Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Famous Until They Spoke Out

The media talking heads can make one (and only one) mistake before their careers are terminated.

There are things you can talk about on TV and things you just don’t mention.

This is how the establishment keeps control.

A short leash has been kept on all talking heads since the 1960’s.

For the record let me include here a list of the media casualties…

…of those who were famous…

…until they spoke out.

Rod Sterling
The Zone simply had too many issues, too many biting social commentaries, too much philosophy, too many concepts hitting too close to home. One episode depicted Fidel Castro (Peter Falk) as a murderous paranoid schizophrenic (a big no-no with the Castro-loving Hollywood left). The Twilight Zone was Rod’s first and last magnus opus. No offers came after that (the only thing he controlled in Night Gallery was the intro). After the Zone, Rod became a hermit hanging out and (begging) about Hollywood for the rest of his days..

Lynn Redgrave
Lynn followed her heart and spoke out in favor of the Palestinian cause. She didn’t get a very good hearing in Hollywood. Her career disappeared shortly thereafter.

Chris Kristofferson
Did a concert in the Holy Land…for the Palestinians…that was the end of that.

Willie Nelson
Sang and spoke out in favor of the Palestinians (still does). Not only has his career ended, but he is endlessly hounded for it. Willie doesn’t care. He’s a happy reefer.

Marlon Brando
After spending so much time in Hollywood, Marlon got ‘the opinion’ that Hollywood was run by Jewish people. The problem was he mentioned it often. His last bread crumb was a guest appearance in Superman. Thanks for the memories, Brando.

Jessica Savitch
Began digging too deep into the Vatican banking scandal which had already resulted in the murder of Pope John Paul I and establishment banker Roberto Calvi. Savitch got the worst pink slip of all – death. She was killed (along with her backer, Martin Fischbein, vice president of the New York Post) in a staged car accident.

Phil Donahue
Too many serious heart-felt issues. He touched upon too many to mention. A guy like Donahue creates discontent, not propaganda. Forced to change his production staff and remake his show into a Jerry Springer circus, the unhappy Donahue was finally drop-kicked after being shown who’s boss.

Connie Chung
Up and coming Connie. She was pretty, she was smart. A great example of an up and coming minority. Everybody knew her name until she decided to pursue the bombing of the Pan Am Flight over Lockerbie, Scotland in something called ‘investigative reporting,’ (which now no longer exists). Connie thought (rightly) she was on to something big. It seems the CIA knowingly let the bomb through. Connie’s reporter instincts were right, but her establishment-dar was off. There are things you just don’t talk about, sort of like finding a wig and bra in your fathers’ drawer. Connie was out sooner than she could say ‘CIA bombing’. Her husband, Maury (also a successful and serious TV personality) was allowed to continue as a reality show clown.

Tom Selleck
Spoke up and stood up for gun rights. Had he been a more quiet gun-advocate like Robert Stack perhaps the breadcrumbs would have kept coming.

Bill Cosby
Told fellow Blacks to pull themselves up by their boot straps. Told them to stop playing the victim. Told them to assume responsibility for their own actions. Told…uh…he’s not telling anything anymore. His career is over, and he is now portrayed as a pitiful senile ex-celebrity.

Montel Williams
An upright, moral, caring show host, who felt himself obligated to talk about ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ (Montel was ex-Navy) and call the government out on its responsibility for sickening our soldiers. He even mentioned on the air that the subject was controversial and that he had been ‘advised’ not to air it. He did it anyway. Banished to infomercial land, you now see why no good people exist in Hollywood.

Bill Maher
Endlessly criticized the war on terror, the useless expenditure, the killing, the loss of freedom. Ended his own show by calling the smart-bombing of Afghan civilians ‘cowardly.’ Now he’s a has-been who has turned to criticizing safer subjects…like religion.

Dave Chapelle
Made too many close to the mark social commentaries. Spoke too many truths about racism, poverty, and society in general. He was reeled in like a tuna, but Dave saw right through it and jumped overboard. At least his pride was intact. In spite of the runaway success of his cancelled show, no more contracts for Dave.

Rick Sanchez
Somehow, while working for CNN, Rick picked up ‘the opinion’ that Jewish people run the media. Bitter about having his show replaced on CNN, he spouted off during the Jon Stewart Daily Show. Rick, Rick, insanity really does come before the fall.

Mad TV
Way too many social commentaries on racism, political correctness, civil rights and conspiracy theories, which included the ‘Reading Caboose.” Michael Macdonald probably the most talented, intelligent and outspoken of the cast (also banished to TV limbo). Standard procedure was followed: 1) change the production staff and destroy the show 2) declare low ratings and cancel it. The first part involved shoving a perpetually naked and transsexual Bobby Lee down our throats. The second part didn’t work because the show was still highly rated. Oh well, it’s all just a formality. The competition was eliminated and the institutionalized and vacuous Saturday Night Live got solo run once again.

Cedric the Entertainer
Just too free, just too good, just too Black, just too successful. It had to go even though it was at the top of the ratings. Rumor is Cedric didn’t follow Fox executive ‘advice’ and make the show more racially balanced. One more loss for freedom.

