Sunday, January 23, 2011

New World Order = Communist Occupation (Part-1)

The scenario most conspiracy theorists have about the end of the United States and the beginning of the New World Order is
1) A false-flag operation

2) US President to declares national state of emergency

3) Government activates FEMA, Operation Garden Plot, Army, National Guard, the newly Federalized (ex-local) police forces, along with a new Federal Militia to begin taking our guns.

It could happen that way.

On the other hand…it might not.

Evidence points out to the endgame plan consisting of…

(brace yourself)

The social, political, economic and military collapse of the United States followed by its occupation by the forces of Russia and China.

Let me explain.

The Federal Government does not, I repeat, DOES NOT have enough forces to disarm the citizenry of this country.

The Federal Government does not, I repeat, DOES NOT have close enough cooperation with city, county and state government and enforcement to create a dictatorship.

I am not being a Pollyanna.

I am a realist.

It was opposition by the states that buried the Real ID Act, the Swine flu Vaccination and the Super Highway.

The states simply do not trust or believe the Federal government to any large extent, certainly not enough to jump into the New World Order.

If the government can’t even get the cooperation of the states in carrying out the Real ID Act, how much cooperation will it get into carrying out the New World Order?

If the Federal Government is already facing opposition from local police and within the armed forces, how will it use these to enforce an international dictatorship?

The New World Order plan is already cracking up.

Truth be told, the states will only go so far in backing up any Federal power grab, as will your local, county and state law officials.

These people are not dumb. They don’t believe in giving up their sovereignty and their rights to a Federal dictatorship, they have too much to lose.

In actual practice, a Federally declared state of emergency, in spite of verbal acquiescence by the states, will (at the very least) run into delays, lack of cooperation, disputes, arguments, legalities and foot dragging.

It will probably end up in a legal and fiscal quagmire and result in only a half-way point to the New World Order.

In other words…it won’t work!

Remember what James Warburg (major Illuminati banker) told the US Senate in 1950:

“We shall have world government whether or not you like it – by CONQUEST or consent.”

I believe that by now they recognize the “consent” part is not working.

It never has.

Get it?

Peaceful integration into an empire has NEVER worked…throughout all of history…EVER.

Every single empire throughout history (without exception) have been put together through military force.

The idea that the governments of the entire world will turn themselves and their own people into the totalitarian New World Order dictatorship is a pipe dream.

The European Union seemed to be about to accomplish this in the new millennium, but now even that experiment is falling apart amidst disputes, arguments, legalities and uncooperative members.

The European Union is not coming together. In fact, it is falling apart!

The truth is you can’t ‘convince’ people to come together under an international totalitarian dictatorship…by peaceful means.

The Fabian socialist method was an attractive plan, but it hasn’t worked out.

The ongoing political collapse of the European Union is proof.

But the ‘Illuminati’ being the master planners that they are, have a plan-B.

They has always been a Plan-B.

Plan-B is simply the old tried and true method: brutal subjection by military means.

Plan-A was the “consent” part – convince the nations of the world to come together under a new international world order.

Plan-B is the “conquest” option of Warburg’s speech – conquer and subject the nations of the world into a New World Order.

Who is going to do the conquering and subjecting?

If you don’t already know this…take it as an example of how far we’ve all been brainwashed.

The answer should be obvious.

Russia and China are the steel fists of the New World Order.

Russia and China – in other words – the Communist Countries.

You think the Illuminati started Communism for nothing?

You think it ever went away?

Again, stand back and see how much we have all been brainwashed…and get ready for a major reality check:

Russia is (secretly) still Communist. China is (openly) still Communist.

Russia and China are assembling ‘allies’: Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and half of all the bought-off nations of this world –who hate us.

Our own Latin American backyard has been converted into a pit of America-hating Marxist-socialist countries right under our noses (bet you didn’t know that either).

This Communist alliance will in the near future, carry out a world “conquest” on behalf of the New World Order…starting with us.

Again, if you have not already clicked out of this article, consider yourself as having escaped the brainwashing which is blinding us all to this crucial fact.

