Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jade Helm & the AZ Highway Shootings

As you might have noticed on the national news, there is a swarm of highway shootings in Arizona - particularly on Interstate-10.

Luckily, no one has been killed...yet.

Most of the shootings have involved small caliber weapons (pellet and .22) but there are rumors that the authorities are covering up a lot of it by renaming large caliber strikes as rock or debris strikes and re-labeling shootings as a new rash of inanimate object strikes on windshields.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (which patrols the highways) just can't afford to look incompetent and is putting a band-aid on things by re-labeling a phenomenon it can't explain, can't track and can't stop.

So...why did we (like all the other states) put up all those perpetually recording cameras on all our streets and highways?

Where is the security we have sacrificed so much of our freedom and privacy for?

While driving down Arizona's streets people have about as much privacy as a Gerbil in a Habitrail...yet all these perpetually watching cameras have been completely useless when it comes to stopping terror...just as they always are.


Well, because the #1 reason the cameras are there is to watch and control the PEOPLE, not the terrorists.

So it comes as no surprise that the federally fused-police are CLUELESS when it comes to thes ONGOING highway shootings.


Well, you have to assume the terrorist criminals, or thrill seekers or hooligans...are just too efficient, too thorough and too smart to get caught.

I don't know about you, but my experience with criminals is that they are not too smart and mostly, they don't collaborate these highway shooters do.

Did you know it is now turning out that there is more than one shooter, perhaps an entire team?

Hmmm....let's see....a well coordinated team of (let's call them what they are) SNIPERS who shoot flawlessly, escape faultlessly, and make the police look like Keystone Cops.

Can you smell the Government in or about?

I sure do.

I don't need to remind you that Jade Helm has now begun and the special forces which are part of the exercise are now deployed and active.

On Arizona's highways perhaps?

You know how it goes, if they actually catch one of these killers, they turn out to be active duty, with a great resume, excellent references and illustrious backers who are willing to stand up for them.

Uh...the only problem is that they also have connections to special forces, whose JOB is to kill (basically murder) people of all nationalities for the CIA.

Did you know the CIA and the Green Berets recruit jointly?

That means a Green Beret soldier and a CIA agent show up together to look up and recruit candidates (mostly experienced infantry)...for the CIA.

The perfect candidate is gullible, mostly immoral, has no hang ups...especially about killing ANYBODY on demand, and mostly enjoys the death and chaos he produces.

There are our special forces.

So what a coincidence that concurrently with the special forces training program called Jade Helm, we suddenly have an unresolved mass-shooting problem on Arizona's highways.

Great exercise and great training for killing Americans during false flag attacks.

Of course, when the time comes, there will be plenty of Muslim patsies to blame the deaths on, but as with any false flag, it will be the experts really doing all the killing.

And so far, the Arizona Highway shootings are a runaway success.

No footage, no suspects, no apprehensions, no clue.

Just A LOT of cars with their windows shot out.

You know, if I had to put a grade on this military special forces type insertion and removal sniping operation...I would give them an A+!


But of course, you have to remember the CIA assets already WITHIN the police departments who help out and keep things clueless and tidy to begin with.

In fact, this whole thing is probably happening within a CIA-controlled asset's back yard, who is masquerading as police chief or special agent in charge...just as CIA political assassinations are carried out.

But for the moment, it is comforting for the public to know its probably just a bunch of kids throwing rocks and shooting pellet guns at cars.

By the way, did you know a ballistics expert laid out the opinion that the 'terrorists' are shooting from inside a moving vehicle using a silencer?

How efficient, creative and professional these 'hooligans' are turning out to be!

For the moment it is all fun and games, but with the border wide open and all the 'Allah Akbar' guys streaming across, it is bound to get more serious very soon.

And when it does, our special forces (and probably those of other countries as well) will be there to score the kills.

The technique is as old as Oswald and the Kennedy Assassination.

One should remember that Michael Page, the 'white supremacist' who killed 6 people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin (before being killed by a cop) in 2012 served as a 'psychological operations' (Psyop) operatve in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

In other words, this character was an intelligence asset under deep cover.  

Can you say 'caught with your pants down'?

Also, one more thing that makes Arizona a great false flag target is that we have a complete Army Intelligence base called Ft. Huachuca south of Tucson, making Arizona prime false flag territory...combine the ol' fort with a wide open border, ISIS and the Mexican Cartels, and you have a perfect set up for some glorious false flag operations - the 'fun and games' as the special forces guys like to call them.

And speaking of 'fun and games,' the Arizona Highway shootings are happening at the same time as the CIA is ramping up the cop executions across the country - the Fox Lake, Illinois execution of police officer Joe Gliniewicz has gone unresolved and no suspects apprehended.

The psyop even had the obligatory false witness to lead the cops on a false trail, which is standard practice in organized child abductions. One Kristin B. Kiefer re-directed the search in a completely wrong direction, saying she had just seen two white men and a black man (cue in Paul McCarthy and Stevie Wonder's 'Ebony and Ivory' here) running out of a cornfield.

At the very least, this false witness needs to be submitted to the third degree, including a lie detector test, but the Fox Valley justice system is already probably infiltrated and will let this suspected accomplice and vital link go free.

Oh well. Another Psyop...another dead cop...another cover-up.

And just remember, Jade Helm is in full swing.

Watch yourself.

Because the fun and games they are about to begin.


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