Sunday, January 2, 2011

They Want Our DNA!

The system wants your DNA.

Its not absolutely clear why, but it is becoming clear that it will soon be required of you to turn your DNA in to the state’s data banks.

Remember the airport security body x-ray machines?

At first only a few individuals picked at random were required to enter the machines. Now everyone is required to enter them before boarding a plane.

Same with DNA.

It started out in the prisons, where prisoners were forced to surrender their DNA.

Then it expanded to drunk drivers.

Now several police agencies, especially Sheriff’s departments (the federally whored out ones) are requiring DNA from people at traffic stops.

Some even say they have to draw blood. Such was the case with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for while (they had to stop due to hygiene concerns and a quantity of burst veins).

If this isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is.

But one thing I am sure of. If the system wants your DNA, then it probably is a good idea not to let them have it.

They are coming up with some stupid reason after another to force you to surrender your DNA.

Sooner or later it will be a requirement.

The most obvious method to get the population to surrender their DNA en masse seems to be the Real ID Act.

That’s right, the Real ID (whose realization is still proceeding) will require you to surrender your DNA matrix for inclusion in your ID (which will carry a computer chip listing that and a truckload of other information about you).

The big thing here is EVERYBODY will be required to surrender their DNA to the state to receive the Real ID card.

Reasons for never surrendering your DNA run from the common-sense ones to the paranoid.

For starters, with your DNA record (which in spite of state assurances, will totally become public), the medial insurance companies can label you as a probable victim of several diseases, for which they will most assuredly charge you more.

Secondly, we know what type of police and government we have. If they want to frame you for something, your DNA code is on record to display on any ‘DNA evidence document for use in the courts. In fact, DNA evidence has already been forged.

Thirdly, the freaks that run the world’s establishments are obsessed with DNA.

It must be for a reason.

Who knows if your DNA record will target you for extermination at some future date (the Nazis would have loved DNA testing).

David Icke says the Occult Establishment has consistently gone after loose strands of special DNA which they either possess or want to possess exclusively in their lineages. The standard procedure for the special people was to burn them alive as witches.

But times have evolved.

The modern destroyer of DNA seems to be the TSA Airport Security Body Scanner. Guess what, it rips apart your DNA.

Now I don’t want to speculate what the results of this are, but I pray its not deformed kids created by your torn up DNA.

You can additionally include within the DNA-destroying arsenal: microwaves, Wi-Fi, cell-phones, vaccines, CAT-Scans and MRI Scans.

So my sense is these people aren’t really looking into salvaging any DNA, but destroying or incapacitating all DNA outside of their own, of course, for whatever reason.

It has always struck me as weird that vaccine-caused autism (not recognized by the medical establishment) always afflicts only the most beautiful and intelligent children. Now why is that? Are the masters trying to get rid of the best amongst the slaves?

But whatever the reason, I believe it’s a good reason not to turn in your DNA to the authorities.

They might have a half-case in collecting DNA from felons, but they have no legal reason to forcefully collect DNA from law-abiding citizens.

So hold on to your DNA.

Whatever reason they have for collecting everybody’s DNA can’t be good.


  1. They get every time you take a new job and swab for the drug test.

  2. They shouldn't be doing that and you shouldn't be allowing that. Nothing beyond a blood or urine test should be legally required drug test. Saliva and swabbing is not part of a drug test. DNA info is already being used to not insure or to insure expensively against diseases you might be pre-disposed towards having.