Saturday, December 25, 2010

Keeping Our Guns

In 9/11 they attacked us, killing innocent Americans who never had a chance.

They used this staged and covered up event – a crime of mass-murder- to justify beginning the destruction of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Constitutional Government.

They used this staged event to label anyone questioning it as a nut or an enemy of the state.

Ladies and gentlemen, the people behind this, the people who covered it up and the people who are using it as an excuse to turn our country into a prison, these are the true ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

And I take the word ‘enemy’ very seriously. They have declared war against American society. And I take the word ‘war’ very seriously too.

In doing so, they taught us a very important lesson about life (and about themselves).

First of all, violence is part of life.

We have lived too long secure behind our borders, separated by two gigantic oceans, rich and prosperous and at peace while the rest of the world suffered mass-deprivation, war, brutality and terrorism. And I’m talking about modern countries like England, France, Germany and Italy.

Yeah, Europe knew terrorism and machinegun-armed security before we did.

9/11 showed us we are not untouchable.

In doing so, they showed us something we had been forgetting in this country:

1) that violence and brutality are a part of life


2) that we have been scheduled for our share of them.

Ever since Vietnam we had been trying to forget.

We made up fairy tales about how everything can be resolved through negotiation. How every conflict is just some sort of misunderstanding.

The “collapse” of the Soviet Union seemed to confirm that.

9/11 made us smell the coffee.

This brings me to the second thing they showed us.

They showed us they are willing to murder us.

Yeah, murder us en masse, and I am not talking about Bin Laden or some other terrorist figure-head who used to be an intelligence asset.

I am talking about elements infiltrated INSIDE our own government, who have shown themselves to be the ENEMY.

The uncomfortable fact is that an unpalatable part of life is violence.

You can include that along with all the other unpalatables of it like work, taxes, debt, unfairness, corruption, disease and rudeness.

For too long we have taught our kids how to dial 9-11 or scream for help instead of how to punch a bully in the jaw.

This habit is especially worrying as it increasingly occurs in our middle and upper middle class communities (yeah, the lower class lives in violence, but they are in charge of absolutely nothing).

The simple fact is there comes times when violence happens.

It happens to you, it happens to a loved one. You didn’t ask for it. You didn’t want it. You get hit with it anyway.

You know it already.

When some big drunk bastard takes a handful of your girl's or your wife's rear end, you know you are in for it.

You got no where to go.

You know you will probably lose the brawl, but you dive in anyway..without hesitation.


Because to do anything less would not only be unmanly, but unnatural, and inhuman.

Our sovereignty and our rights are like that.

We don't presently live in an absolute dictatorship, but a big bastard is there taking it away bit by bit, helping himself to something that is ours and is precious.

Our natural, manly, human reaction is active opposition.

Life is just like that, and we should accept it.

Wars happen, and nations defend themselves (even if outnumbered) because they are sovereign - composed of sovereign citizens and patriots.

Things like this just happen...sorry!

The big problem today is the large majority of our educated white-bread middle class population is not trained to deal with it. It’s like violence is not even a part of their make up or their existence.

It used to be that the upbringing of any distinguished upper middle class gentleman included training in the ability to inflict violence – pistols, sabers, fisty-cuffs, choose your weapon.

Now training in violence for the upper middle class is taboo.

Instead, the upper middle class gets trained on how to cross your T’s and dot your I’s, punch the right tickets please and how to beg just right to get what you want.

I had to hear with disgust how a teenage girl student from a white bread upper middle class school was assaulted by ruder (lower class, bigger, uglier, older less, civilized) versions of her gender at a high school football game and robbed…on her own school’s turf and right in front of her classmates, their parents...and her teachers…all of whom did absolutely nothing.

It took a lower class version of a male teen (from the school of the assaulting amazons) to chase them down and run them into the arms of a policeman.

Stuff like this not only makes me sick, it makes me worry about the make-up of our middle class.

You see, the little girl was from an upper middle class school while the amazons (and the teenage hero) were form a lower class institution.

The problem is the middle and upper classes are the bulwark of society. If our middle class is made out of goo, then that’s pretty much what our institutions are going to turn into as well.

