Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Fake Democracy

We do have a democracy of sorts in this country.

But so do China and North Korea.

Did you know Communism is a democracy?

Did you know they even call themselves Democracies?

North Korea’s official name: “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

Yes indeed.

At appointed dates, the Communist Party does hold elections in those countries, but, of course, the candidates are just two choices from the Communist party (who have been selected by Communist Party bosses).

The truth is that democracy (a tribal practice ingrained in human genetics) forces even the most totalitarian of countries to pretend they are democratic.

Imperial Rome was democratic (it had a Senate and a Tribune). True, its democratic practice amounted to electing the next figure-head, but it made the people feel good.

It always does.

This is why Nazi Germany preserved its Reichstag and Stalinist Russia maintained the Supreme Soviet – rubberstamping institutions all.

Don't worry.

We will keep our Congress...

...even though we lose every ounce of freedom we have left.

Which brings me to the sad example of the 'Republic' of the United States of America.

Just why are we surprised at our loss of freedom?

The Founding Fathers suggested we never create political parties.

We created political parties.

The Founding Fathers established that Senators would be elected by their respective State Legislatures.

We transferred that power to the masses.

The Founding Fathers granted only Congress the power to “coin” money.

We transferred the power to coin money to a private bank.

The Founding Fathers put education in the hands of the States.

We put education in the hands of the Federal Government.

The Founding Fathers gave the States the right to keep a ‘state militia’ - a National Guard.

We turned the National Guard over to the Feds.

The Founding Fathers said:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

We gave the IRS the power to regulate and tax religion.

The Founding Fathers considered bribery a punishable crime.

We legalized bribery with PACs and Lobbies.

The Founding Fathers considered homosexuality a scandal disqualifying anyone from public office.

We regularly vote homosexuals into office and have legalized gay marriage.

The Founding Fathers saw the Executive as servant to the Legislative Branch.

We have subjected the Legislative to the Executive.

The Founding Fathers necessitated warrants for violations of person and property.

We have done away with warrants.

The Founding Fathers made any cruel or unusual punishment illegal.

We revel in mistreatment and torture.

The Founding Fathers regularly mentioned God.

We have outlawed the mention of God.

Is it any surprise America is not America anymore?

But back to the subject of Democracy...

Our ‘Democracy’ supposedly consists of a government divided into three branches for which two political parties compete for control through democratic elections.

Our so-called ‘elections’ have been corrupted by the use of electronic voting machines...which leave no paper trail.

Meanwhile our two-party system has been corrupted by professional bribers called Lobbyists.

To cap it all off, we don’t really have Parties running against each other anymore, but mere political appointees from one political club:

The CFR-Trilateralist-Bilderbeg-Masonic club.

A political club is not a democracy. It is an obedience system.

Political clubs are what drove the French Revolution into the ground.

So when we have elections we get to choose one of two candidates.

Both candidates belong to the same political club:

The CFR-Trilateralist-Bilderberg-Masonic Club.

Half of which is owned by one ruling family: the Rockefellers.

The CFR-Trilateralist-Bilderberg-Masonic Club is for all practical purposes the one institution which REALLY runs America.

And why not?

They appoint all the candidates.

Now let's go back to the Communist democracy we spoke about at the beginning of this article.

In Communism bosses from a single party decide at all levels who the two competing candidates will be.

If you understand this reality, you will understand the sort of political reality we are living here in America today:

During election time we simply decide on one of two choices put before us by the very same political party -
The CFR-Trilateralist-Bilderberg-Masonic Party.

If I am lying, then show me one candidate - JUST ONE - who is NOT a member of at least one of those elite institutions...

...and I might start believing we have a true democracy.

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