Once more: the Federal Government does not have the means or the loyalty of the police (local and otherwise) or of its own armed forces to drag American into the New World Order.

My sources indicate that if it tried, the nation could erupt into civil war and deadlock.

Unfortunately, my sources have also informed me that Civil War is a tragic possibility, but that any such confrontation will probably lead to stalemate and a possible disintegration of the country.

DISINTEGRATION – that is a key factor in their plan, whether it come through civil war, national economic collapse or both.

Both Russia and China are expecting the disintegration of the United States, after which their troops will move in to pick up the pieces.

Meanwhile their friends in our government are doing their very best to destroy this country militarily, politically, socially and economically from the inside.

The tragedy (and despicable brilliance) of this plan is that so few suspect it.

While conspiracy buffs are looking for the latest in sensationalistic alien-reptile-satanic-UFO-human sacrifice stories, the elephant in the room has been carefully ignored…completely!

Steps are already being taken to make sure the western nations are totally unprepared for what’s coming.

Again, you are not supposed to be aware (or even concerned) about much of the information below, but it's all true.

The list is a long and scary.

(brace yourself)

*The US has been de-industrialized, making it incapable of wartime mass production.

*Our economy has been sabotaged

*Our Dollar has been destroyed

*Obama just reduced our nuclear warheads by 1/3 and our strategic missiles by half!!!
(see the New START treaty of 2010)

*Military service no longer exists in the United States or Europe.

*Western populations no longer understand the concept of ‘defending one’s country.’

*NATO has gotten rid of all its defensive land mines and cluster bombs.

*The F-22 Stealth Fighter has been canceled
(while Russia and China produce their own versions with stolen technology).

*Homosexuals openly serve in our armed forces.

*Women serve in our warships and submarines and are now being introduced to the front lines.

*NORAD has been moved from its secure underground location at Cheyenne Mountain to a common surface air force base (Petersen AFB).

*The US Navy has not been made EMP-proof, making it vulnerable to a single nuclear air burst (which can wipe out its electronics).

*Our submarines’ are compromised by PROMIS spy ware, which reports their locations to the enemy every time they transmit while our submarine codes have been broken by the Russian Navy (see the sinking of the USS Scorpion).

*The US is awash in Russian and Chinese spies and sleeper agents posing as immigrants.

*Our weapons have been infiltrated by sabotaged Chinese-made electronics

*The US Army has been converted from a heavy-hitting force into a ‘light’ constabulary counter-insurgency grouping which is useless against heavy armored forces.

*The US Army has been removed from key defensive areas and deployed in non-sustainable positions across the Middle East and Central Asia.

*There is a Marxist President at the helm of the United States ( a Communist agent whose doctoral thesis at Columbia has been sealed and whose birth certificate cannot be verified)

*European Union leadership consists in many cases of Communists (like Angela Merkel –Communist Agitprop agent).

*NORAD (our nuclear defense) can seemingly be shut down on cue (see the 9/11 shut down of NORAD)

*Some of our nuclear missile silos have been shutting down for no identifiable reason.

*Our military has been infiltrated with toxic vaccines to kill and incapacitate our soldiers in wartime (see Gulf War Syndrome).

*Germany and Japan have not been permitted to build their own nuclear deterrent, making them totally reliant on our own dwindling and compromised nuclear force.

*We have 'forgotten' how to build the detonator for our own Trident sub-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) - the plans, process, material and machinery are apparently - GONE!

*The Pentagon and our entire civilian infrastructure have been left wide-open to cyber-attack - with inexistent firewalls - a total betrayal by the NSA (see Gary McKinnon’s trouble-free penetration of the Pentagon).

*The Western nations have been made economically dependent on China for their manufactured goods so that their economies can be instantly SHUT DOWN by a Chinese boycott.

*China has been using its dollars and economic clout to bribe every other nation and government on Earth against us.

*Our solvency has been laid at China's feet with a trillion dollar debt to that country alone. China can now disintegrate the dollar (and our economy) at will.

The entire Western World is literally being served to the enemy on a plate through the actions of treacherous Illuminati agents.

(all this without any coverage from our Illuminati-owned media or the Internet!)



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