Tuesday, December 28, 2010

America'sTop Ace Rots in Prison

Who is Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham?

He is the Vietnam War’s top scoring ace for the Navy. In fact, he shot down North Vietnam’s top scoring ace in a duel to the death.

But today, America’s top scoring ace, Top Gun instructor, California Congressman, Christian conservative and overall hero, sits rotting in a Federal prison.

I am sure America wants to know how Vietnam's top ace and redoubtable Congressman wound up in this hell hole.

Obviously he must have done something evil.

Let's look at the record, shall we?

1) He sold his house at an inflated price

2) Borrowed a yacht from a friend

3) Received as gifts (brace yourselves): a used Rolls Royce, some antique furniture and a rug and a contribution for his daughters’ birthday party.

For this he got 8 years (count them) EIGHT YEARS in prison, and, of course, the ruination of his entire military and political career.

Selling a house at an inflated price?

Wasn’t the entire American real estate market doing that?

How about selling crap derivatives until you collapse the entire economy?

How about charging the government unreal prices for feeding and housing our troops badly on their way to die in some forgotten place?

How about receiving $1trillion dollars of taxpayer money as a gift?

I don’t see too many Federal prison sentences being handed out for those crimes.

Oh well, some crimes carry more weight than others, I suppose.

But, oh, there are other crimes Cunningham was guilty of as well.

He didn’t like homos, and he specifically didn’t like homosexual Congressmen like Barney Frank, in fact, he made fun of them.

Tsk, tsk, Mr Cunningham.

Oh, and there's one other thing he didn’t like - drugs.

He was at the forefront of actually trying to enact ‘effective legislation’ to cut down the illegal drug trade at the knees.

You know, stop going after the street-corner punks and start going after the frozen food containers in our major ports.

And this, I suspect, was the real crime of Randy 'Duke' Cunningham.

Ace Cunningham made some pretty powerful people at the top pretty angry.

Because they not only framed him (all the gifts and favors came from one man - who then turned Cunningham in), but even after they put him in the pokey, the Internet became awash with anti-Cunningham propaganda of the worse sort.

There suddenly appeared entire websites dedicated to making Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham look like scum.

Not criminal scum mind you(not enough evidence for that), but simple run-of-the-mill jerk scum – you know: coward, jerk, bigot, racist, chauvinist, religious fanatic, pervert, you know, all the adjectives you normally call an American war hero.

Check out one of those sites here:


Yeah, and I am just wondering, what sort of individuals just get up one morning and decide to create entire websites dedicated to debasing Veteran Congressman and war hero Randy C. Cunningham.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Makes me wonder who paid for the free mud-bath.

Articles in Wikipedia (now removed) accused him of being found in a closet crying after provoking another congressman into shoving him.

Ooh yeah, totally believable.

But it didn’t stop there.

Then the establishment media whores pitched in.

The Washington Post published an editorial calling his actions “the most brazen conspiracy in modern congressional history.”

Talk about hyperbole.

(I guess the Federal Reserve Act was a gentleman’s agreement)

Finally, fellow 'veteran' and ‘pilot’ George W. Bush pitched in by calling Cunningham’s actions outrageous and stating that he should “pay a serious price” for his crimes.

(I wonder what ‘crimes’ our President was referring to - the borrowed yacht, the sold house, the dusty furniture or the rug?)

But whatever the case, the full force of America’s Byzantine system of justice was turned on poor old Duke.

US District Judge Larry A. Burns sentenced him to the 8 years of wastage in a Federal Prison.

Not only that, but this same judicial-thug denied Cunningham the right to see his dying mother one last time before going to prison.

(As a reward for railroading Cunningham, Judge Burns was assigned to direct the cover-up for Rep. Gabriel Giffords' shooting...see here: Giffords Cover-Up )

But wait, there is a bright side.

Mitchell Wade, the man who supposedly bribed and corrupted a Congressman Cunningham with all these illegal gifts - got only 2 years in prison (yes he's already out).

But perhaps Mitchell Wade does deserve such a short sentence because he is the one who baited, entrapped, betrayed and then turned in Randy Cunningham.

On the other hand...

...the torture hasn’t stopped for poor old Duke.

Besides the special inconvenience and harassment he reveives at the hands of his paid-for jailers, Randy gets one more special gift every year.

A visit from the journalist who helped destroy his character.

This kind-hearted individual asks Cunningham if he know acknowledges what a poop he is, and if he feels sorry for all the crimes he’s committed. Sometimes he asks how the penal system is treating him.

Randy once responded to this 'journalist' (perhaps more through him than to him) that he (Cunningham) “was a a human being” and “when would they stop?”

No Randy, it doesn't stop.

Now the IRS is confiscating all of what's left of Randy Cunningham's assets while he rots in jail, which will leave him dirt-poor by the time he leaves the slammer.

The reason?

Back-taxes for all the 'bribes' he accepted.

Not that he has possession of any of those bribes because they were all confiscated and he was forced to pay them all back.

The IRS (especially when mounting payback) has never let logic interfere with illegal confiscations and license.

Some crimes are just unforgivable...

...like when you try to stop the flow of ‘spice’ in a country whose own intelligence agencies run the drug trade...and whose last three Presidents have been certified coke-heads.

As for me…show me how a country treats its war heroes...

...and I'll show you how it treats its citizens.

Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham is supposed to be released from prison in 2013.

You can write to him at:
Randall C. Cunningham
SPC Tucson
PO Box 24549
Tucson, AZ 85734

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