Sunday, December 13, 2015

Paris Agreement: Giant Fraud

Yesterday we got to enjoy your view of world government...and how it works.

Something called 'The Paris Agreement' was 'passed' by the representatives of 195 nations who had come together in Paris, France yesterday, December 12, 2015.

If this is a glimpse at world government, hold on to you hat!

First of all, note the MASTERFUL preparation by the Illuminati for this world shaking event of immense importance.

The November Paris attacks were launched just last month, killing 130 people and leading to a proclamation of indefinite martial law.

How appropriate for a meeting of globalists which traditionally attracts masses on anti new world order demonstrators.

So the streets were perfectly quiet and the entire city completely clamped down like a prison for this World Order event. 

Bravo, well done!

And to think it only cost the sacrifice of 130 measly lives and the loss of a few hundreds of billions of dollars in lost commercial revenue to set up this ideal situation in which to have a globalist meeting in perfect peace and quiet.

One would think that France's state of emergency and prospective insecurity would have scared away the globalists...but no...they came here in droves...enjoying the prison-like atmosphere of perfect peace and perfect order only a state of emergency could provide.

("Pass the caviar James, say, how quiet and orderly Paris is this time of year, not at all like Seattle!")

And in keeping with the modus operandi of the New World Order, the whole premise of world order policies are LIES and MAKE BELIEVE.

Make believe, such as in the concept of Global Warming (now being called Climate Change) - a concept invented to justify the impoverishment and control of humanity while increasing prices and taxes...and making a profit.

You can't distance New World Order policy too much from profit (notice how they scored big on the Stock Market the day prior to 9/11) because this is how they pay all those clapping seal lackeys they have at their meetings.

Like at the Paris Agreement.

Who the hell are these people who claim to represent 195 nations?

Are they the elected Presidents?

Are they the the elected Representatives? 


The thing that defines the New World Order is make believe democracy carried out by APPOINTED members who claim to represent the people.

That's right.  Paris Agreement attendees are all Globalists, from Globalists organizations, pursuing a Globalist policy and paid for with Globalist money.

It's just funny how this very small group of people stand before the cameras and claim to represent the people of the Earth and vote on their policy.

The truth is these are the representatives of the globalist illuminati elite - unelected gofer slaves of the oligarchy in charge, passing themselves off as the popular representatives of the people when they are no such thing.

The fact is this is a very small group of quiche eating elite, assembling amongst themselves, voting amongst themselves and proclaiming legal victories amongst themselves...and passing off their decisions as international policy.

Welcome to the 'democracy' of the New World Order.

Global Warming and Climate Change has been proven over and over again to be a fraud unsupported by ANY scientific evidence.

But please don't confuse scientific evidence with the 'studies' (manipulated factoids) they pay corrupt scientists to put together in on their behalf.

In spite of all the clout Global Warming has LOST with the scientific community and the public in general, these people have the gall to come together and proclaim agreements on behalf of humanity inside a city locked down by martial law.

Meanwhile reality and the facts matter not one bit!

THEY control reality with THEIR media - it doesn't matter what reality is anymore, only what THEY say it is.

So enjoy the great 'victory' these representative of the people have scored for you.

Also enjoy the business-ending back-breaking taxes and restrictions which will soon befall you...while the masses cheer and applaud amidst an economy of plenty and a paradisaical environment.

But don't look away from the Television set for too long....the Illuminati reality tends to waver a bit when you do...and look a reality in the face.


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