And speaking of goo…

It sickens me to see too many conspiracy websites, blogs and videos (mostly from left-leaning states and institutions) recommending the gooey way out.

One ‘Planet-X’ video recommended not engaging in any violent or disruptive acts of resistance to suppression, since the government would quickly terminate of all disruptive elements.

It also made fun of people who would attempt to flee into the wilderness, saying they would go on until they found their way blocked (showing a picture of a landslide).


Yeah, blocked most likely by government goons stationed on the roads, not landslides (I am wondering how many of these websites are sponsored by the government itself).

In another conspiracy catalog from Hawaii, if worse comes to worse, the writers recommend:
”…respect authority. If martial law is declared and soldiers come to your house looking for trouble, your good attitude may save your life, or lack thereof may get you shot. I don’t advocate the use of arms. The military has been professionally trained to use their weapons. They won’t think twice before blowing you away if you show the slightest bit of hostility, especially if you are toting a weapon. Guns may help you protect yourself from other citizenry but with the military you don’t stand a chance so if you want to live then be cooperative. The only people who are going to be taken away to concentration camps are the insurgents and combatants. They don’t have enough room to round us all up. Don’t try to be Rambo, because you and your whole family might very well die because of it. Are you starting to get what I’m saying here?”

Yeah, friend, I am starting to see a sniveling coward who believes in the omnipotence of a military who hasn’t even been able to occupy Iraq (a country the size of California) successfully, much less the entire United States. I see a person who thinks the overlords will spare him and his family because he cooperates, and let him live out his life as he sees fit because he is a good little lamb.

I see a deluded fool.

For crying out loud, this is an editorial in a conspiracy video and book catalog!

Did the conspiracy community spend 50 years studying the “Illuminati” and what they do to subject populations only to stop and consider the best way of surrendering to them?


Like the above, I am starting to see too many websites and blog comments appearing that seem to be propagandizing surrender and disguising it as ‘common sense.’

‘Why get yourself skewered by the invincible forces of the New World Order?’ they ask, ‘no reason to get carried away.’

My problem is I don’t see the reason or compromise part of surrendering you country and your family into the hands of proven mass-murderers.

These people have a track record.

They financed and facilitated mass-murder orgies like the Russian Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the Cambodian Revolution, the Rwandan Revolution and from what I can see, the Nazi German revolution.

Oh yeah, real nice guys - people you can reason with.

I don’t like saying this, but the sheep-like nature of the common man seems to run deep.

In Australia, that manly nation down under, gun confiscation occurred in 1996. A lot of people were waiting on the sideline to see what the bronzed macho men of the outlaw continent would do once the government declared it was confiscating their guns.

The reaction?

Not much.

The Australian cowboys turned in all their guns without so much as a whimper. It was easy for the government to do because all the guns were registered.

To be fair, many Australians did not turn in their guns…they buried them.

The numbers of guns ‘missing’ or ‘stolen’ are legion. The government did not bother to follow up on all the suspicious disappearances.

After all, why push their luck? They had just cowed down the population of an entire continent with the single stroke of a pen.

But let’s get this straight before I continue: universal gun-confiscation in this country would be like crossing the Rubicon. It’ll be a preparation for the slaughter of unarmed Americans.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Whether it be from forces foreign or domestic, an unarmed population is a population ready for slaughter, and these people have a particular habit for slaughter with a capital S!

And lets not mince words. The slaughter begins immediately after gun confiscation is carried out – by the criminals who still have guns.

The unarmed sheep population is then prey to armed criminals, who know the government has made things easy for them. The crime rate skyrockets along with murder.

And this is just the immediate effect of gun confiscation.

The Federal Government has developed a penchant for confiscating everybody’s guns in cases of local natural disasters and where a ‘state of emergency’ has been declared.

It only stands to reason that a general confiscation of guns can be activated if the emergency grows to a ‘national emergency.’

Even the excuse of a national emergency does not hold water. You need a gun to defend YOUR OWN HOUSEHOLD during a freaking national emergency.

