Monday, May 2, 2011

This Will Be Your Fate Under the NWO

If you are an 'informed' person - THIS is the fate the World Order has in store for you.

At the bottom are scenes from the “The Chekist" depicting the genocide of the Russian middle class.

Notice the killers lack any human empathy.

These people are the murderous sociopaths of the New World Order.

Historical investigation later found most of these killers were not Russians but foreigners, brought in to carry out the mass-executions.

Will foreigners (from the UN) be brought into our country for the day for OUR genocide?

The atrocities committed by the Communists during the Russian revolution are so bad that they can’t be fully depicted on film (one video link on this blog has already been censored by YouTube).

The Marxist genocide of the Russian middle class ended with the murder of over 50 million people - the very best Russia had to offer.

Pay close attention.

They have done this over and over again in the France (during the French Revolution), Turkey (during WW-I), Germany, Poland, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Rwanda – all dry runs for the big one – the mass slaughter of the West.

It has become evident the New World Order is a Marxist-Socialist institution run by closet Communists like those at the UN (and inside the top positions of most of our universities).

These people like nothing better than to water their victories with copious quantities of human blood.

…the camps are built.

…the mechanism is in play…

…don't dare doubt it for a second…

…if the New World Order takes over…


Mass Murder of the Russian Middle Class

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