Monday, May 30, 2011

America's Sabotaged Education

Our politicians like to stress education.

“Let’s increase our math and science!”

“Let’s increase school hours, work and homework.”

"Let's get our kids interested in Physics!"

Anyone with half a brain can see it's nonsense...a dishonest distraction from the real problem:

The modern American custom of abandoning its best and its brightest.


Because all the pedagogic rhetoric is aimed at the elementary and high school level - stages of education more useful for brainwashing than creating intellect.

While the truth is...

...the key to producing a technically trained population is at the COLLEGE LEVEL.

Well what do you know.

That’s exactly where we leave our ‘kids’ in the crapper.

Despite the rhetoric, the truth is America is falling behind in producing the trained personnel it needs to maintain its sophisticated economy.

We don’t have enough highly trained American graduates to fill the needs of this country when it comes to doctors, scientists and engineers.

We are importing scientists, doctors and engineers from India, China, Europe and the rest of the world to fill that desperate need.


Because those other countries GUARANTEE A FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION to their most gifted citizens while our honor students have to beg, grovel, slave and prostitute themselves to get through college…and graduate with crippling debt.

Maybe that’s the real reason why America no longer has the doctors, engineers and scientists it needs.


The other countries do.

When was the last time you heard of a free college education for all honor students in this country.


But guess what.

It’s the norm in other places like India, China, Europe and Latin America!

This is the REAL reason America is trailing on its supply of scientists, doctors and researchers.

These other countries (many of them in the Third World) actually train their gifted youngsters FREE OF CHARGE while we make ours into beggars.

See the picture?

It fits the creation of the New World Order perfectly:

America’s middle class is turned into an uneducated, indebted beggar class...

...while it is replaced by an international educated technical class imported from abroad.

Now there’s a real Tower of Babel for you...

...a real basis for America's New World Order restructuring.

The unaffordability of our universities is the main cause of our intellectual demise and this is why:

1) Our universities have become go-betweens for government and corporations.

2) The universities carry out ‘research’ on the public trough by way of tax-funded projects FOR THE CORPORATIONS and then proceed to turned over the results of that research to the corporations FOR FREE.

3) All these research-based universities costs the taxpayer tons of money while sky-rocketing tuition for the students.

It's this arrogant practice which makes American universities unaffordable.

You look at universities in other countries, and they are humble places: old buildings, modestly-paid professors, chalkboards and old desks.

But guess what.

Those kids are getting as much or more education than our kids without indebting themselves into serfdom.

And they are doing it for FREE.

For example, European universities are respected institutions of learning, where only the very best teach to the very best. No ballyhooed research facilities. No fancy buildings. No elitist university staff.

Our universities are the opposite.

They are the image of corporate and government arrogance with their tall new buildings, modern facilities and high tech laboratories.

Look inside an America university and you will find:

-aloof and arrogant professors who care more about their research than tending to their students
-desperate working and indebted students who cannot stay awake in class
-arrogant administrators who treat students like cattle
- a desperate, demoralized and neglected student body trying to cross all their t’s and dot all their i’s while desperately trying to find ways to pay for their education.

Our universities are temples to corporate excess and fascist union between private and public interest, where only the rich are welcomed and the poor are treated like dirt.

What has the result been?


Check it out:

America is no longer producing enough doctors to keep up with its health demands because it has become too expensive, too indebting to become a doctor.

America is no longer producing enough engineers to keep up with the high-tech research requirement at our leading corporations.

America is no longer producing enough scientists to keep research going.

What is the governments solution?

(certainly not to facilitate the education of students in THIS country)

We import doctors, scientists and engineers from other countries with instant B1B (no wait) visas!

Look into the lists of engineers and scientists at the aerospace, computer or medical corporations or at research facilities – these things read like the roster of the United Nations.

These educated people are imported from abroad with instant visas the US corporations get on demand from the US government...

...after having been highly educated FOR FREE in their own home countries...

... while our students grovel and beg themselves into perpetual debt.

Get it?

Check this out.

I took a walk through an upscale mall a few weeks ago.

This place was basically for the rich.

You know what I saw?

I saw upscale, happy, rich, educated, well-off professionals and their families touring the mall…

...talking in languages I could not understand.

I stopped for a moment, closed my eyes and listened…and all I heard was this happy foreign babble form the thousands of well off FOREIGNERS who were swamping this place.

I had to strain my ears to hear some good ol’ American English.

I’m not even joking.

You know where all the Americans were?

They were inside all the cute shops serving ice cream and hawking trinkets to this very happy, very contented MASS OF FOREIGN PROFESSIONALS and their families.

Is this the foreign horde the new American upper middle class?

Is our entire flat out middle class going to be replaced next?

For all appearances, our middle class is already in the process of being outsourced while what's left of it is getting under-educated amd under-trained into perdition.

Our corporate boards today resemble a roll call from a Third World Country.

Even our top government bureaucrats are starting to speak with foreign accents!

Dow Chemical announced it is opening up branches in India to have direct access to all the highly qualified "chemical engineers" residing there.

Irregardless, the equation is simple:

While the rest of the world is investing its money on its brightest...

...we invest our money in armies, weapons, welfare, foreign occupation and foreign aid.

What's happening to our population is that which happens to the original population of any empire.

It falls into depravity, ignorance and welfare...

...while the empire itself becomes a Tower of Babel, rising much above the interests of its core population.

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