Friday, December 10, 2010

Us vs Them

This group has declared war on us.

These people are not college graduates, they are servile products of the elite institutions of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, and Berkeley.

These people are not politicians, they are members of obedience-based political clubs called Round Tables, represented by the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Club of Rome. They attend secret meetings (which we called Bildeberger meetings) where they receive their commands verbally every year.

These people are not members of college fraternities, they are members of obedience-based sodomistic cults.

These people are not you and me. Their attitude towards you and me is like that of people towards cattle.

These people are not naïve politicians, they are conscious accomplices in crime.

These people are not Christians, Mormons Muslims, Jews, Buddhist or any other type of normal and ‘moral’ religion, they only masquerade as being religious, they have their own secret religion, in which they must prove their disdain for the rest of us.

These people are not normal people, they are bisexual sodomists who butch up their act in order to be accepted by normal society.

These people are not like us. They just resemble us.

Our modern dysfunctional economic system was built by them, is now threatened with collapse by them, and is targeted to be rebuilt by them, with us on the bottom tier.

For 100 years they have controlled our economy because we gave them the power to print our money, and now they are using that control to gain absolute social and political control over us.

It’s about time to call them out for what they really are.


We don’t need acolytes from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Berkeley, or any of the other anti-human institution running our government.

We don’t need followers from Freemasonry, Mormonism, B’nai Brith or any other ‘cult’ making decisions on our behalf.

We don’t need any ‘obedience-indoctrinated members’ from the Round Table, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission or the Bohemian Grove telling us what to do.

We don’t need any more crypto-people who masquerade as something they are not either religiously, ideologically or ethnically.

We don’t need any more closet Marxists guiding our way.

We don’t need anyone with ‘lineage’ who can trace (or has bothered to trace) his ‘lineage’ back to the Mayflower or the kings of England.

We don’t need parasites from the Federal Reserve front organization keeping us informed of how much our phony ‘debt’ is and how much we ‘owe’ them. We owe them nothing! They credited us with debt from money they made out of nothing


They have sworn to kill and bury us.

We don’t need to follow them anymore.

Their laws aren’t our laws. Their ideas aren’t our ideas. Their beliefs aren’t our beliefs. Their loyalties are alien to us.

In fact, to hell with their beliefs, their laws, their rules and their regulations, in fact…


It’s about time we realized this concept…and acted on it.

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