Monday, September 28, 2015

The Coming Great [Phony] Water Crisis

As if controlling us through food shortages wasn't enough...

...they plan to control us through water as well.

It would have seemed laughable 20 years ago to predict that corporations and governments would try to control us through the control of water.

The whole thing is a bit incredible, considering that water is EVERYWHERE and in GREAT abundance.

But the incredible has become reality.

It reminds me of a completely stupid science fiction film I saw in 1986 called “Solar Babies.”

In this film a gang of roller skating teenagers come up against a world government which holds the entire planet in its grasp through its control of water - all of it.

Like I said, a ridiculous movie - how the heck are you going to grab ALL the water?

No need for a spoiler alert - when the roller skating gang finally unleashes the water, it turns out there is so much of it, entire oceans of fresh water are formed.

In other words, the whole water shortage situation was just a giant scam used by the government to control the population.

Well, guess what.

I suppose the Illuminati got to see Solar Babies  because...

...they ARE now going after the water supply in order to control the population.

No surprise here...anyone seeing the 1943 film “Sahara” understood a squad of men can cause an entire army to surrender by just denying them water.

Uh oh...the heavies probably saw that movie too!


My awareness of water confiscation began with the “privatization” of water supplies in Bolivia in 1997.

(the elite like to try out their operations in the Third World before actually deploying them in Europe and America)

Now Bolivia was a great target considering 80% of the population is concentrated in the arid desert-like south of the country.

And it surprised nobody to see that establishment corporate asset Bechtel was in on the plan.

But whatever the case was, the “privatization” of water was indeed a new and novel idea for the corporate world.

No one could have suspected water of becoming choice capital...because there really is NO PROFIT in water.

It’s too abundant, it’s too cheap and it’s a hassle to get it to the consumer - in other words, there is no money to be made in it - which is the main reason the water utilities have always remained PUBLIC (i.e. government run).

Well, Bechtel had other ideas (probably after viewing Sahara and Solar Babies).

The new test: Could an arid over-populated country be exploited by having its water choked off and forcing its population to pay sky-high prices for it?

Well...THAT was Bechtel’s Bolivian water project!

(and you KNOW the world is in trouble when its engineering companies seek to use infrastructure to DEPRIVE rather than provide)

The first stage of thirsting Bolivia for profit was PRIVATIZATION.

Enough bribery money was funneled to the “representatives” of the people inside the Bolivia to convince them to begin “privatizing”(or selling) the Bolivian public water utilities to private American corporations.

Barely had the sell out been accomplished than the water rates began to rise...and rise...and rise.

Of course, there was a good excuse for these rising rates.

Suddenly...there was no more water!

In a country consisting mostly snowy mountains which feed rivers and lakes with their snow melt, this was unheard of.

But there it was.

All the water utilities were in private (foreign) hands...the prices for water were sky-rocketing...and there was not a damn thing the Bolivian farmer could do about it!

Well...there is one thing First World Corporations always seem to get wrong when dealing with Third World populations - they never study them.

We ourselves COULD have gotten a one-up by studying overseas populations like the Vietnamese or the Afghans, before invading them...but we didn’t...and we got what we deserved.

And the same thing would happen in Bolivia with Bechtel.

The Bolivians are an indigenous people. 70% of the population belong to the Inca-like Quechua and Aymara Indians. The rest like to call themselves mestizos, even though at plain sight they seem obviously native.

Well, the indigenous Bolivian population has not really been westernized (i.e. corrupted with pornography, drugs, and TV) and still holds to a lot of its on to a lot of its own culture.

Now Bolivians may seem at first to be a stunted, dark, clumsy, ignorant people, but all cultures shine in their own way, don’t they?

The persecuted anti-Mossad Israeli called Roy Tov (who is hiding there) likes to point out their slow, clumsy uselessness.

But culture is a very old ancient thing...formed through millenniums of trial and error...and as such, is very powerful.

