Friday, May 27, 2011

Tell Signs of a Government Mole

Hey, the government’s been keeping busy inundating the conspiracy movement with phony shills.

They keep to the tried and true method of using selected factual information to steer away public opinion from issues that are really important.

What are those issues?


What is especially hateful about these moles, infiltrators, narks, whatever you want to call them, is the fact that they actually enjoy their work.

They are having a blast fooling you into believing they are ‘one of the good guys’, someone you can trust and spill your guts to.

The truth is nothing gives them more pleasure than to see you fall...hard.

These guys get a kick out of falsely gaining your trust, slowly destroying you and eventually betraying you and watching you get your face kicked in.

They get a sense of power out of creating lists of people and turning them in to the ‘authorities.’

As such, they are not normal people, but a species of sociopath that tends to get socially promoted in establishment circles these days.

Stay away from them.

Or at the very least, don’t let them get hold of your personal information.

(There is a scene in the movie Matewan which is priceless. If you have seen the film, you know what I mean)

To help you in the endeavor of avoiding these people, included is a list of characteristics a government shill / agent provocateur / informant / mole / scum (or whatever else you want to call them) is sure to display.

Read them carefully:

Well Off

There’s nothing wrong with being well off. But when someone is well off with no convincing source of income, it should raise a red flag. Yeah, these guys have nice homes in the forested boondocks, or even entire compounds. The truth is most conspiracy researchers are dirt poor, in large part due to their dedication to research.

Off the Wall
The guy likes off the wall theatrics and tantrums., especially when he is reporting about something.This is a play for attention, just like any WWF wrestler plays for the crowd. You often see this type of behavior on the Fox News Network.
Any amateur conspiracist quickly comes across enough filth on the Holy Land to convince them Israel is not our friend (at the very least). Anyone who stays a strong supporter of Israel in spite of all the obvious information out there should be suspect.
Back Tracks
Says something about himself that he later denies. Spouts off facts or opinions that he later denies. Changes opinions. All these are tells of a mole who can't keep his acting straight.
Drowns You With Facts
This is an effort to occlude suspiciousness on his part by bombarding you with a waterfall of facts. Most people who do this are also rather unemotional in doing so. Any true conspiracy theorist is emotional about his facts, and he shows it.
Hates the Crowd
Its understandable to hate a society that refuses to listen. It’s less understandable to hate a crowd that has gathered to listen to you in the first place. This frequent psychological quirk leaks out frequently, and seems to have become hip somehow. The cover is that what the speaker is expressing frustration at the crowd’s indolence.
But this makes no sense.
If the people are there listening to them, it is precisely because they are not indolent and probably share some of the same principles and beliefs he is speaking about.
An alternate reason is that the 'researcher' is simply goading the crowd into committing more aggressive acts by calling them sheep.
Look deep inside the eyes of these provocateurs and you will a hatred not for the system...but for you.
Consistently Fails to Criticize A Particular Aspect of the Conspiracy
The conspiracy is multi-faceted. There is no good side. If your conspiracy favorite consistently fails to criticize a particular branch of the conspiracy, chances are he belongs to that branch. A real conspiracy researcher will criticize the whole spectrum. I recently see this amongst left-wing conspiracy researchers who never criticize Russia, China, Hugo Chavez or North Korea.
Has a Proud ‘Family Tree’ going back to The Middle Ages
If there is one thing that differentiates an establishment puff, its how proud he is of his family tree. These people are obsessed with lineage. No matter how much they try to contain themselves, they can’t help blurt out their ancestors came over on the Mayflower or might be somehow related to King Arthur. There is a name for this, it's called elitism.
Shifty-eyed or Has Trouble Making Eye Contact
These are the universal tells of a liar or someone who has something to hide. Why anyone would trust someone who can't keep eye contact and shifts his eyes like a weasel is beyond me.
Researches Old Events
A great way to be a conspiracy researcher without contributing much to the struggle is to research old events. Any conspiracist who exclusively researches and plays up old events at the expense of what is happening right now is simply justifying himself without contributing anything.
Rehashes Old Information
I see several ‘conspiracy researchers’ who are doing nothing but re-writing what has already been made evident in more emotional or clever ways. They are contributing absolutely nothing to the conspiracy movement and are simply justifying their existence as part of the conspiracy community –pretending to be conspiracy researchers.
Produces Nothing New
Many phony conspiracy researchers have something spectacular (whether true or untrue) they have exposed a while back and which has put them in the spotlight. The problem with these researchers is they have produced absolutely nothing new since then. A real researcher is always coming up with new data because so much bad stuff is going down so fast. There is a literal waterfall of nefarious data pouring down our throats. Someone who has come up with nothing new or made no new points since his ‘spectacular’ find is a suspicious person, and for good reason.
Aloof or Distant
The government agent wants to avoid conversation because the more he talks, the larger the chance he will expose himself. So most of these people are aloof in public. This simply have no time, are perpetually busy and have better and more important things to do than talk to you…or anyone. They deliver their lines and leave, they have no interest in talking, communicating or exchanging information.
Brusque, Short-Worded, Little or No Inclination to Talk
This is simply a variation of the aloof and distant behavior. The average conspiracy researcher loves to talk about his subject and bends over backward for anyone who will listen. The government agent who simply has a message to deliver and has no inclination to expand on it avoids conversation. Usually these individuals are very gruff, rude and ‘busy.’ They have no time to chat with the little people or anybody else for that matter.
Relates with Hells Angels or Special Forces
The Hells Angels, the Green Berets and Navy Seals (and whatever other covert government muscle goes hand in hand with the CIA). Anyone who hangs out with any member of these groups is an immediate suspect.
Comes from a Government Background
Hey, the sad truth is most conspiracy researchers don’t make a living off the government they criticize. And if they did, they soon run afoul of it and get kicked out or leave. Be suspicious of anyone who has run the full gamut of a government career and has comfortably retired from it. Also, be suspicious if they come from an Elite University background or an Intelligence background
Believes In and Makes Use of Standard Medicine
Any honest conspiracy researcher sooner or later, in his ongoing search for truth comes across the truth of the medical establishment is a criminal mafia which kills more people than it cures and forces its toxic medicine down everybody's throat with the help of government regulation. Therefore a real conspiracy researcher will not come within a mile of standard medicine.
Appears on Establishment Media
We all know how hard it is to get on establishment media, especially if you are spouting off the truth. We all know what happens to the talking heads which talk about the wrong thing. What do you think are the chances of your local conspiracy researcher getting his mug on national TV? Did the network have a sudden change of heart? Come on. Also be suspicious of a conspiracy researcher who has access to famous personalities.
His Website Takes an Inordinate Amount of Time to Load

