Friday, May 6, 2011

China's Foresight

China is showing a lot of foresight (while baffling the rest of the world) by building empty cities.

Entire cities are being built inland and kept ready.

The West is clueless.

But we have never been a forward-looking culture.

The Chinese plan ahead in terms of decades.

We can’t seem to seem to plan ahead in terms of next month.

The truth is China is now taking measures to cope with the probability of what happened to India in 2004 and to Japan in 2011...happening to China

China (unlike other nations) is preparing itself for the devastation of her coastal zones.

The only difference between us and China is that the China is actually preparing for the upcoming destruction…by building new cities inland.

Meanwhile we do little except hope for the best.

You see...

...the real difference between us and China is...

...China is taking measures to survive...

...not only socially and politically, but economically.

While the West is inventing the world's first pregnant man...

...China is showing the world who the real survivor is.

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