Friday, June 17, 2011

The New World Order of the Moment

I would be a lot more sympathetic to the New World Order if it wasn’t run by a group of financiers with oceans of blood on their hands.

These are the same people who created the Russian and Chinese Revolutions which resulted in the execution of 100 million people.

These are the people who...

...provoke gigantic wars in which millions die...

...organize the genocide of entire populations.

...divided tribe against tribe, culture against culture, ethnicity against ethnicity and nationality against nationality with their artificial national boundaries in addition to dividing gender against gender, age group against age group, and class against class within the countries themselves.

These are the people who, being so destructive and divisive by nature, have turned the world into a perpetually self-destructing quagmire.

As such they are not builders or unifiers...but destroyers and dividers.

To bring humanity together, these people created a two-bit ideology called Marxism which is obsolete, but which they continue to espouse because they are too conservative and stupid to come up with anything better.

My question is this:

How the hell are these people going to build a New World Order?

They’ve been so busy dividing the world into a bloody Tower of Babel, that they probably don't have the slightest idea on how to bring the whole thing together.

How many people are going to have to die to build the New World Order?

Probably a lot.

How many people will the New World Order kill once it’s established?

Probably a lot more.

How long will the New World Order last?

Probably not very long.

The Bible’s Book of Revelation gives it a life-span of less than 4 years.

You see, you can’t really create anything through perpetual destruction, which is the only thing these people know how to do.

You can’t create anything without a common belief, a common culture, a common religion and a common language (which is the exact opposite of what these people have been creating for the last 500 years).

These people have been so busy dividing that they have forgotten how to unite anything.

Their only accomplishment so far in the field of unification is the general use of English as the International language and DOS as the international operating system.

Recently they have been fomenting hate, division and war between the Western World and the Middle East and inside all the nations as well.

Are these the people who are going to bring us a New World Order of the Ages?

What instruments will they use to keep it together?

More boogie men, more paranoia, more division, more hatred, more instability, more crisis, more war...more 9/11s?

Some World Order that will be (think about it).

Talk about a walking disaster!

By nature, these people are parasites who need division in the world in order to thrive and succeed.

It is therefore strange to see them desiring a 'unified world.'

Believing that these slugs could build a New World Order is a bit like believing a tape-worm could build a honey comb.

These people are parasites, and like parasites, they thrive when hidden within the host but wither and die when exposed to open air.

But whatever the case...

...and what seems more likely…

…they will NOT create a New World Order of the Ages…

…but a New World Order of the Moment.

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