You know, the Bolivians (being the non-European indigenous people that they are) don’t care much for national flags...or medals...or monuments...or national anthems....nor, for that matter, patriotism, but you cut off the food and water to the Bolivian people...they basically just rise up and KILL you.

That’s right. No speeches. no forums, no meetings, no protests, no deals, no reasoning out, no passing of laws, no reform...just flat out insurrection and violence.

And this is exactly what happened when Bechtel decided to take control, raise prices and cut off the water to the Bolivian farmer and peasant.

All out rioting and violence.

Rioting and violence so epic, in fact, that the Bolivian Government decided to send Bechtel order to keep itself from being overthrown.

So much for the corporate establishment’s first attempt to exploit humanity’s basic need for water.

But (unfortunately) it would not be the last.

The process was not given up on.

It has only been tinkered with, refined...and re-deployed.


It immediately got my attention when folksy good ‘ol Texas boy T. Boone Pickens (an Illuminati magnate and corporate raider) began harping over the promise of investing in water....and put his money where his mouth was by buying up underground aquifers all over America.

Hey, T. Boone Pickens saw it as worthwhile to invest masses of money in water.

Only...there was no current need for, nor any type of shortage of water.

In other words, the value of water was close to ZERO.

But what did crafty investor T. Boone Pickens know that the rest of the peasants did not?

Could it be that some day very soon...water WOULD be in short supply and be worth its weight in gold?

Acting upon his magical vision, T. Boone Pickens proceeded to buy up all the land over the Ogallala Aquifer - the largest aquifer in the US (extending from Texas to South Dakota!).

                          Ogallala Aquifer


Shortly after Pickens’ acquisition, the gigantic (yet little publicized) international take over of not only America’s, but the world’s water supply began.

In 2006 the Bush Family (as in George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush) bought up 122,000 acres situated over the gigantic Guarani Aquifer in South America.

How big is the Guarani Aquifer?


-It is larger than Texas and California combined
-it has a total size of 1.2 million square kilometers
-it contains more than 40,000 cubic KILOMETERS of water
-it can supply the entire planet with drinking water for the next 200 YEARS

THAT is how big it is.

And the Bush family purchase is only one major access to its riches.

In other words, there are other ongoing purchases across several countries by other Illuminati ‘families’ and corporations to acquire COMPLETE control over ground water resources.

Bush Buys Guarani Aquifer

And if you don’t think national government, international government,  corporations and Illuminati Families don’t all work hand-in-hand...then check this out.

Jenna Bush (daughter of George W. Bush) traveled in person to Paraguay as a UNICEF Ambassador and was escorted by the US Ambassador finalize the sale of the aquifer to the Bush family.

As it stands, the purchase is now guarded by an entire US military airfield, Marines and other US troops residing right next to the aquifer...demonstrating a perfect union...not of the people...but between private, corporate, government and military an obvious fascist control grid.

Guarani Aquifer


But of course, taking control of the entire supply of the world’s fresh water supply is an impossible pipe dream.

There is simply way too much of it in way too gigantic a quantity to even consider it.

So...the international corporate fascists had a plan for that too.

They are going to poison all the water that is not under their the point of making it undrinkable.

How they are doing this already is (I believe) only partially known (contrails might be playing their part), but the truth is that an incredible amount of toxic poisons are showing up in the world’s water supply, from rivers to ground water.

Barium (contained in contrails), Lead, Aluminum (contained in contrails), Mercury, Arsenic, Perchlorate (contained in rocket fuel), and C8 (teflon)...not to mention fluoride and chlorine (added by government) contaminate our local water supply on a regular basis.

Even the “pure” water sold at stores in water bottles is contaminated by the BPA contained in the bottles in which it is proof that they are purposefully contaminating the water supply

In other words, we are being forced to drink poison.

Have you seen the YouTube videos where the water that comes out is dirt-brown...or explodes into flames?

