Thursday, January 13, 2011

Corrupt Thug Will Judge Giffords Shooting

US Distict Judge Larry A. Burns is the same judge who put away top-scoring Vietnam Ace and beloved Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham for 8 years over trumped up charges.

See details here:

Top American Ace Rots in Prison

He is also the same prosecutor who put away David Harrison in 1990 after bragging that "he was morally certain" Harrison was innocent but that he "bet" he could win the conviction anyway.

He did.

Not only did he win, but he plotted to keep this innocent man in prison by concealing and destroying evidence that would have set him free.

See the details here:

Later on Burns went for his master-stroke: putting away Vietnam war hero and popular Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham for 8 years over trumped up charges without even allowing him to see his dying mother one last time.

Great work, Larry.

You see, Larry A. Burns is a hatchet man. A corrupt weasel who goes after people they point him at like a rabid dog.

He doesn't care whether they are guilty or innocent, hero or scum, he just does what he is told.

At present he has been told (and his way facilitated) by Chief Judge Alex Kozinski to travel all the way from San Diego, California (Federal Southern District of California) to Tucson, Arizona (Federal 9th District) to judge Jared Lee Loughner - the 'shooter' of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and killer of District Judge John Roll.

But this is a very special and sensitive assignment for Judge Larry A. Burns.

They brought this stinking fish all the way from another district in California to judge this case.

Must be for a reason.

Could it be because Judge Burns has absolutely no scruples, does exactly what he's told and is totally obedient to his masters?

You see, there are a lot of loose ends in the Loughner case.

Was there more than one shooter?

Is Loughner a programmed assassin?

Why were Giffords and Roll standing in a street corner at a public meeting completely unprotected?
(even small town hall meetings have deputies at hand).

Don't worry.

District Judge Larry A. Burns will take care of all these questions...and more.

He will make this the open-and-shut-case the establishment wants it to be.

Because, you see...there is a big problem now:

Loughner is alive (guess he didn't get the chance to plug himself in the head like he was supposed to).

True, the FBI is already at the scene sanitizing the case, but the help of a cooperative district judge is all that is vitally needed to securely cap off the case.

You know, things like...

... cutting off witnesses when they are saying things they are not supposed to say

...putting testimony off the record

...not letting certain witnesses speak

...accepting or rejecting evidence

...sealing evidence

District Judge Larry A. Burns will do all those things and more.

That's just the type of thing he does.

And the our evil establishment does need him very much at this moment.

For starters, it turns out the official story is now that Gifford was not shot in the back of the head, like all the witnesses were saying at the beginning.

The official story is now that Giffords was shot in the face.

All the witnesses got it wrong.

See, the story is already being replaced for the Official Story.

The surveillance camera video of the crime has been sealed and will not be released to the public.

Federal District Judge Larry A. Burns will make sure the Official Story is the only one that leaks out of this case.

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