Sunday, January 9, 2011

FBI Sanitizes Giffords / Roll Crime Scene

Yesterday AZ Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Federal District Judge John Roll were shot at a rally outside a Safeway in Tucson, Arizona.

Giffords had bullet go through and out her head.

Roll is just plain dead.

It is rumored Federal District Judge John Roll was the true target because he was in the process of investigating a series of illegal and covert Federal gun-running operations across the US-Mexican border called 'Fast and Furious.'

The attacker: 22-year old Jared Loughner (let me guess: ex-mental patient / parents involved with government / on medication / lone nut).

And yes, I already smell Fed.

Yes, especially when the FBI shows up immediately after the crime is committed and takes over the entire investigation through a 'special agent in charge.'

You see, this is what normally happens when the Feds want to cover up one of their assassinations.

The FBI (no longer the respectable suit and tie agency of past decades) has simply become cover up sanitation janitorial group for CIA/NSA/DIA/Mossad murder squads.

They cover up 'assassinations' in our country...and in Third World countries as well (like president-killing-plane crashes).

Often they are at the scene before any other law enforcement agenciy and are given exclusive first pickings at the gruesome leftovers, like at Senator Wellstone's funerary aircraft pyre, for instance.

And you know, I sincerely believe evil people emanate evil and ugliness. I truly believe they become ugly with evil.

And if there was such a person on TV yesterday, it had to be FBI Special Agent in Charge Nate Gray.

This guy looks like a lycanthrope suspended in mid-transformation.

What an ugly, suspicious, untrustworthy-looking individual.

From the moment Pima County Sheriff of Clarence Dupnik, got up and announced that Nate Gray was "in-charge" I knew Dupnik might as well just have sit down and shut up, because there was nothing more left for him to say.

He should have just put the 'special agent in charge' up there and have him answer all the questions instead of pretending he (Dupnik) was in charge of anything.

Of course, what followed was a series of "I can't answer thats and "I can't comment on thats."

Not that the journalist's questions were that good anyway. They resembled a bunch of clueless 8th graders questioning a guess visitor on career day.

The one question they should have asked, they didn't:

"Did the FBI or any police agencies put a gag order on any of the witnesses to the shootings to keep them from talking to the media about the details of the events as they occurred?"

Of course, they did.

So far the coverage of this mass-crowd-shooting incident hasn't included a single personal questioning of any the witnesses by our stalwart media.

The media?

Its just sitting there like starving little bird chicks in the nest waiting for mama 'special agent' or his stooges to feed them the next bit of information from a podium.

That's today's "media" for you.

Meanwhile, the only indirect interview that the local media acquired -a doctor at the scene- states the entire incident took 20-30 seconds (let's just say we round it off to 25).

Hmm. Problems already.

The shooter shot 20 people in 25 seconds. If you know pistols, you know that is an excellent shooting percentage.

Add to this several 'unofficial' witness accounts that there was more than one shooter (this stuff is as old as Kennedy) and you have an even bigger can of worms.

There is even an account of the driver that transported the shooter, Loughner, opening up on Loughner himself, but hitting members of the crowd instead before driving off.

The FBI quickly buried this version.

Of course, the FBI quickly buried all versions stating that there was more than one lone-nut shooter.

It came to this conclusion very quickly.

In forensics its relatively easy to confirm how many shooters there were in a shootout, but we must remember, the FBI is now in charge of the crime scene.

Everything that comes out of that crime scene comes directly from the FBI.
And let's not forget the biggest boner.

The media (and apparently the witnesses) can't make up their minds if Giffords was shot in the front or the back of the head (truly a perplexing problem).


Just like it did with the 9/11 Pentagon footage.

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