Dirty Water New York

Dirty Water New Jersey

Muddy Water

Flaming Water

A major part of this poisoning of our due to Fracking.

This ‘Fracking’ phenomenon began taking off in 2003.

In spite of there not being any sort of oil shortage or oil the artificial price increases produced by the oil industry, fracking was propagandized to investors as the next boom industry.

It was sold as a cheap and miraculous method that was not only clean and environmentally friendly...but that would make the investor millions of dollars and...force out oil even in areas where no oil drilling was possible....and let’s not forget all those American JOBS that were going to be created!

And forget the oil companies!

Every Tom, Dick and Harry would be producing oil out of his own backyard as oil prices plummeted and became as cheap as dirt while America prospered!

And the tool?

Why, pure, pristine water, of course!

The damage to the environment would be ZERO!

I just love the way the corporate elite enjoy introducing false concepts into the American mind. Don’t you?

(Remember when Americans actually believed you could drink Round Up without any adverse effects?)

How a method of poisoning our ground water with the excuse of trying to produce more oil during a time of oil a true landmark in the annals of human deception

But of course, it was a LIE.

There was no need for extra fact there was too much of it.

The Fracking Method (it turns out) was NOT harmless, but extremely HARMFUL as the ‘water’ it used contained OVER 50 extremely toxic chemicals!

We’re talking about stuff like:
    -hydrochloric acid
    -boric acid

...and that was just for starters!

Remember, we are talking tens of thousands of gallons of chemicals used for each fracking operation. here!

But the MONEY for fracking was there (as it always is for all Illuminati operations and deceptions).

Abundant loans were floated to any and all investors who would invest their money in fracking.

Over night, towns in the middle of nowhere became booming ‘oil towns’ in ridiculous areas like Indiana and Illinois.

The Fracking Boom was on, and it would last for the next 12 years.

That’s twelve years of poisoning our ground water.

Then (just like in any boom) the bottom fell out in 2014 and oil prices began to plummet.

The high time from fracking was coming to a close.

Yet even as I write this the fracking the frackers try desperately to recoup their money and save their FRACKING EVEN MORE!

It’s actually a race to the bottom by for both the frackers...and our environment.

The result?

Our ground water has been (and continues to be) poisoned.

That’s right, even more poisoned than it had been by all those chemical fertilizers farmers have been forced to use all these decades.

Of course, the history books will later call it all one big disastrous mistake, but any informed person can see it has been a well orchestrated campaign designed to destroy what was left of our ground water....that has not been bought up by the ruling oligarchy.


Meanwhile the Environmental Protection Agency is doing its best to...DESTROY the particular, our water supply.

In August, 6, 2015, the EPA suddenly warned residents to keep away from the Animas River in Colorado after “accidentally” spilling (get this) more than ONE MILLION gallons of lead and arsenic waste into the river. The agency said it was “investigating” the abandoned Gold King Mine in conjunction with the state Division of Reclamation when they TRIGGERED the release which would eventually end up disgorging more than THREE MILLION gallons of lead and arsenic into the Animas.

By the way, the Animas River empties into the San Juan River guessed it...empties into the mighty Colorado River we all love so much.

In other words, the Colorado River was contaminated with 3 million gallons of toxic lead and arsenic - two of the most toxic substances known to man.

And guess what.

No one was blamed.

No one was fired.

No State or Federal Investigations was launched.

Well, I guess the EPA was doing what it was supposed to do after all!



The dumbed down population of Brazil has been the latest victim of water shortage scam.

Most of Brazil’s population is in southern Brazil.

There’s a reason for this - southern Brazil is one of the most WATER RICH AREAS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Not only is it well irrigated by wide rivers and streams.

Not only doest it occupy MOST of the area above the Guarani Aquifer (which is the size of California and Texas combined).

But it gets one the highest amounts of rain in the entire world...which frequently leads to flooding.

So what is the problem?

