Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Insidious and Evil Cell Phone

Cell phones have come a long way from the time when they were glorified walkie-talkies.

They have become much more, and the telecommunication giants have made them become that in so many ways.

A cell phone today is also an internet browser, a GPS locator, a computer gaming system, a messaging machine, a ‘texting’ device, a camera, a video camera, a clock, a credit card, you name it.

And you can actually name just about anything because every few minutes there is another ‘app’ being produced by your friendly telecommunications giant.

'Cell phones are simply the greatest invention since the computer.'

Or at least that’s what the establishment wants you to believe.

The truth is that the cell phone (in its ultimate form) is something that is yet to be fully understood.

Now let me talk about a few things that ARE understood though never written about.

You see, it’s really NOT acceptable to write bad things about cell phones.

The media does not want to upset the telecom giants who invest billions in advertising through them every year.

So the media clams up.

The official line is this:

Cell phones are not only necessary and ubiquitous, but a necessity of modern life. In fact, you probably can't be a fully functional human being without one.

Now, let me shatter the illusion.

Let me tell you what else a cell phone is.

Let me tell you about those other ‘apps’ the media doesn't want you to know about:

The Cell Phone is An Irradiation Device
Each cell phone radiates microwaves.

When you use it, it irradiates directly into your brain.

Notice the media stopped talking about all those weird tumors that started appearing on the right side of people’s brains (you know, the side most people hold their cell phone close to)?

Guess what.

It’s still happening, but the media has stopped talking about it.

(Too many telecom advertising dollars at stake)

The Supporting Cell Phone Network is Killing Us
The microwave network which makes our little adorable devices work is polluting our environment in ways we can’t (or refuse to) imagine.

The myriad of cell phone towers dotting the landscape is making sure we are awash in microwave radiation.

The far-seeing, prophetic futuristic author William Gibson (the Matrix) called it ‘the pollution of the 21st century’ and ‘electronic pollution’ long before anyone even imagined it in stories like “Johnny Mnemonic.”

If there is anything to call Gibson, it is the Orwell of cyberspace.

Everything he has predicted has either come true or is coming into existence.

Every fictional piece of technology he has written about actually turned out to exist after all (hey, we just weren’t informed or the info hasn’t been released yet).

And ‘not being informed’ or ‘not yet released’ is very much how the new high tech world of cyberspace works.

It sounds so much better to say ‘not released’ than ‘kept secret,’ doesn’t it?

The truth is that large portions of humanity are being bathed in microwave radiation thanks to the quantity of cell phone towers being placed in just about every country block. All for the benefit of the ever-expanding capabilities of our little devices.

The result: a steady spike in microwave radiation in our everyday environment.

At work, at play or at home, sleeping or awake, we are bathing in it.

According to my microwave meters, the quantity is increasing at a steady 8% per year.

It took a real jump with the introduction of ‘high definition television’ or HDTV.

But again, you don’t hear this from your bought-and-paid-for media.

You see the results though, don’t you?

Decreased learning by our kids, increasing dementia amongst our seniors, mass memory loss amongst our general population, skyrocketing cancer rates, increase depression, sleeplessness, panic attacks, irritability, insanity.

Come on.

You never really thought that growing jungle of microwave towers portended anything good, did you?

It’s gotten so obviously bad that they have turned to trying to camouflage cell phone towers as palm trees, street lights, ad boards, flag poles and church crosses to keep us from noticing we are basically inside a microwave cooker.

Not a peep from the mass media.

Did you notice the general condition of dim mental obfuscation affecting everyone lately.

Memory seems obsolete.

Sales of sticky pads are skyrocketing.

People stop talking because they can’t remember a fact they were going to include in the conversation.

When this happened before, it was just a momentary pause as they came up with the answer. Now there is no answer, the conversation simply resumes without it.

People walk up stairs or go to another floor to do something, and when they get there, they forget what it was they went for.

People forget what they were talking the moment they are interrupted.

People stop talking in mid sentence because they got slightly sidetracked and forgot what they were talking about.

People serve themselves another cup of coffee because they forgot they served themselves one.

People put double sugars in their coffee because they forgot they did so the first time.

People forget their babies and their pets in their cars and leave them there to die because they forgot about them.

People run over their own kids with their SUV as they back up out of driveways because they forgot they where there.