My advice: if it is a local emergency, hide and bury your guns, and retrieve them once the search parties have left. Declare your guns stolen, if they get nosey. If it is a national emergency, do the same.

Once the goons are gone, retrieve your guns.

You see during a gun confiscation drive, nothing will work better than the old tried and true method of mass disobedience.

Historically, if a bad law was enacted, the population refused to obey it. The result? The law was abandoned. It’s been this way since the kings of Babylon.

A gun confiscation drive will not work if a major portion of the population refuses to obey. Even if government insists on never abandoning the law, it won’t work.

Don’t be frightened by propaganda showing SWAT teams assaulting gun resistors (the victims will probably be government prepped dupes anyway).

They don’t have enough SWAT, police or Army to confiscate even 5% of this country’s guns. Instead, they will be counting on mass fear and voluntary compliance to make something like this work.

If there is no cooperation, the law will collapse…period.

Don’t believe worthless promises about getting your guns back once the ‘national emergency’ is over.

Just ask the guns owners of New Orleans how many got their guns back once the ‘state of emergency ended’.

This passive-aggressive method naturally used by populations worldwide throughout history is the number one method of populations to resist unpopular government.

If there is a gun confiscation drive in THIS country, I expect zero compliance.

And let me say one thing about this government.

It likes to issue all these high-sounding ultimatums, but it sheepishly withdraws when it sees that the people aren’t going to go along.

When there is no compliance, the government tends to say something like “Oh, did I say that? I’m sorry, I think perhaps you just misunderstood.”

On the other hand, when enough sheep get in line with the program, the battle cry is “zero tolerance!”

In this sense, they are a bit like the Communists (which many of them now are, anyway).

Remember the Real ID, the ‘Super Highway, H1N1 Vaccine?

None of these things happened in spite of the government’s ‘do it or else’ proclamation because the states and the people REFUSED.

The government then proceeded to act like it had never made these arbitrary demands on the people in the first place!

It’ll be the same way with any gun confiscation.

If you see ‘Homeland Security’ treating everybody like cattle at the airports, its only because people are agreeing to be treated like cattle. The minute they start saying ‘to hell with this’ the government will stop.

Now let me speak of the limitations of government and the New World Order.

Our government can’t even control Iraq - a nation the size of California.

In fact, little Iraqi punks kicked police-state-ass when it came to the population-disarm-and-control program.

The government is doing even worse in Afghanistan.

What makes you think an army of this size will be able to control the entire United States?

Why do you think Obama is asking for his own militia?

Because the Army doesn’t have even close to enough men to do it, that’s why!

I am not an extremist to the point to think we need or even want civil war.

Now of late there has been talk of secession in this country.

I am not a fanatical ‘union or death’ person.

If a state is willing to spill its own blood to separate from the USA, my thought is: ‘ can go ahead if that’s how you feel about it.’

On the other hand, it doesn’t take a genius to see that we have everything to lose if this country falls apart - through civil war.

It’s the unity of our country which got us independence. It’s the unity of our country which brought us economic and political success. And it’s the unity of our country which has kept us sovereign and secure so far.

You want to see what secession looks like?

Look at Bosnia, Kossovo, the ex-Soviet Republics, look at Lebanon, look at Palestine.

In fact...look anyplace where thugs with different colored bandanas randomly murder people.

And yeah, I am talking about government militias here (please note the word 'government' in this description)

Historically militias have been used by government to commit and cover up atrocities the army can’t commit because it keeps too many records. So why not just hire a gofer with a gun and a colored bandanna to do your murderous dirty work?

Recently I have seen the federal government call for the creation of militias.

I have also seen states calling for the creation of militias.

Finally, I have seen established militias asking to (get this) become operational tools of the federal government!

The philosophy is that as tools of the federal government, ‘our’ militias will safeguard the way the federal government treats us.

What hogwash!

And if secession happens, what makes you think your local ‘state republic’ government will be any more tolerant of your difference of opinion or your guns than the feds are?

See your local friendly sheriff, police and SWAT thugs in action lately?

But my point is this:

I believe we stand a better to have the federal government disempowered from the inside than through national disintegration.