Unfortunately (you guessed it) most of the water has been labeled “undrinkable.”

Now you can choose to believe that...or you can say that (given the level of water treatment technology we have in the 21st century) it is something that should not have  happened at all.

In fact, you know we have the technology which makes sewer water drinkable...and we do....all the time!

So why can’t Brazil drink its own abundant water?

The problem seems to be the company in charge of it all: SABESP - privately owned corporation which has quietly taken control of the Sao Paulo’s water supply

"It’s been pouring every other day in Sao Paulo. While the state water utility say that all that rain and flooding is only filling up reservoirs drained by last year’s drought, Juliana Ito doesn’t understand why her taps keep running dry.” -states an article on the probelm.

A partial explanation seems to be partially explained by the following fact:

"Thirty-six percent of the treated water escapes from Sabesp’s system through leaks and illegal siphoning”  says the same article.

Other Brazilians I have talked to say all the rivers and streams are full, but the SABESP reservoirs are always low, leading them to believe SABESP is simply closing its reservoir doors to produce an artificial water shortage.

Which is not surprising.

All major profits are made on a product that is scarce.

In olden times where there was too much spice (like in the East indies) the spice merchant themselves burned down the spice fields to produce a shortage and keep prices high.

What do you think a privately owned corporation, whose motive is higher profit margins EVERY YEAR is going to do to keep the price of ITS water prices up?

It is sad that Brazil’s artificial corporate-produced hydraulic (and economic) crisis is happening right under the leadership of a far-left Marxist government which is supposedly ‘for the people.’

But isn’t that exactly what Communism normally does?


Remember all the starving Ukrainians in the 1930' who died because Stalin exported all their food production for money to run his re-industrialization plan?

Or how about China’s exploitation of its industrial workers so the Communist oligarchy can become rich by exporting their products to the world?, it comes as no surprise that a Communist government would betray its population to the corporate world - they always do.


So it comes as no surprise to see that

1) our water has come to be carefully controlled through a comprehensive system of dams, dikes, canals and reservoirs

2) the corporations to which our water infrastructure has been sold is not using this comprehensive water control deny us water!

Case in point is Hoover Dam right here at the Arizona-Nevada border, whose damming qualities have been used to create Lake Meade.

We keep seeing pictures of Lake Meade at horrifyingly low levels in spite of RECORD snow fall in the Rocky Mountains .

Record Snows

Record Low Snow Melt

Something just doesn’t add up here (much like the two contradictory articles above which were written at about the same time).

Could it be that the snow melt is happening...but the water gages aren’t opening?

Probably...and more.

The US Bureau of Reclamation (which runs Hoover Dam) was caught opening up the sluices and releasing 130 MILLION CUBIC METERS OF WATER over eight weeks beginning on March 23, moisten the Colorado Delta.

All this during RECORD drought conditions....and record low water levels in Hoover Dam’s  Lake Meade!

And all this to make the Colorado Delta come to life again for about a month!

What a warm, fuzzy feeling that must have given to the environmentalists!

Imagine, the Colorado Delta looking like it did 150 years ago...for four weeks....Weeee!!!

And it only cost us a 130 million cubic meters of water we couldn’t afford to waste in the first place.

So basically the US Bureau of Reclamation was caught releasing massive amounts of water from Hoover Dam for TWO MONTHS during a period of massive drought and record water shortage.


Following such releases, the article below then comes as no surprise.

As Lake Mead hits record lows and water shortages loom, Arizona prepares for the worst

The California water shortage follows the same pattern.

Don’t get me wrong, California has been suffering from diminished rainfall (though this year of 2015 has brought abundant rain), but the main fact is California gets most of its water from mountain snow melt...not rain.

There has been talk that the same HAARP technology that was used over Texas since 2005 to create ongoing drought conditions by “parking” high pressure areas over the state.

It seems the same thing is now happening in California, with permanent high pressure areas parked over ITS farm areas.