The hopelessly forgetful turn to their ‘to do’ list on their very cell phones because they haven’ the slightest idea on their own of what they are supposed to do that day.

People are becoming slower of speech and wit, frequently mispronouncing and slurring words.

TV personalities slur, mis-speak, mis-pronounce or just babble i

Just check out these babbling microwaved fools.

Brains scrambled by microwaves #1

Brains scrambled by microwaves #2

Brains scrambled by microwaves #3

Brains scrambled by microwaves #4

Look around.

I don’t have to convince you that its true because you see it every day!

Finally, people are now veering off into incomprehensible gibberish…on national TV.

Come on…this isn’t normal!

This is all courtesy of the network that keeps our adorable little cell phone operational.

As far as anyone can tell, our little do-it-all-devices are not only a god-send, but pretty darn green as well.

Can you hear me now?

Yes we can.

Actually, the phrase is somewhat ironic considering that microwave levels are so high people are actually beginning to hear them - literally.

Let me tell you what other things are being kept secret.

The Cell Phone is a Tracking Device
Every cell phone transmits your location because it is roving GPS tracking device.

911 operators already know exactly where you are and who you are when you make that emergency call.

The operators just ask for your information to confirm your identity and your intent.

The are now programs available on the Internet that allow you to find any cell phone’s location using its number.

If the phone company, or government, or private individual with the right Internet download wishes to track your routine movements, its easily done by recording timed readings of your cell phone location.

A cell phone will continue to transmit your location (and your identity) until it is turned off and the battery is removed.

In addition, cell phone companies regularly use ‘speech recognition’ technology to identify and classify your voice.

With this they match your voice to your phone, regardless of your using a pre-paid phone card.

The Cell Phone is a Spying Device
Cell phone companies routinely store your cell phone activity, including calls and location.

Texts, phone numbers called, phone numbers calling you, tweets, phone messages etc.

Match these with logged tracking of your cell phone and you’ve got a spy file on yourself being updated every day.

Of course, you know Sumner Redstone, head of Verizon refused to answer Congress’ questions on how deep he was in bed with the NSA.

Not only did this man (real name Rothstein) refuse to answer any of the questions relating to the nature or extent of his arrangement with our intelligence agencies, but he smiled at them like a hyena as he did so.

The Congress lost their heads and their temper, all to the amusement of ol' Sumner.

If it was me, I would have put a camera on this bastard and told the camera to keep filming while I added some comments on Verizon, and just what type of privacy its customers could expect from that company.

It's common knowledge that a cell phone (even if turned off) can be used as a microphone to hear what is happening in the immediate vicinity.

It is less common knowledge that the camera in the phone can be turned on in the same manner.

It is a possibility your conversation is stored on your service provider's super computers, but it is a certainty all your phone messages definitely are.

A cell phone is a bit like a vampire, you have to invite the thing into your life before it takes hold.

Your Service Providers Record and Keep All Your Pictures

Now let me cap this with a stunner.

Are you ready?



Wincing yet?

Thought so.

Your phone company stores every picture you take with your cell phone.

They store these pictures inside super computers to the name and information in your account (which have become super cheap because a lot of them are now being produced in China).

Nobody knew they were doing this until a hacker got caught stealing files from Verizon computers.

The files were, in fact, the private pictures his favorite hip hop artist, taken with the artist’s own cell phone and stored in Verizon (the NSA’s right hand) computers.

After that it became pretty much public knowledge that cell phone companies store every picture you take with your cell phone.

And after that, it again became uncommon knowledge...

...because the media stopped reporting it.

That's right, Scarlet Johansen's nude cell phone photos were hacked out of her own service provider's computers...not stolen from her unattended cellphone.

But the media keeps telling us different.

Meanwhile, idiotic people keep snapping compromising pictures of themselves with their cellphones.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you'd only notice your 'camera' has an ANTENNA on it!

Cell Phones are Addictive
This is another of those things that the media does not report.

I don’t propose to know the mechanism by which cell phones have become a human addiction, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t accidental.

Am I exaggerating?

What are the symptoms of an addict?

Let’s see....oh here’s a major part of the definition of addict:

“Willingness to engage in risky behavior in spite of great danger in order to accommodate the addiction.”

