Monday, December 27, 2010


There has been a lot of talk about secession lately.

It used to be that when the little people said stuff like that the establishment put them on FBI black lists and watched them for the rest of their lives.

Now it’s the rich people doing it, so it’s acceptable and even fashionable.

Fact is the states have been the Federal Government’s whores for more than half a decade.

They have been paid for their compliance with Federal mandates with abundant Federal money, which they have been more than happy to stuff down their bras.

Now the money is running out, and there is trouble at the stud-ranch.

In effect, the Federal government has been bribing the states for decades to go along with its programs and policies, without ever actually making them part of the Federal government or gaining any official authority to dictate. The states have been going along because their coffers have been constantly filled at Federal expense.

Come on.

You don’t really think state money built that luxurious high school your kid goes to, do you? Nor do you really think your local police department bought all those fancy toys with state money, right?

The problem this has been some bad obedience training and negative conditioning. Simply put, the states have been conditioned to follow the money, not their conscience. They have become accustomed to operating at the level they are at through Federal subsidies.

Once that Federal money dries up (which it will soon), all those fancy high schools, those glitzy police departments, those decadent libraries will cease to function.

What will the states do?

What have they been conditioned to do?

Answer: they have been conditioned to stick their hand and cry for money and even compete against other states for free money emanating from the Federal money tree. In fact, many still have a blind faith that a Federal economic bailout will rescue them just in the nick of time (even though they themselves are bankrupt).

Once the Federal government tells the states “there is no more money,” the likely reaction of the states will be…absolute and total shock.

This will be followed by desperate brainstorming on how to fix their crumbling Federally-dependent infrastructure, followed by…the need to seek more money… elsewhere.

When the money runs out, states will begin to think it their right to distance themselves, from a Federal government that is no longer the sugar daddy that provides for their needs, and in so not doing, has become completely ‘useless.’ They will proceed to individually seek out the favors of nations that have plenty of money to spend, so they can keep living at the level they have been at under the Federal trough.

Depending on how weak the Federal government is, and how whored out the states have become, this could lead to actual or virtual secession by some states due to economic factors.

Think about it. Venezuela has lots of free oil it is ready to give out to its friends, so does Iran. China doesn’t know what to do with all the dollars it’s sitting on. But, oh bother, the states can’t get any of it, because the Federal government has problems with those countries.

Why not just tell the Federal government to get lost, and make a bid for all those goodies?

See, that opens up a whole new box of cornucopia for the beggar states!

Well, who has the money nowadays? Let’s see, China is rather well off in the money department. So are the Gulf States. And don’t forget Russia. Although Russia is supposedly down on the account books, she still has an over-abundance of all types of natural resources she doesn’t know quite what to do with. Trade it in exchange for influence maybe?

The new ‘More Independent States of America’ will soon be offering bids and opening new relationships with all these countries, no matter what the Federal Government says.

In fact, secession is already being offered as a way to revitalize the states economies.

“What?” You say?

Indeed. Just get rid of all those Federal regulations, all those Federal taxes, and all those Federal economic limitations, and tomorrow you could be making millions off Cuban cigars, or restarting your economy based on selling legal marihuana (to hell with the ‘war on drugs’), or revving up your industries on free Iranian and Venezuelan gas.

My point is all of the above is a pipe dream, dreamed up by political entities (the states), who have become used to getting a hand out from their sugar daddy (the Federal Government), and have whored out their principles in the process, and indeed, have become like dependent whores. Well, guess what, the concept of nationhood is itself a principle. A principle that is going out the window based on economic convenience.

But let’s be honest here. Do you want people like the ones that populate your local HOA, county or state government dictating your lives? Yeah, you know, dictating - like the way they are dictating already.

I live in Arizona, and I’ve had two governors I’ve voted for and gotten elected (Mecham and Symington) get kicked out of office by our local oligarchy (called the Phoenix 40) because they didn’t like the men the people elected to run this state,

We also have a scary troll who calls himself Sheriff of Maricopa County, who has been the dictator of that post for 17 years, and who systematically crushes, harasses, imprisons and prosecutes anyone who criticizes him or who simply does not go along with his programs. His name is Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and, believe me, this guy is not nice. He runs his own intelligence agency, and keeps any would be critics scared. I am not joking. This man harasses and intimidates the very members of County government. People are scared of this man, because he uses the law as his own personal baseball bat, and he spies on everyone through the Internet and through his own spy agency.

Or how about Texas Governor Rick “Bildeberger” Perry who mandated all little girls in Texas be vaccinated with an STD whore vaccine by executive order even though he had a business interest in the company manufacturing the vaccine-and- the vaccine was not fully tested or safe – and - the vaccine itself sickened, hurt or destroyed a bevy of innocent little girls who got it. Yeah, this is the same guy who is now talking about secession from the union (with him at the new helm, I suppose).

Or how about all those states who take children away from their parents because the parents refuse to shoot up their kids with autism-causing vaccines, or who take away their kids because they refuse to submit them to deadly chemo and radiation therapy when their kids are diagnosed with cancer. Listen up, these are the people standing on the sidelines ready to take the reins of the new ‘ Turnip Republics of America.’

Anyone who has had his head stepped on or his arms twisted by your local friendly law enforcement thug knows how friendly these folks are. Oh yeah, real sweethearts. Makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside.

The truth is our state governments are composed of some pretty ruthless, mean and corrupt people, who really need someone to look over their shoulders (like the Federal Government) in order to keep them from going completely ape-shit on us.

Don’t get me wrong!

I’m not saying the Federal Government is any better. But what I am saying is that it takes two jealous, corrupt and competing thugs to keep the balance of power. The states don’t trust the Feds and the Feds don’t trust the states. Their mutual power struggle is what keeps either side from going medieval.

So my question is this:

Do you really want all supervision and control removed from your local and state plutocracy?

I thought so.

If you’ve had to suffer through arbitrary high-handed abuse of local HOAs, school districts, local courts and local police, like I have, then you know what type of people you are dealing with: people who need some sort of balance of power arrangement to keep them from going totally ape-crazy on all of us.

No, I don’t get than cuddly warm feeling when I think of the “Republic of Arizona”, because I know that in such a Republic, my ass will probably be drop-kicked into some concentration camp (heard about our tent cities?), my rights totally violated myself totally crushed, without me being able to complain to anyone or anything.

At least under the present system we can go cry to the Federal Government who will probably act if for no other reason than to work and legitimize its own power.

It’s a sad fact that government has kept the states under its control through eternal infusions of Federal money. In this way it has effectively nationalized policy on education, transportation and law enforcement.

So you see, our founding Fathers actually got it right (again) by instituting a system balanced out between State and Federal government. The two losers keep things under control by keeping an eye on each other.

The Feds are obviously getting out of control. What we need to do is come together at the individual, city, county and state level to disempower the Federal Government from the inside, not disassemble the entire USA.

If we are unhappy with the size and power of the Federal Government, then we have the rights and means to get its power back under control through State and Congressional initiatives, not thorough secession.

Secession means the end of the United States of America, a hell of a lot of license to our local warlords and a lot of insecurity for the rest of us.

Think Russia, China and Mexico won’t bribe out, control and walk all over the new “corn republics of America.”

Think again.

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