Friday, August 24, 2012

Police: Stop Being FBI Dogs

Police departments of America, please grow up.

Grow up and stop accepting FBI jurisdiction over crime scenes which fall under YOUR jurisdiction.

If the crime happened in YOUR town, city, county and state YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITIES have first dibs on the grisly aftermath.

You have the right to investigate because it happened in YOUR backyard.

Stop excluding yourselves from all the MASSACRES that the Federal Government is perpetrating through its own and in collaboration with foreign intelligence agencies.

The FBI is nothing but a cover-up operation.

They cover-up at Federally perpetrated false flag crime scenes by cordoning off the area, confiscating vital evidence, sealing video camera footage, and putting forth TOTALLY FALSE ACCOUNTS of what really happened.

They did this at Waco. They did this at Oklahoma City. THey did this at the assassination scene of Senator Wellstone. THey did this at Ruby Ridge. They did this in Tucson, where Rep. Giffords was shot. They did this in Aurora and they did this in Wisconsin at the Sikh Temple.

The versions the FBI puts forth at all these crime scenes is not only false but totally unbelievable.

It is hard to argue with them because they SEAL ALL THE EVIDENCE and TELL WITNESSES TO SHUT UP (not that witness testimony means anything anyway).

So, local police, investigate your local MASSACRES immediately - take pictures, make copies of video footage ,  take samples, etc, then let the FBI obfuscation team enter.

The FBI uses terrorism as justification to stick its nose into every bloody massacre scene now being perpetrated by Federal Government Special Ops or Mossad teams. In most cases they are on the scene with suspicious speed - sometimes even before the local police can arrive.

So, dear local law enforcement, have the decency to investigate your own local crime scenes, especially if it involves the death of four or more people - get and seal your own evidence THEN let the FBI janitorial squad through.

Its not just your right, its your duty under law.

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