If that applied to cell phone use, of course, we would be having all sorts of nasty accidents due to people being unable to stop using their cell phones while driving cars, buses, trucks or passenger trains or…oh wait, that is already happening!

On the other hande, we would also have uncorrectable and unstoppable behavior, like high school students refusing to stop using their cell phones during class even when faced with draconian punishments, and brutalizing any teacher attempting to confiscate their "little precious."

An addict will kill you to get the next fix, and kill you for taking it away.

Just ask any high school teacher or substitute teacher what happens when they try to take away a student's cell phone.

Stuck in traffic one day, inside Los Angeles, I happened to take on a lengthy exit lane, and happened to have the opportunity to pass about sixty cars still stuck in rush hour traffic.

Would you believe every single one of those drivers was engaged on a cell phone, either talking or texting?

It freaked me out.

Literally every single person I saw was on a cell phone.

The rest won’t surprise anybody because you see it all yourself:

...entire families filing out of their mini van, each member on his or her cell phone. ,,,couples on dates, each of them engaged in staring obsessively into their cell phones.
...drivers almost running into you or over you because they are on cellphones
...young kids which cannot stop texting...ever

You can’t call this type of behavior anything but addictive.

Somehow cell phones become such an addiction to the user, that it becomes impossible to put them down.

Like any parasite, the cell phone becomes a symbiotic part of the host.

Whether through subliminal messages on their little screens, or through sympathetic resonance, the cell phone quickly becomes an addictive part of the user, who soon becomes literally unable to put it away, or just plain leave it somewhere.

With everyone having accepted the cell phone as a literal part of their anatomy, the Illuminati have the perfect spy network composed of little electronic snitches which literally keep tabs on you by moon or sun, literally 24 hours a day.

And people love them for it.

So why did I write this column?

Simply to warn you about the following:

1) your cell phone is a spying device for the establishment

2) everything you do on your cell phone is recorded for posterity (and may well be used against you at some future date)

3) the cell phone network as well as the cell phones themselves are degrading not only your health, but your mind, and probably shortening your life.

4) your location is tracked and logged by the cell phone provider 24 hours a day.
No one said the Illuminati didn’t lack a certain certain type of evil cunning.

Just look at how they got us to accept, love and keep their little spying devices.


  1. thanks for taking your time in informing people about cell phone dangers. It's kind of insane how people accept things without ever questioning them despite the contradictions.

    1. In ice document man,what can we do about this tho?
      I'm addressing the whole forum here ? Any ideas cos I don't lol??

    2. Microwaves are NONionizing radiation, it CAN'T hurt you unless you hold it to your head for years. And that's a fact.

    3. Microwaves are harmful. This has been totally proven. Cell phone companies advise you to keep the phone a distance from you. Microwave ovens are discarded if they 'leak.' Get too close to those cellphone towers and they will cook you. A Navy guy told me how a guy's arm got cooked when he was working on a radar that was 'on.' There are microwave weapons for the battlefield, etc, etc.

    4. Microwaves are a form of nonionizing radiation, and radar doesn't use these waves, they use RADIO waves. The radar story is a lie, and you know it. Besides, radar waves bounce off stuff and back into the radar, giving a signal. If anything, this equipment overheated and burned the guy. Plus, I've watched people climb active cell towers and come down unharmed.

    5. Also, please, tell me what you think cancer is, I mean, like, what do you think it is (Because what you "know" is currently superstitious bullshit.

    6. See my views on Cancer by going to the address below

    7. Yeah, like I said, it's bullshit. Cancer is not a normal virus, it makes the cells in your body unresponsive, creating more cancerous cells at a hyper rate. Chemo kills the cancerous cells while they multiply, that's how chemo works. It only kills cells that are currently reproducing. So the proper statement should be "Cancer, without treatment it kills you" If cancer goes untreated for too long, you will most certainly die. I know this for a fact.

    8. Chemo kills everything, radiation kills everything PLUS it destroys vial organs like your spleen, kidneys and liver...uh...which you need to fight cancer...yeah...treat cancer, but not with chemo, radiation and cutting.

    9. So then what will we treat it with? A coffin?

      I don't think you understand modern chemotherapy, if there was any other way, don't you think we'd be using it by now? Besides, the radiation nowadays is dialed way back to where it won't do as much damage.