A long loading time on any website often means the site is downloading crap into your computer. Whether spy ware or cookies or whatever other sort of nefarious software the site is downloading into your pc, you can do without it, log off, or find the same material in other sites. Keep away from sites that take too long to download.
Consistently Attacks Other Conspiracy Researchers
The provocateur presents himself as a friend who is watching out for your interests by warning you that so and so is a government agent, often getting very emotional or insistent. All this flies in the face of his supposed main effort, which is to investigate the government, not the conspiracy community. I would suspect anyone who emotionally and insistently attacks other conspiracy researchers.
Creates hostility inside conspiracy community
The provocateur often confronts fellow members of the conspiracy community, often in public or through the media. This is a variation of the above. The shill is trying out 'divide and conquer' tactics by dividing the conspiracy movement into suspicious, paranoid and alienated segments.
Tows a Standard Line
You know what the standard line is on the holocaust, taxes, the war on terror, 9/11, vaccines, the medical establishment, etc. If ‘researcher’ tows the standard line on any of these subjects, an alarm should be going off in your head.
Has a High Regard for An Establishment Institution
In this world of conspiracy and filth, there are few if any institutions that are not compromised. If your friendly conspiracy researcher has an unassailable loyalty to any establishment institution, he is a de facto member of the establishment. Let’s face it, the establishment is rotten as hell, and so are all its corrupt institutions. If your conspiracy purveyor has a particular loyalty to an establishment figure or institution (like the CIA, FBI, DEA, NAACP, AMA, FDA, CDC, Peace Corps, UN the Pentagon, the Freemasons, etc) consider him suspect…or just so naïve and stupid you might consider getting your information elsewhere.
Quick to Want Your Personal Information
Government sites are quick on requesting your personal information. Any true anti-conspiracist knows lists are dangerous. So they don’t keep them, nor do they request your personal information from you. Beware of sites which require you to ‘log-in’ before the researcher permits you to share in his knowledge with you. Find his information elsewhere.
Coolly Spouts off the Facts
Spouts off a lot of facts, but with no real emotion. The information just doesn’t really affect this cold fish either way. There is a difference between controlled individual and someone whose tone of his voice and narrative betrays absolutely no real emotion one way or another. Even a controlled researcher will emphasize or repeat important points. A cool spout just babbles on from on topic to another with no deep concern.
Talks About Family
Real conspiracy researchers are tight-lipped about their relations. They know these people can be put in danger by their activities. Anybody who likes mentioning their relations publicly by name or who includes pictures of their families are suspiciously confident of their security. What this really consists of is a play on your emotions: “See, I’m a family man just like you. You can trust me, look at my cute family!”

Uses the Terms 'Good Guys' and Bad Guys'
This is government-speak. This is the way people in the FBI and Fed-trained local police talk. The good-guy / bad-guy terminology is extensively used in government circles. Beware of people who use these terms.

Operates from Establishment Core Location
New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and most of the Northeast coast are Establishment core areas. If a conspiracy theorist is operating from places like New York, New Jersey, San Francisco or some other liberal city, chances are he's working for the establishment. 

Finally, trust your instincts.

If someone consistently rubs you the wrong way, then ask yourself why. If he or she continues to do so, then begin avoiding them.

The little voice in the back of your head is the result of a million years of evolution, and what it says is not paranoia, but an instinctive survival alarm.

Good luck and keep safe.

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