But whatever the case may be, the fact remains that a lot of the ground (aquifer) and surface (snow melt) water available in California is being denied local farmers and residents through heavy-handed government restrictions and regulations which basically restrict access to California’s abundant water sources.

No access to ground water.

No access to creeks and rivers.

No access to rain water (believe it or not, environmental laws have prohibited people from gathering rain water!)

In other words, environmentalism sustainability are being used to deny Californian consumers and farmers their right to water.

In addition, there are shades of the Hoover Dam drainage by way of letting pristine mountain water run off into the ocean.

In the article below, this criminal act is exposed

It states:

“For years now, the southern 1/3 of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley’s farmland has been turned into a “man-made” dust bowl.”

“The water is being allowed to just run off the mountains, through the river system, through the delta, and out into the ocean. The water is being reserved for the little Delta Smelt, a three inch bait fish, that is not endangered species list.”


These strange water-release type phenomenon continue in in the case when a reservoir in Northern California just “dried up” over night.

In fact, “the Mountain Meadows reservoir in Northern California dried up completely in the blink of an eye, leaving thousands of dead fish -- and residents baffled."
“Residents say people were fishing in the reservoir, also known as Walker Lake, just this past weekend. Then the entire lake drained, as if someone had unplugged a bathtub, in one night."

“For resident Eddie Bauer, who has lived next to Walker Lake his whole life, the drained reservoir was a sight he had never seen before"

The Pacific Gas & Electric Company (a private corporation), who owns the rights to the water for a hydroelectric dam run on the reservoir basically said they SHUT OFF THE DAM which created the reservoir....and LET THE WATER DRAIN OUT...over night!

Again, all this during a condition of drought emergency!


Did you get that?

They emptied the reservoir during a drought!!!

And PG&E’s response?


If I wasn’t a complete idiot, I would say there was a water shortage because THEY ARE OPENING UP ALL THE RESERVOIRS! - you know, the things we use to accumulate water in the first place.?

And of course, to produce something so rotten as an artificially induced water shortage, it takes an incredibly corrupt government.

So while Californians were forced to ration their water... the Government of California was (is) giving the Nestle corporation free and open access to extract, bottle and sell California water for a profit!

How is that for corruption?



Along with the old myth of peak oil, comes the myth of peak water.

Anything to panic the humanity into falling under the heel of  tyranny and corporate exploitation.

But as a lead-in, let’s start with “peak oil” first.

The theory of Peak Oil was invented by an employee of the Shell Oil Company called M.King Hubbert in 1956.

It was not given serious attention until the 1973 Oil Embargo (actually an oil shortage engineered by the oil companies) after which oil began to be called a “non-renewable” - meaning once it all ran out there would be no more.

Everybody believed this until petroleum engineers began investigating some old dried up wells...and found they had oil AGAIN!

In other words, through some (known yet concealed) process, the oil was being replenished.

The oil companies quickly went into damage control, hushing up, paying off, and MURDERING scientists and technicians in order to keep the great secret quiet.

In other words, oil is produced geologically within the Earth, it is not some liquid created by dead dinosaurs and prehistoric plant life.

But whatever the case may the right locations..WE HAVE SO FREAKING MUCH OF IT!

It really is a tragedy nations have fought so many wars and lost so many lives over its manufactured scarcity.

Do you remember the BP Oil Spill in 2010?

SO MUCH OIL was coming out of that ONE drill hole that it looked like the whole Gulf of Mexico would be swamped in oil.

So much, in such abundance...and under so much pressure...that it was impossible to stop the flow for over FIVE MONTHS!

They say 210 MILLION GALLONS came out...I think a lot more than that came out!

Regardless, what does it tell us.?

Well...for one...the Gulf Of Mexico is floating on gigantic oil deposits

Other studies have shown that the Great Lakes are also sitting on gigantic oil deposits.

Canada has gigantic oil deposits.

Not to mention the gigantic oil deposits just recently found off the coast of Brazil.