I believe we can succeed by coming together rather than separating.

Think about it.

Where would the American Revolution have gone if the colonies began fighting amongst themselves or going their own separate ways?

And as to seceding (and ending the United States as a country) – isn’t that what the New World Order wants to happen?

I believe a tearing apart of the United States into neutralized, ineffective and easily controlled units could very well be a part of the New World Order’s plan for us.

(In fact, I have been told and shown this)

What better way to get rid of the ‘America problem’?

So I don’t believe in secession or civil war.

I believe in local unified resistance to Federal policy at all levels – local, county, state, and federal. I believe in civilian, police and military coming together in rejecting these unlawful and unconstitutional laws emanating from the pens of these traitors.

Check it out:

Russia and China are already licking their chops.

Russia is saying how it will occupy Alaska once America divides into six parts (see Professor Igor Panarin).

China is proclaiming how it will genocide the Western half of the United States to make room for its own population (see General Chi Haotian).

This is why gun confiscation resistance is such a serious matter. Its serious because, unknown to many, it is the prelude to enslavement and slaughter.

It is a sort of Rubicon the government cannot cross at the risk of ending itself. Just as gun registration has historically been a prelude to gun confiscation, gun confiscation has been a prelude to tyranny and slaughter.

I therefore advocate absolute resistance to gun confiscation.

If dying for your country is not up your ally, then disobey for your country.

Hide your guns, declare them stolen. If possible, hide them in a stash someplace away from your home and property, and retrieve them later (the goons might quite possibly bring metal detectors).

Alexander Solzhenitsin lamented in his Gulag Archipelago how sorry all the denizens of the gulag were that they did not simply sink a hammer or shovel into the skulls of the raincoat-wearing goons sent to arrest them in the middle of the night.

If everyone had done this, he lamented, the mass arrests, imprisonments and murders would have stopped.

Our dilemma is pretty much the same.

If every single SWAT team knows that every attempt at gun confiscation will end in a gunfight. If every single goon knows that tonight’s job might very well end up with him not eating cheerios with his kids next morning, then the gun confiscations will stop. Period.

After a couple of dozen of these unpleasant experiences, the SWAT teams will give up.

Oh yeah, they’ll come up with a good excuse like, ‘the law is too unpopular, or ‘its not fair on us to make us do that’ or 'its not our jurisdiction' or even 'its unconstitutional!' but they’ll stop, take my word.

This is the power of individual resistance happening on an individual level…across the board.

So join a ‘patriotic group’ if you want. But please take into account many of these groups are simply blacklist-makers for the establishment (you might want to be less forthcoming with your private information).

With individual resistance you don’t have to put yourself on somebody’s mailing list (or blacklist). You simply make up your mind that you will not compromise your principles, that you will not comply, and, if necessary, that you will resist to the death.

That last part sounds harsh, but who would not resist to the death if his family was under attack? And our families coming under attack is exactly what I’m talking about.

Check out the Soviet, Chinese, Cambodian and Rwandan purges. Huge mess loads of families came under attack there. Millions of families were done unto death in those purges…after all the guns had been confiscated, that is. And remember, the people we are against financed, cheered and applauded all those genocides.

Life is just like that.

My sources tell me that gun-confiscation in the US is too big for our local government to handle. They believe the NWO realizes this fact. That is why they believe gun confiscation will happen only under foreign occupation and after the engineered collapse of United States.

But they could be wrong.

The United Thugs of America might just be stupid enough to try to pry our guns out of our hands one gun-owner at a time.

But regardless, if genocide comes to genocide. If it is already in the cards to ‘genocide’ America. If this is already what the New World Order crowd has decided. I would rather go out fighting than go out sheepishly.

Because a quiet death is oblivion, but a brave death is an eternal message.

I would like to stress this final point.

If the government starts to confiscate guns, keep your guns. If the United States collapses and militia goons start confiscating guns, keep your guns, If UN occupying forces take over and start taking away guns, keep your guns. If we are occupied by a foreign power who declares guns illegal, keep your guns.

No matter what happens, keep your guns.

If you surrender them you will be sorry later…guaranteed.

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