Friday, January 28, 2011

New World Order = Communist Occupation (Part-2)

The collapse and occupation of the United States will not be a simple.

It will require a plan as complex as it is grandiose.

And it will require 'the enemy' to be situated both both within and outside the United States of America - at very high levels.

In other words, there will be agents working from inside and the outside of this country to make it happen.

The plan is already in progress:

*the de-industrialization of the United States
*the banking derivatives collapse
*the destruction of the dollar...

These are just the first phase of the internal operation.

For the second stage of this internal plan, an American “Kerensky” government will be have to be empowered.

[The name ‘Kerensky’ comes from the treacherous Russian leader who made sure the Russian Tsarist government collapsed in 1918 (and stayed collapsed)]

This intermediate government’s job will be to keep the economy collapsed, the government ineffective and the armed forces stagnant.

Our ‘Kerensky’ leadership will pretend to be a legitimate American government, but will, in fact, consist Illuminati or Communist agents (Obama is a perfect example, and might be the “Kerensky” figure).

The final part of the internal operation will lead to the collapse and disintegration of the United States as we know it - perhaps into several independent regions or mini-republics.

The Russians are already speaking of this (see link below)

Russia Will Occupy Alaska

The worse way the US can split would be through a civil war, which would destroy, alienate, further impoverish and hopelessly separate the states from each other... and is likely to lead to a stalemate.

The best way the US could separate would be to simply let the states go their separate ways, leaving them free to rejoin the Republic when they wish.

But you can count that the ‘Kerensky’ government and the Illuminati secessionist elements on doing exactly the opposite of the best thing.

The plan is to tear the US apart though CIVIL WAR.

Upon the political and socio-economic collapse caused by the Civil War, the US Army, Navy and Air Force will cease to exist as effective fighting forces.

The second part of the Illuminati plan will then commence:

Military attacks against America's allies by Russia and China

What’s left of America will lose her friends to Sino-Russian military conquest while 'America' remains paralyzed by civil war, disintegration, political stagnation, social unrest and economic collapse.

China and North Korea will overrun South Korea and assemble at the Korean Strait for an assault on Japan.

Russian forces will advance into Europe through Poland to the English Channel slowed down slightly by the useless NATO volunteer forces (the collapse of the Soviet Army has been a lie - their equipment is mothballed and ready).

England will be left isolated.

By this time, Mexico will have been turned (through Chinese bribery and covert operations) into a Chinese ally - like Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil and most of Latin America are already.

Meanwhile our Second Civil War would have wound itself down into a stagnant stalemate having permanently alienated the Western, Southern and Northeastern regions of the United States into separate basket-case mini-republics.

A Chinese bribery campaign will neutralize the Civil War devastated and impoverished Western ex-States of America, who will be starved for money, resources and markets.

The reason for this economic help will be to make them indifferent as to what will be happening to their south.

Not long after this China will begin to transporting troops to Mexico, using the new western ports now being constructed on Mexico's’s western coast.

Russian forces assembled at the Bering Strait will march or ferry across to Alaska...eventually down into Canada...and finally across into Washington State.

No one will be there to stop them.

Meanwhile ever increasing Chinese forces already deployed in Mexico will use the excellent western ports and border-crossing super highways to moving troops into the Southwestern United States.

(For this they are constructing those super-ports and super-highways not for trade, but for military occupation - China is paying the bill!)

Uncoordinated military resistance could be expected, but what’s left of the US would at this time be much less than the sum of its parts - the US having been militarily and politically castrated by our Second Civil War and our national disintegration.

The interstate infrastructure that makes America a mighty military industrial complex would be gone as the nation splits up into three or four different entities.

The breakdown of cooperation between the states would make equipping of the US Army impossible.

Some of the governments of the new ex-state ‘republics’ will even be under the influence of Chinese economic clout, Venezuelan oil and Russian gold, in order to help rather than hinder things.

Even now, if there is one thing that is eating up America, it is thoughtless and rampant corruption.

That corruption will increase.

So it will be in the end.

Eventually, Mexican and Latin American troops (under the command of their respective Marxist governments) will be sent to help Russian and Chinese (UN) forces occupy North America.

The multi-national occupation would continue under the guise of the United Nations (whose National Security Council is controlled by Russia and China) as a police action to bring the region 'back into order'.

Many Americans will probably fight back with their household guns and their broken down army with no spare parts, little organization, and a disintegrating infrastructure.

But at this point, the final outcome will no longer be in doubt.

What next?

Upon successful occupation of the Southwest...

...the actual round-up and purging of the American population will begin.

The death camps are already here, built by FEMA.

The blacklists are already on file at the FBI, NSA, CIA and Google.


Everything you have put into the Internet, every site you visited, every letter you ever typed online is up for review and inspection either at the Library of Congress or at Google (Google itself was co-founded by a Russian - Sergey Brin).


They will know exactly what your attitude and opinions are. They will know exactly what websites you visited and what associations you belonged to…and even how you think.

The vast information (and spy) network called the Internet will be put to its full use.

Then the real purge will begin.

It might take ten years to murder everyone that needs to be murdered in North America, or to simply produce a giant North American genocide to make way for the new Chinese population (see below).

China's Genocidal Plan for America

The jealous nations of the world will actually enjoy seeing the hated and formerly prosperous and untouchable United States thrown down to the ground and trampled, its people living in filth and misery or shut up in concentration camps.

To many people across the world this will be a day of celebration.

(Didn't WE celebrate the collapse of the Soviet Union?)

Now you might doubt what you are reading.

You might think it's all a product in the imagination of some feverish conspiracy idiot.

But there is just one glaring problem.

The complexity and fluidity of the plan are simply too workable and too realistically to be made up.

The details are backed up by ongoing fact.

Worse…the plan keeps building level by level towards the alleged ultimate goal as most Americans ignore it completely.

I challenge you to investigate for yourself the dismembering of our armed forces and our economy and the preparation of China and Russia for this plan.

When I first heard about it, my first reaction was also “WHO did you say was going to occupy the United States?" and "Didn’t the Cold War end a while ago?”

Then I started doing my own research, and had to admit it all seemed to come together and make sense…and keep making sense as I saw things continuing to progress towards that direction.

Communism never collapsed, it simply went into hiding and will be the ideology of the New World Order.

The whole plan is a bit like 'the Protocols'.

You may doubt who wrote them or where they came from, but you can’t read them and say it is all hogwash.

The planning is too meticulous. The details too fitting and accurate. The concept too intelligent and practical. Current events match the plan too closely.

I think if you read this blog, you can very easily tell what comes from me and what comes from ‘other sources.’

This comes from the ‘other source.’

If you want to see how they will treat us, simply read the history of the Communist occupations of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Cambodia, or the Communist purges in Russia and China.

The key word here is massive purging, which translates into mass-murder.

As it turns out, the word NEW in New World Order stands for a starting over on a completely clean slate.

The old culture, ideas and beliefs must be wiped out.

This is what the word ‘New’ in New World Order means.

As such, the populations of China, India, Japan, and Europe are much more eligible for peaceful assimilation into this new society – AMERICA IS DEFINITELY NOT (and, I must add, neither are the Muslim populations).

How ironic that these two targeted groups are the ones that are now fighting each other.

The tactic is as old as it is cunning - Divide and Conquer.



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