Did I mention each of these deposits is many times greater than those of Saudi Arabia? add up all these gigantic deposits...and add to that the fact that oil is a RENEWABLE resource...and you end up with no oil crisis whatsoever!

In other words, peak oil, oil shortage and oil as a non-renewable resource is a total fraud in which humanity has been submerged in by the Illuminati for the last 100 years.

No let’s shift to water...

The establishment has recently been declaring that WATER is a non-renewable resource...and due to global warming, climate change and pollution is bound to reach peak levels in the near future.

In other words...we will run out of water.

Now any elementary school kid who has studied the water cycle knows that water IS a renewable resource.

But now the Illumi-masters want us all to forget that.

What a coincidence that just as the Third World began to industrialize in the late 1950‘s...and the demand for oil increase...the oil companies came out with the theory of Peak Oil.

Well...what a coincidence that just as the corporations begin to acquire, restrict and control the availability of water...that the theory of Peak Water is suddenly making the rounds.

The main basis for the Theory of Peak Water is, of course that potable drinking water is what is most at risk (since anyone can see the renewable rain come down regularly from the skies).

And here is the crux of the matter when it comes down to the theory of Peak Water - most water is UNSAFE to drink.

The Illuminati are making sure of that right now!

Remember when rain water was said to be the purest water you could get?

Today, when I think rain water, I think contrail water...and I am not drinking that stuff for any amount of money...or even standing in it for too long!

So cannot drink rain water (see acid rain and chem trails)...and you cannot drink river, stream, lake, creek or puddle water...mostly because we have poisoned and polluted all these.

That leaves ground water - one of the purest sources of water in the world - ‘pristine’ they call it.

As you have seen...they are working on that.

Ground water is steadily being polluted by chem trails, chemical fertilizers, mining, fracking, water treatment...and other methods.

In other words, ground water is being taken out of the equation as we are being steadily DEPRIVED of safe drinking water.

This is where the profit comes in.

Especially when safe water must also be used with live stock and crops (since chemicals in the water will kill the livestock and be absorbed by the crops themselves)

It is THESE methods of pollution (industrial pollution, chem-trails, chemical fertilizers, chemical spills, oil spills, and fracking) which are cutting down on our supply of drinking water...

...meanwhile environmental restrictions, sustainability laws and corporate acquisition are taking care of remaining pure water sources which are left.

Now Peak Water Theory predicts that

1) all surface and atmospheric sources of water are contaminated

2) our only safe source of drinking water is ground water

3) ground water itself is becoming contaminated and non-potable


4) ground water will eventually run out

So...can you imagine the anger and frustration of the Illuminati when people and scientists around the world began discovering...that  GROUND WATER IS A RENEWABLE RESOURCE?

That’s right - renewable as in massively renewed on a regular basis...and available in massive quantities.

It turns out that ground water (within aquifers) does not actually run out, but is replenished regularly by the earth both by gradual surface and underground sources.

Not only that, but there are HUGELY GIGANTIC reserves of pristine ground water under the Earth - some say entire oceans of it!

The Illuminati can’t let the general public find THAT out, can they?

Why, if that were true, who would pay the Illuminati water barons for their monopoly water?

Oh how the Illuminati assassination teams must have gone into overdrive by murdering all those scientists, technicians and water drillers...

...the latest and greatest target was non other than Muammar Gaddafi - the ruler of Libya.

It seems Gaddafi’s engineers had stumbled across the reality of “Primary Water” - pristine ground water which exists under the Earth in gigantic and almost unlimited amounts.

These water...uh... water “deposits” (if we can call the Great Lakes water deposits) have been known to the Illuminati (but kept from the general public) for decades.

And now with their water merchandising scheme they have become even more jealous - killing entire nations in their zeal.

They sure killed Libya, didn’t they?

It turns out Gaddafi had not only discovered...but began building an entire infrastructure to extract this unlimited ground water in massive amounts to supply his desert kingdom of Libya.