      By the way, do you even know what cancer does?

    10. I thought this article was about cell phones, not cancer treatment, but you can go to THIS entry and take it as a response:

    11. I've lost too many brain cells talking to you, more than using my cell phone. I guess I'd better go praise Illuminati overlord Donald J. Trump.

    12. You already have doubts about cancer treatment, follow your instinct and look into it. Vaccines are another medical assault that needs to be exposed.

    13. Wow, you must be one serious hippie liberal to think that vaccinations are a medical assault.

    14. I'd honestly say that the decreased mortality rate due to illness and injury would make vaccines more of a blessing than an assault.

    15. Btw I won't doubt cancer treatment for a moment. I'm a man of science, and I don't need any hippie trying to use jedi mind tricks on me.

      Get a job or go back to college.

    16. Uh...excuse me...radiation and chemotherapy are what kill you...not the cancer itself...cancer left untreated...yes you will eventually die...but GOD made natural healthy things for us...and there are all kinds of healthy ways to cure cancer...they (Big Pharma) don't want you to know about that because if the truth ever gets out and starts snowballing...they won't be able to make money off of your cancer...they don't give two hoots about you or curing you...they just want to make money off of are the cash cow...they don't want you cured and they don't want you to die...they just want to string you alone and make the bucks...greedy greedy people in this world...and America is just as guilty as all of the other countries...and yes I totally agree about the cell phone info...I just don't know what to do...I don't like the idea of being without a phone to contact my family and friends...not so much any of the other crap...I use my phone for text and talk...and yes I do check face book...but I want to dump face book is just as bad and lethal as the cell is ALL spying devices to know all about us and what we do for future reference...which is coming up rather quickly...

  2. bt, without much gainsayin, anythin dt's got advantages has also got its disadvantages as wel. U literally sign up 4 both when takin d package, & also seriously imagine a world without cel fones. & dere's really nobody 2 blame bt we, 4 our addiction 2 cel fone usage, & lack of self control.

  3. Yes I have heard about this years ago. And then like you said .....nothing!! The more the cell phones are used the meaner the people get. More accidents, and yes, more damage to the brain. I agree with all these things happenings. Thank you!!

    1. Because the radiation from the microwaves degrade not only you're mind but I believe you're soul as well sending in negative frequencies.

      There is a certain frequency that is optimal for our spiritual performance but I can't remember what it was as I suck at math.

  4. You nailed it buddy, I agree 100% on everything you wrote on this column, thanks

  5. I say illuminati and all this corrupts politicians, money hungry bastards will one day be held accountable by the living God on the day of judgement, right there on that day all their so call power and money will not save their ass, they will burn in hell with Lucifer and all his demons, remember this!!! You can run but you can't hide from the eyes of the Living God, and these are real eyes, not the fake illuminati eye.

  6. The illumanti has lie to the people this past years and people needs to open there eyes

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  20. Also whenever there are chemtrails present we seem to not be able to get certain radio stations in usually ones that talk about controversial subjects at various times even when the weather is perfectly clear while other times we have gotten those radio stations in just fine.

    Several times one radio station in particular had several times a power outage just when he was going to say something important about a government cover up.

  21. Every word of this is true. I am hypersensitive to mobile phones, wifi, etc. and have become so due to long term exposure to mobile phones, wifi, bluetooth, etc. etc. I can now sense if a mobile phone is being used around me or if there's a base station near by. I consider myself very fortunate because, unlike the other 97% of the population, I know to keep well away from it all. If you've read this blog and choose to acknowledge it and ignore it then well done, you've followed the plans to the letter. However, take action and protect yourself and your children now and you'll be amongst the minority who will survive.

  22. i am so sorry i mean it i wasnt thinking at all i promise i will not say another word, on my life

  23. i really dont want to die at 19 im so fucking stupid for being ignorant

  24. i promise i wont say a thing at all ever ever ever just please let me live

  25. i understand how much power u have and i dont compare to it, i surrender to you i mean it i honestly dont know the half of it im sure

  26. i dont want to leave my family and girlfriend they mean the world to me

  27. What does this even have to do with the Illuminati?

  28. Im no master, yet I trust you simply made a magnificent point. You absolutely completely comprehend what youre talking about, and I can really get behind that.

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