federal Government has in mind, the MP-40 with hollow points is a very effective combination.

Only an assault rifle on full auto (which most half-knowledgeable gun owners already know how to do) can trump a squad with MP-40’s.

The only question remaining is….who will be pulling the triggers.

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