Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Europeans Have Twice the MPG!!!

The New World Order exists in a ‘compartmentalized state’ meaning each part is kept separate from the other and ignorant of the other’s condition.

One such aspect of this compartmentalization is FUEL MILEAGE.

The European car models (made by the same companies that sell cars here) have much better fuel mileage than the cars sold in America – frequently its double!

This happens for a reason.

The Europeans pay double for gas but get double the mileage while Americans pay less for gas but get HALF the mileage.

Check it out.

The gas companies are in bed with the car companies...

...and are making low mileage cars for Americans while the Europeans get the real performers.

Read the mpg specs at the bottom of the British newspaper article below
(notice they make no big deal about the gas mileage - just one more car in the crowd)

KIA Picanto

Still don't believe me?

Check out the mileage for a Ford Fiesta in the UK below.

Ford Fiesta Specs (UK)

And you might continue to check the MPGs on this site by clicking on "Running Costs" at this site:

(select a manufacturer / select a model / select 'facts and figures' ; then on facts and figures click on 'Running Costs')

Parkers UK Car Specs

The MPG is not your imagination, it’s the actual MPG Europeans get over there.

So there you have it.

The auto industry (apparently on an international scale) is a scam beholden to the oil companies.

Our cars are clunkers...

...and on top of that they have the gall to use our Government to order us Americans not to make any 'illegal' (fuel-saving) modifications on their clunker engines while they make super fuel efficient cars for the Europeans.

Just comes to show you how reality is completely manipulated.

This is another non-issue you won't find on 60 Minutes...or on any of the more 'established' conspiracy sites for that matter.

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