Dixie Chics
On top of the charts and unstoppable…until they called out George Bush. Said he was an embarrassment to Texas, and that he wasn’t even a real Texan. How could they have guessed the music business was an establishment front? They were dumped overnight and never allowed to return to the music business. I am sure the Chics are still dumbfounded over what happened.

Helen Thomas
Called out Israel on its abuse of Palestinians and saying the Israelis could save a lot of people a lot of heartburn by just having Israeli transplants ‘go home’ to wherever it is they originally came from. Bad crypto, Helen, you are definitely out!

Charlie Sheen
Yeah, yeah, Charlie was the only celebrity who called out the government on 9/11 and made public the flaws in the tower-collapse theory. Today he is mercilessly hounded for ‘moral’ reasons (sure) because he takes drugs and has sex with whores in Hollywood (excuse me?). Lately, a residence at the mental ward has been publicly recommended by ‘experts’ on national TV, in addition to all the ‘suffering’ he puts his kids through. But the media hasn’t yet been explained how having sex in a hotel makes your kids suffer.

Rosie O’Donnell
Doing great right up until the she showed the collapse of WTC-7 on national TV during a taping of ‘The View’ and said it looked like a ‘demolition.’ Rosie was unstoppable right up until that day. Then suddenly she was out, and couldn’t land a job selling peanuts. After years of being a nobody she seems to have been rehabilitated enough to get a talk show on the Oprah Network. Expect a more subdued Rosie this time.

Mel Gibson
Mel’s Father was found to have ‘the opinion’ (that Jewish people run the world) and Mel refused to publicly reject him. Strike one. Mel liked to make films about freedom and liberty and the will to fight for them. Strike two. Finally, when egged on secretly recorded while in a drunken state he asked if it wasn‘t true that Jewish people start all wars. Strike three. You’re out! The torture and persecution has not ended for poor Mel.

Dan Rather
Exposed George W. Bush’s military career as a fraud. Dan thought he was on to a scoop, not realizing he had just grabbed the hangman’s noose. Dan was out quicker than you could say’nucular’ while Georgie’s fraudulent service in the Air National Guard was pushed to the back burner. Out of sight, out of mind. A phrase that also now applies to Dan Rather.

Tim Russert
Smart, sharp, funny and loving what he did. Tim made he mistake of embarrassing John Kerry and George Bush on national TV after exposing their Skull& Bones membership. Tim was amazed that the two political candidates for the presidency were members from the same fraternity. Apparently, there are things you just don’t touch on your reporting, like Skull and Bones. Tim Russert was killed for his infraction while at the top of his career…with a 'heart attack.'

Lee Majors
Doing well right up until he did an episode in his little-known fact-based series called ‘Forbidden Secrets’ in which he exposed the secret implantation of nuclear devices inside the United States. So long ‘Forbidden Secrets,’ so long Lee Majors.

Lou Dobbs
Doing great and getting greater until the day he decided to talk about the North American Union and Obama’s birth certificate. He ‘left’ CNN shortly (and immediately) afterward, never to become a famous talking head again.

Keith Olberman
Criticized Bush sharply on his show, ‘Countdown,’ but refused to obediently keep gushing after Obama became president. Instead, he kept up the sharp criticism. He criticized the continuing war in Afghanistan. He criticized Obama’s unkept promises. Above all, he criticized Obama’s all encompassing secrecy in the White House. MSNBC fired him, no questions asked.

Glenn Beck
Doing fine until he let G. Edward Griffin announce the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that fabricates money out of nothing and outing George Soros as a Nazi collaborating Jew. Glenn, what were you thinking?!

As our nation becomes less and less democratic, the parade of talking heads is likely to be culled more and more as they produce unintentional faux pas against the establishment.

I am afraid to think finally of what witless, empty-headed, babbling, politically correct idiots we will be left with.

But when that day comes you can have an idea of just how it was we arrived at that point by reading the above list:

All the celebrities who were famous until the moment they spoke out.


  1. Great, like it...

  2. It's so sad, but so true..

  3. known for quite some time for Jessica Savitch, I know "somebody" was aching to fill her as well. I really liked her, and admired her. Only the good die young? Many of us believe Dave Chapelle knew very well and orchestrated his leaving-Thanksgiving Dave performed at a local club, prior to leaving for Africa, we couldn't believe it. Hole in the wall, small town, downtown, night club!!!

  4. Please, please, pleaseeeeee do a part II to this article.

  5. some of these are spot on but others are way off. Bill Maher career is bigger than ever right now, Tom Selleck has a prime-time gig, Willie Nelson still has a successful touring career. But yes, if you speak out, you will likely get blackballed. Point taken

  6. So why people like us continue to sit back and let it happen. The New World Order will be in effect in the year of 2014. God Have Mercy On Our Souls

  7. Legalizing marijuana can have a HUGE effect on the Illuminati agenda. Really soon the pharmacy industry will lose money. It'll also effect the World we live in today.


  9. NWO has already lost, they are just too arrogant, facetious, and careless to understand the consequences of their actions.
    Just my opinion and an educated guess.