Monday, December 13, 2010

We Entered the Matrix in the 1990's

Before the year 1990 every decade seemed to have a flavor all its own.

The 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s seemed to have their own distinctive fashions, music and lingo.

Something happened, though, near the turn of the century during the mid-1990’s.

We entered the matrix.

As I awaited the new eccentricities of the new ‘oughts’ decade... something happened:

…absolutely nothing.

The culture that had been implanted in the 1990’s pretty much stayed the same right through the new decade (which is now almost over).

As a careful watcher of fads, fashions and decade culture, for the first time I saw absolutely no change in the music, the clothing or the language.

Decade culture, in other words, had come to a grinding halt.

I waited patiently for the changed to come. I waited ten years. Haircuts seemed to go crew with long sideburn for a while, then that went away.

The clothing was the worse. The exact same baggy clothing of the 1990’s.

Music was no different: the exact same obnoxious hip hop of the 1990’s. In fact, hip hop seems to have become an eternal fixture.

Now we are finished with the first decade of the New Millenium with no noticeable change in pop culture.

Did we finally enter the Matrix?

I asked around.

I asked young people and old people. I asked culture experts.

I found nothing.

They agreed with me that the new decade had brought absolutely nothing new.
Pop culture seemed to have come to a jarring halt.

Then I though about it for a while.

If a ‘new world order’ is being built, then it would have to come with a world culture.

You can’t create a world culture if the culture is changing every 10 years, much less expand on it.

So they froze it.

The New World Order culture was created in the 1990’s and frozen in time to be carried into eternity.

Welcome to the Matrix.

Welcome to the culture of the New World Order.

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