The giant water aquifers themselves were actually discovered in 1953...but it was Gaddafi who actually tried to extract the water through a project called ‘The Great Man-Made River’ which began in 1990.

The “experts” called Gaddafi insane (for which he had a reputation), labeled his project another Tower of Babel, and the whole idea of extracting water from the desert sheer lunacy.

Then the water started arriving...and it kept arriving....and it never stopped.

Soon the desert nation of Libya...was beginning to bloom with farms!

By 2007 all of Libya was being WATERED - from its northern Mediterranean coasts to its deep desert interior - all of it wasteland...until then.

Even the Libya Bedouins were celebrating an end to their nomadic life style.

The Libyan economy started growing so fast that Gaddafi was even forced to accept large quantities of immigrants from neighboring North African and Central African countries to supply all the workers he needed.

Amidst all this progress, Gaddafi himself changed his ways, befriended the West and became a stalwart ally against Al Qaeda and Terrorism.

Things were good!

Good that is...until March of 2011...when NATO suddenly and unexpectedly stuck a dagger in Gaddafi’s back.

In February, 2011, NATO-led Islamic mercenaries infiltrated from Tunisia and Egypt, starting an uprising...but the Libyan people stood loyally by Gaddafi and the uprising was in the process of being squashed.

To re-mediate this NATO intervened in March of 2011 with massive air power and destroyed Gaddafi's army on the ground...letting the well supplied Islamic insurgents take the country.

What followed was a blood bath of the Libyan people and immigrants...ending with Gaddafi himself being bludgeoned to death in front of the cameras.

A main target of all those NATO aircraft was, of course...the Great Man Made River infrastructure - which in a desert nation like Libya...should be considered a war crime.

That was the end of the project which PROVED endless amounts of pristine water inhabited even the great deserts of the earth.

Or was it?

In 2015, beneath the Tarim Basin in Xinjian, China - one of the driest deserts on Earth - Chinese archaeologists found a “terrifying amount of water” beneath the Taklamakan Desert in China...equal to TEN TIMES THE WATER in the Great Lakes!


Of course, a cork had to be put into the bottle on this the Illuminati mobilized their armies of scientific whores and corrupt experts they have ready for such occasions and started putting out the false factoid that the gigantic Tarim Basin aquifer...was filled with salt water.


Well, that’s a first.

Historically, scientifically archaeologically there are no and have never been any reports of any salt water aquifers....ever.

All underground water is pristine - there have been no exceptions.

But the whore media is trying to put out the rumor that all the water underneath the Tarim Basin Aquifer is saltwater.

The reports (with which the media is trying to confuse the issue) is based on the phenomenon of “salt water intrusion” and “salination” which begins to develop in aquifers only once small aquifers have begun to be pumped dry of water.

But don’t worry...soon they will come out with a new theory to prove the never-happened and the never-possible (like they did with the World Trade Center collapse).

Meanwhile, the awful truth (to them) is there.

Entire oceans of fresh water exist beneath the Earth...while the Illuminati strive to sink us into thirst and deprivation.

Beneath is a video which describes the Primary Water phenomenon AND the well coordinated attempts to poison our water in the interests of marketing what’s left.



The corporate oligarchy’s latest exploitation consists of corralling access to all remaining usable water and producing a water shortage so they can exploit and control humanity.

They are doing this by purchasing all sources of pure water...and poisoning the remainder.

In addition, through corporate control of water and government environmental regulation, they are denying farmers and the public use of the water supply by restricting access and emptying reservoirs.

Finally the phenomenon of HAARP to produce prolonged drought conditions through “parked” high pressure zones over entire areas cannot be ignored.

A clear solution would be to end all privatization of water utilities and put all water utilities back in the hands of local authorities and the public.

This would be more than a mere practice of would be something we need to do avoid being enslaved through the restriction of our water.

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